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Meanings for board

a panel or plank


a committee having supervisory powers

"the board has seven members"

board, plank(noun)

a stout length of sawn timber; made in a wide variety of sizes and used for many purposes


a flat piece of material designed for a special purpose

"he nailed boards across the windows"

board, table(noun)

food or meals in general

"she sets a fine table"; "room and board"

display panel, display board, board(noun)

a vertical surface on which information can be displayed to public view

dining table, board(noun)

a table at which meals are served

"he helped her clear the dining table"; "a feast was spread upon the board"

control panel, instrument panel, control board, board, panel(noun)

electrical device consisting of a flat insulated surface that contains switches and dials and meters for controlling other electrical devices

"he checked the instrument panel"; "suddenly the board lit up like a Christmas tree"

circuit board, circuit card, board, card, plug-in, add-in(noun)

a printed circuit that can be inserted into expansion slots in a computer to increase the computer's capabilities

board, gameboard(verb)

a flat portable surface (usually rectangular) designed for board games

"he got out the board and set up the pieces"

board, get on(verb)

get on board of (trains, buses, ships, aircraft, etc.)

board, room(verb)

live and take one's meals at or in

"she rooms in an old boarding house"


lodge and take meals (at)


provide food and lodging (for)

"The old lady is boarding three men"

a group of persons formally joined together for some common interest

a proposal that is likely to meet with strong opposition from the local board of undertakers

a leg-mounted piece of furniture with a broad flat top designed for the serving of food

in preparation for the governor's visit, the taverner arranged an array of fancy dishes and silverware on the inn's finest board

to provide food or meals for

housed and boarded many foster children over the years

to provide with living quarters or shelter

boarded the stray cat until a permanent home could be found

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Example Sentences of board

I erased the blackboard for the teacher.

If I learn to play the washboard and you learn to play the kazoo, maybe we can join a jug band.

I slept aboard the ship.

What gate do I board at?

May I have permission to board this ship?

Can someone tell me where the keyboard is?

I need to replace my keyboard with a new one.

I pay fifty pounds a week for board and lodging.

She waved at me before she got on board the plane.

I need some cardboard boxes to pack my possessions.

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Board in different languages

  • таҡтаBashkir
  • дъска́ съвет качвам се на борда мантинела табло борд взимам на абордаж табло́ Bulgarian
  • prkno deska tabule Czech
  • brett gremium an bord gehen einsteigen entern pult tafel schlag beherbergen German
  • πίνακας επιτροπή σανίδα συμβούλιο διατροφή σίτιση Greek
  • tabulo Esperanto
  • tablero tabla comité junta pizarra pizarrón embarcar buró abordar consejo bordo Spanish
  • tahvel Estonian
  • تخته پول غذا و مکان هیئت Persian
  • halssi lauta levypallo ruoka kytkintaulu taulu majoittaa majoittua levy hallitus johtokunta lautakunta kylki legi luovi laita sähkötaulu nousta entrata Finnish
  • planche compteur aborder tableau plateau conseil d'administration embarquer French
  • clár Irish
  • oastys, aaghtManx
  • לוּחַHebrew
  • felszáll élelmez Hungarian
  • 板, ホワイトボード, 委員会, 乗り込む, 宿泊料金, 黒板Japanese
  • ფიცარი Georgian
  • ته‌خته‌ Kurdish
  • такта, стол, кемеге отурKirghiz
  • dēlis borts tāfele Latvian
  • papa, eke, papatuhituhi, poariMaori
  • പലക Malayalam
  • papan Malay
  • logement paneel bord instappen logies verschaffen enteren plank controlebord aan boord gaan opstappen raad logeren Dutch
  • brett entre gå ombord bord vant borde planke tavle styre losjere panel Norwegian
  • tábua rebatida painel de controle quadro embarcar hospedar conselho comitê diária taco despesa lousa hospedar-se bordo junta Portuguese
  • scândură Romanian
  • сесть правле́ние комите́т столова́ться идти́ на аборда́ж доска́ стол стенд панель сове́т руково́дство подня́ться/поднима́ться на бо́рт колле́гия предоставля́ть пансио́н пала́та борт коммута́тор сади́ться табло Russian
  • odbor, komitetSerbo
  • dhogë Albanian
  • tavla styrelse gå ombord borda äntra bräda skiva nämnd inackordera Swedish
  • bao Swahili
  • సమితి, నల్లబల్ల, తెల్లబల్ల, బోర్డు, చెక్కబల్లTegulu
  • borda tahta bordalamak Turkish
  • bảng Vietnamese
  • ברעטYiddish
  • Chinese

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