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Pronounce Branch as B R AH N K HH.

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Phonetic transcription for branch

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of branch: | brænkh |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of branch: | brænch |

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Meanings for branch

branch, subdivision, arm(noun)

a division of some larger or more complex organization

"a branch of Congress"; "botany is a branch of biology"; "the Germanic branch of Indo-European languages"


a division of a stem, or secondary stem arising from the main stem of a plant

branch, leg, ramification(noun)

a part of a forked or branching shape

"he broke off one of the branches"

outgrowth, branch, offshoot, offset(noun)

a natural consequence of development


a stream or river connected to a larger one

arm, branch, limb(verb)

any projection that is thought to resemble a human arm

"the arm of the record player"; "an arm of the sea"; "a branch of the sewer"

ramify, branch(verb)

grow and send out branches or branch-like structures

"these plants ramify early and get to be very large"

branch, ramify, fork, furcate, separate(verb)

divide into two or more branches so as to form a fork

"The road forks"

a major outgrowth from the main stem of a woody plant

I loved climbing among the branches of that old tree

a local unit of an organization

a bank with many neighborhood branches

a stream that flows into a larger body of water

the Blue Nile, the Atbara, and the White Nile are the three primary branches of the Nile River

a large unit of a governmental, business, or educational organization

the two branches of the U.S. Congress

to extend outwards from or as if from a central point

threads branched from the center of the spider web

Example Sentences of branch

I cut a branch from the tree.

Luckily, I got hold of a branch and was saved from falling.

We decided to branch out into selling some foodstuffs.

Better to extend an olive branch than launch a missile.

She was transferred from the head office to a branch office last month.

The University Administration decided to set up a branch campus in New York.

He cut off a branch from the tree.

Which branch of the armed forces were you in?

The lamp was suspended from the branch of a tree.

Some birds are sitting on the branch of that tree.

Branch in different languages

  • فرعArabic
  • філіял, галіна́, галінкаByelorussian
  • филиал област клон разклонение разклонявам се пускам клони Bulgarian
  • branca Catalan
  • pobočka větev Czech
  • Ästelung filiale abzweigung branche zweigung ast zweigstelle zweig abzweigen springen verzweigen German
  • κλαδί κλαρί παρακλάδι διακλάδωση κλάδος Greek
  • branĉo Esperanto
  • rama sucursal ramificar Spanish
  • oks Estonian
  • adarBasque
  • شاخه شاخ شعبه Persian
  • sivukonttori haarakonttori ala oksa haara haarautua haaraantua Finnish
  • branche rameau filiale brancher French
  • meurScots Gaelic
  • pólaGalician
  • ענף, סניףHebrew
  • डाल Hindi
  • branch
  • fiók üzletág szak ág csoport leágazás alapít létrehoz hajt sarjad sarjadzik Hungarian
  • ճյուղ ոստ մասնաճյուղ Armenian
  • dahan Indonesian
  • branchoEsperanto
  • branca ramo filiale succursale Italian
  • 枝, 部門, 支店, 支社, 分岐するJapanese
  • შტო Georgian
  • бұтақKazakh
  • 支店, 지점, 지사, 나뭇가지, 支社, 가지, 줄기Korean
  • چرۆ لق Kurdish
  • rāmus Latin
  • šaka Lithuanian
  • zars Latvian
  • гранка Macedonian
  • dahan Malay
  • bedrijfstak tak vakgebied filiaal branch aftakken Dutch
  • gren grein Norwegian
  • tsin bigaanNavajo, Navaho
  • ram, ramèlOccitan
  • gałąź filia dział rozgałęzienie oddział rozgałęziać się Polish
  • filial galho departamento ramo divisão broto repartição separar partir brotar dividir Portuguese
  • ram, romRomance
  • ramură branșă creangă ramificare sucursală filială ram sări ramifica Romanian
  • филиал веточка ветка приход область отделение ответвление отрасль ветвь Russian
  • शाखाSanskrit
  • nai, naeSardinian
  • vejka, ogranak, grana, грана, вејкаSerbo
  • vetva Slovak
  • vejaSlovenian
  • degë Albanian
  • gren filial område Swedish
  • tanzu Swahili
  • கிளை Tamil
  • శాఖ, కొమ్మTegulu
  • sangay, sangaTagalog
  • dal şube Turkish
  • вітка, філія, галузь, галузка, гілка, гілочкаUkrainian
  • boʻlimUzbek
  • nhánh Vietnamese

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