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Meanings for butt

butt, butt end(noun)

thick end of the handle


the part of a plant from which the roots spring or the part of a stalk or trunk nearest the roots

butt, goat, laughingstock, stooge(noun)

a victim of ridicule or pranks

buttocks, nates, arse, butt, backside, bum, buns, can, fundament, hindquarters, hind end, keister, posterior, prat, rear, rear end, rump, stern, seat, tail, tail end, tooshie, tush, bottom, behind, derriere, fanny, ass(noun)

the fleshy part of the human body that you sit on

"he deserves a good kick in the butt"; "are you going to sit on your fanny and do nothing?"

target, butt(noun)

sports equipment consisting of an object set up for a marksman or archer to aim at

cigarette, cigaret, coffin nail, butt, fag(noun)

finely ground tobacco wrapped in paper; for smoking

butt joint, butt(noun)

a joint made by fastening ends together without overlapping


a large cask (especially one holding a volume equivalent to 2 hogsheads or 126 gallons)

butt, stub(verb)

the small unused part of something (especially the end of a cigarette that is left after smoking)

border, adjoin, edge, abut, march, butt, butt against, butt on(verb)

lie adjacent to another or share a boundary

"Canada adjoins the U.S."; "England marches with Scotland"

butt, bunt(verb)

to strike, thrust or shove against

"He butted his sister out of the way"; "The goat butted the hiker with his horns"


place end to end without overlapping

"The frames must be butted at the joints"

the part of the body upon which someone sits

park your butts in the seats and keep quiet, or I'm turning this car around

a person or thing that is made fun of

the social outcast got tired of being the butt of everyone's jokes

a person or thing that is the object of abuse, criticism, or ridicule

usually the U.S. Congress is the butt of the radio commentator's scathing wit

an enclosed wooden vessel for holding beverages

a butt of hard cider that we had pressed ourselves

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Synonyms for butt

fanny tail seat nates rear end stooge can target stub fundament goat posterior buttocks behind cigarette stern bottom backside bum buns hindquarters tail end derriere tooshie hind end butt joint rump butt end keister coffin nail ass prat arse cigaret rear tush laughingstock caprine animal yes man flunkey flunky screw female genital organ substructure stinkpot cornerstone lavatory git croup arsehole shadower crapper commode throne skunk base foundation lav can buoy shag place bottomland tin can scum bag asshole freighter understructure after part female genitals tramp female genitalia idler nookie toilet piece of tail shtup poop foot screwing potty bathroom quarter do nothing back end dirty dog merchantman canful croupe john back tooth bunghole rat nooky pot back privy underside piece of ass layabout merchant ship undersurface tail assembly hobo loafer stool roll in the hay empennage rotter so and so stinker bottom of the inning tin crumb groundwork shadow fag end bed basis lowlife puke objective object mark quarry aim fair game target area prey ticket stub nub counterfoil check stub demonstrate abut surround process touch bound march frame in frame skirt butt against meet bump into run into parade border edge knock against exhibit jar against ring adjoin inch bunt butt on contact environ drag a bunt point aimed at laughing stock stroke blow cask strike with the head or the horns lacrosse booty thigh butts roach nerve bot bootie breech caboose cheeks derrière duff hams haunches heinie hunkers keester derision jest joke mock mockery sport sitting duck victim barrel firkin hogshead keg kilderkin pipe puncheon rundlet runlet tun

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Antonyms for butt

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Butt in different languages

  • boude Afrikaans
  • مؤخرةArabic
  • dal, sağrıAzerbaijani
  • күтBashkir
  • седніца, попа, дупа, седаўка, задніцаByelorussian
  • задник фас дупе угарка гъз приклад блъскам с глава Bulgarian
  • burilla punta tossar Catalan
  • pažba prdel zadek hýždě nedopalek Czech
  • røv skod Danish
  • stummel po kolben arsch kippe gesäß zigarettenkippe zigarettenstummel German
  • αποτσίγαρο Greek
  • pugo Esperanto
  • chinga chenca bacha nalgas pucho colilla culo pava topetada chiva chicote calilla topetazo topetar Spanish
  • کپل سرین Persian
  • pusku pylly piennar monttu pehva maali puskaisu raja natsa peppu tupakantumppi päämäärä perä itse tumppi naurunaihe maalitaulu kampela peffa nuppi puskea Finnish
  • derrière crosse mégot cul French
  • bun Irish
  • togsaid, bun, barailleScots Gaelic
  • cabichaGalician
  • bunManx
  • עכוזHebrew
  • नितम्ब बट Hindi
  • քամակ հետույք տուտուզ կճատ Armenian
  • bokong Indonesian
  • kuloEsperanto
  • rass stubbur sígarettustubbur afturendi Icelandic
  • culo sedere cornata cozzare Italian
  • 吸殻, 尻Japanese
  • დუნდულა უკანალი ტრაკი Georgian
  • 담배꽁초, 엉덩이, 꽁초Korean
  • санKirghiz
  • cūlus clūnēs Latin
  • ກົ້ນLao
  • kumu, whakakatangaMaori
  • кундак отпушок газ задник пикавец Macedonian
  • өгзөг, хонгоMongolian
  • punggung puntung rokok Malay
  • sneip
  • peuk kont Dutch
  • rumpe bak Norwegian
  • cuol, tafanariOccitan
  • niedopałek dupa tyłek kolba pet skóra zadek Polish
  • guimba nádegas cu bunda bituca Portuguese
  • cur lovitura puternica cu capul patul pustii izbitura fund izbi cu capul lovi puternic Romanian
  • ягодицы попа задница бычок срака приклад окурок жопа попка зад бодать боднуть Russian
  • гуза, дупе, kundak, guza, dupe, guzica, задњица, гузица, zadnjicaSerbo
  • prdel zadok riť Slovak
  • zadnjica, ritSlovenian
  • byth bythë Albanian
  • röv ända kolv fimp bak stump stjärt rumpa stöta stånga butt Swedish
  • matako Swahili
  • బట్Tegulu
  • ก้นThai
  • otyrýerTurkmen
  • puwit, dulo, upos, pwetTagalog
  • kalça Turkish
  • дупа, зад, жопа, попа, сідницяUkrainian
  • dumbaUzbek
  • mông Vietnamese
  • meegoWolof
  • תּחתYiddish
  • 屁股 Chinese

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