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Pronounce Being as B EH IY N G.

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Phonetic transcription for being

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of being: | bɛɪnɡ |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of being: | bɛɪnɡ |

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Meanings for being

a person or thing that exists

being, beingness, existence(noun)

the state or fact of existing

"a point of view gradually coming into being"; "laws in existence for centuries"

organism, being(noun)

a living thing that has (or can develop) the ability to act or function independently

a member of the human race

no one has the right to enslave another being

one that has a real and independent existence

new parents are typically in awe at having created this separate being

the quality or qualities that make a thing what it is

music is such a large part of her being that she could never give up performing

Example Sentences of being

I hate being old.

I hate being here.

I like being busy.

I like being alone.

I love being alone.

I was being ironic.

I was being polite.

I hate being a boss.

I hate being single.

I hate being stupid.

Antonyms for being

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Being in different languages

  • كائِن, مَخْلوق, وُجود, يجريArabic
  • барлыҡ, йәшәйешBashkir
  • істо́та, быццё, стварэ́нне, існава́ннеByelorussian
  • битие същество̀ създа̀ние съществу̀ване твар Bulgarian
  • ésser Catalan
  • tvor bytí bytost existence život Czech
  • opstå væsen Danish
  • wesen geschöpf sein dasein German
  • ύπαρξη πλάσμα Greek
  • estaĵo estulo esto Esperanto
  • criatura existencia ser Spanish
  • olend olemasolu Estonian
  • وجود Persian
  • olento olemassaolo Finnish
  • existence créature être French
  • neach dúil beith Irish
  • beaysManx
  • בריה, יצור, ישותHebrew
  • किया जा रहा है Hindi
  • lény lét Hungarian
  • էակ գոյություն Armenian
  • ada makhluk keberadaan Indonesian
  • vera tilvera Icelandic
  • essere creatura esistenza Italian
  • להיותformer Hebrew
  • 生物, 存在, 生き物, であることJapanese
  • ភាវៈរស់Cambodian
  • 存在, 존재, 생명체Korean
  • animate creatura natura vita animatum res ens ortus caput vis essentia salus Latin
  • egzistavimas būtybė Lithuanian
  • radījums eksistence esamība būtne Latvian
  • битие постоење суштество Macedonian
  • wezen bestaan Dutch
  • det å være bli til vesen tilværelse å være Norwegian
  • istota istnienie bycie stwór Polish
  • criatura ser existência Portuguese
  • făptură existență ființă creatură naștere Romanian
  • тварь созда́ние бытие́ живой творе́ние существова́ние Russian
  • створ, створење, stvor, stvorenje, биће, bićeSerbo
  • vznik bytosť bytie tvor stvorenie Slovak
  • bitje, bivanje, obstajanje, stvorSlovenian
  • varelse väsen existens tillvaro Swedish
  • இருப்பது Tamil
  • yaratık varlık Turkish
  • істо́та, тварь, ство́ріння, існува́ння, твари́на, буття́Ukrainian
  • کیا جا رہا ہےUrdu
  • sinh vật 生物 Vietnamese
  • jijafäb, hijafäb, dabin, jafäbVolapuk
  • 存在 Chinese

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