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How to say abate


Pronounce Abate as AH B AH T EH.

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Phonetic transcription for abate

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of abate: | æbætɛ |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of abate: | æbætɛ |

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Meanings for abate

to reduce in degree or intensity

slake, abate, slack(verb)

make less active or intense

abate, let up, slack off, slack, die away(verb)

become less in amount or intensity

"The storm abated"; "The rain let up after a few hours"

to grow less in scope or intensity especially gradually

interest in the author's home abated as her novels waned in popularity

to make smaller in amount, volume, or extent

a couple of aspirin should abate the pain

to put an end to by formal action

asked the appellate court to abate the lower court's ruling allowing the patient to be removed from life support

to take away (an amount or number) from a total

I managed to get the used car dealer to abate $200 from the sticker price

to take something away from

recurring problems could not abate her of her enthusiasm for the project

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Abate in different languages

  • ضعف, هزم, نقص, أضعفArabic
  • zurückgehen verringern einstellen nachlassen legen mindern German
  • reducir suprimir abatir humillar menguar Spanish
  • خرد کردن Persian
  • vähentää alentua lauhtua laantua raueta alentaa nöyryyttää hellittää vähentyä Finnish
  • ralentir descendre déduire cesser amoindrir diminuer retrancher réduire French
  • laghdú laghdaigh Irish
  • न्यून होना रोक-थाम करना Hindi
  • csökkent Hungarian
  • ridurre Italian
  • verliezen overslaan verminderen uitsluiten reduceren humiliëren afnemen verzwakken luwen aftrekken weglaten verlagen neerslaan vernederen Dutch
  • avta minke slå ned ydmyke forminske forringe løye Norwegian
  • diminuir reduzir descer declinar cessar derrotar abater embotar suprimir deduzir excluir barrar Portuguese
  • уменьшиться спадать уменьшать уменьшить уменьшаться спасть Russian
  • tenzil etmek azaltmak Turkish
  • nhụt huỷ bỏ ram đỡ hạ thủ tiêu mất hết đi bớt ngớt thanh toán Vietnamese

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