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Meanings for breed

a class of animals within a species that have similar physical characteristics

breed, strain, stock(noun)

a special variety of domesticated animals within a species

"he experimented on a particular breed of white rats"; "he created a new strain of sheep"


a special type

"Google represents a new breed of entrepreneurs"

engender, breed, spawn(verb)

call forth

breed, cover(verb)

copulate with a female, used especially of horses

"The horse covers the mare"


cause to procreate (animals)

"She breeds dogs"

breed, multiply(verb)

have young (animals) or reproduce (organisms)

"pandas rarely breed in captivity"; "These bacteria reproduce"

a number of persons or things that are grouped together because they have something in common

some people say that honest politicians are a rare breed

to bring forth offspring

rabbits will breed very frequently unless they're kept separated

to bring to maturity through care and education

he was bred to a life in the military by his father, himself an army captain

to be the cause of (a situation, action, or state of mind)

this habit of favoring one employee over the others will breed resentment

to engage in sexual intercourse

cats breeding outside our window made a horrible racket last night

to set permanently in the consciousness or mind-set

parents who breed in their children a deep respect for people of all classes

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Example Sentences of breed

Bacteria will not breed in alcohol.

Some animals will not breed when kept in cages.

Rabbits breed quickly.

Rats breed rapidly.

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Synonyms for breed

neckcloth parentage pedigree gillyflower striving melodic line caudex straining fund inventory melodic phrase mental strain tenor form descent stemma nervous strain pains stock certificate stock melody variant lineage livestock broth origin tune line line of descent store song gunstock air bloodline strain stress ancestry var. nisus farm animal blood blood line cover get mother father spawn multiply sire bring forth beget engender generate cut through get over embrace plow wrap up enshroud compensate encompass shroud continue treat hatch incubate report track extend cut across brood deal underwrite overcompensate address spread over hide traverse pass over comprehend handle overlay cross get across cover up insure reproduce procreate manifold augment build up cherish colonize develop foster increase plant populate propagate replenish settle produce nourish train instruct evolve cause nurture bring up discipline educate teach school originate occasion give rise to be the cause of bring forth young produce offspring be born be produced race progeny nest breeding recur mate re occur reoccur métis reproducing replicate nesting generation class description feather genre ilk kidney kind like manner nature order sort species stripe type variety nurse raise rear bring bring about bring on catalyze create do draw on effect effectuate induce invoke make prompt result (in) translate (into) work yield copulate sleep enroot implant inculcate infix inseminate instill sow

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Antonyms for breed

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Breed in different languages

  • ربى, تربيةArabic
  • порода род развъждам отглеждам произход пораждам Bulgarian
  • raça criar engendrar Catalan
  • rasa plemeno šlechtit Czech
  • race Danish
  • hervorrufen rasse erzeugen züchten verursachen sorte aufziehen paaren brüten German
  • ράτσα Greek
  • raso bredi Esperanto
  • variedad raza aparear criar cultivar casta cepa procrear engendrar Spanish
  • پرورش و اصلاح نژاد Persian
  • astuttaa lisääntyä synnyttää rotu jalostaa kasvattaa paritella Finnish
  • se reproduire race engendrer élever French
  • síolraigh póraigh síolrach Irish
  • gnè, seòrsaScots Gaelic
  • नस्ल Hindi
  • nemz szaporodik tenyészt fajta Hungarian
  • besar berkembang biak Indonesian
  • edukarEsperanto
  • razza riprodursi allevare Italian
  • 育てる, 繁殖Japanese
  • ತಳಿ Kannada
  • 낳다, 가꾸다, 기르다, 품종, 계통, 치다, 거두다, 일으키다Korean
  • бак, порода, багууKirghiz
  • educ tecum Latin
  • whakaaiaiMaori
  • baka Malay
  • variëteit broeden fokken ras Dutch
  • avle Norwegian
  • płodzić hodować gatunek rasa rozmnażać się wychowywać Polish
  • variedade cruzar criar gerar raça procriar cultivar Portuguese
  • rasă Romanian
  • разводить развести сорт раса племя плодиться размножаться порода род Russian
  • soj, pasmina, rasa, lozaSerbo
  • plemeno rasa Slovak
  • avla föröka ras Swedish
  • இனப்பெருக்கம் Tamil
  • జాతినిTegulu
  • สายพันธุ์Thai
  • doğurmak Turkish
  • породаUkrainian
  • نسلUrdu
  • giống Vietnamese
  • האָדעוועןYiddish
  • 品种 Chinese

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