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Pronounce Benefit as B EH N EH F IY T.

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Phonetic transcription for benefit

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of benefit: | bɛnɛfɪt |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of benefit: | bɛnɛfɪt |

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Meanings for benefit

a payment, advantage, or gift


financial assistance in time of need

benefit, welfare(noun)

something that aids or promotes well-being

"for the benefit of all"


a performance to raise money for a charitable cause

profit, gain, benefit(verb)

derive a benefit from

"She profited from his vast experience"

benefit, do good(verb)

be beneficial for

"This will do you good"

a thing that helps

it would be a real benefit if you could keep track of what you have already bought

something that provides happiness or does good for a person or thing

the meal service is a great benefit to invalids and the elderly

to provide with something useful or desirable

his summer internship benefited him in two ways: by giving him some tuition funds and by offering vital work experience

Example Sentences of benefit

Who stands to benefit from the murder?

Moderate exercise will be of benefit to your health.

Tom gave Mary the benefit of the doubt.

This law will benefit the poor.

That will benefit the community.

Give him the benefit of the doubt.

He was given the benefit of the doubt.

He gave them the benefit of her insight.

She gave them the benefit of her insight.

The student hall is for benefit of the students.

Benefit in different languages

  • استفادةArabic
  • доход ползвам някого социална помощ изгода бенефис полза Bulgarian
  • benefici beneficiar Catalan
  • výhoda prospět Czech
  • hjælp Danish
  • von vorteil sein leistung benefizkonzert vorteil benefizveranstaltung profitieren German
  • viɖeEstonian
  • επίδομα ευεργετώ ωφέλεια ωφελώ ωφελούμαι όφελος ευεργετούμαι Greek
  • avantaĝo profiti profito benefico subvencio utilo Esperanto
  • beneficio beneficiar ventaja Spanish
  • بهره بردن Persian
  • etu korvaus lahjaottelu avustus lahjanäytös hyöty lahjanäytäntö Finnish
  • subvention profiter bénéfice avantage French
  • prothaidScots Gaelic
  • लाभ Hindi
  • օգուտ նպաստ Armenian
  • beneficio, avantageInterlingua
  • manfaat Indonesian
  • beneficio Italian
  • תועלתformer Hebrew
  • 役立つ, 公益, 手当, 慈善興行, 利益, 恩恵, 得する, 給付金Japanese
  • 자선행사, 수당, 이익, 급부, 이롭다, 견리하다Korean
  • سوود Kurdish
  • beneficium Latin
  • faedah kebaikan Malay
  • voordeel subsidie uitkering benefietconcert nut benefiet Dutch
  • nytte Norwegian
  • korzyść Polish
  • subsídio beneficente pagamento benefício Portuguese
  • beneficiu beneficii avantaj Romanian
  • преимущество бенефис пособие выгода льгота социальная помощь прок польза благо прибыль толк Russian
  • subvencijaSerbo
  • gynna gagnas gagna understöd bidrag dra fördel av gynnas Swedish
  • manufaa Swahili
  • நன்மை Tamil
  • లబ్ధిTegulu
  • فائدہUrdu
  • 好处 Chinese

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