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Pronounce Careful as K AH R EH F UW L.

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Phonetic transcription for careful

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of careful: | kærɛful |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of careful: | cærɛfʊl |

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Meanings for careful

cautious and watchful, making sure not to make a mistake


exercising caution or showing care or attention

"they were careful when crossing the busy street"; "be careful to keep her shoes clean"; "did very careful research"; "careful art restorers"; "careful of the rights of others"; "careful about one's behavior"

careful, heedful(adj)

cautiously attentive

"careful of her feelings"; "heedful of his father's advice"

careful, deliberate, measured(adj)

unhurried and with care and dignity

"walking at the same measured pace"; "with all deliberate speed"


full of cares or anxiety

"Thou art careful and troubled about many things"-Luke 10.41

careful, thrifty(adj)

mindful of the future in spending money

"careful with money"

having or showing a close attentiveness to avoiding danger or trouble

careful drivers slow down on slick or icy roadways

taking, showing, or involving great care and effort

that furniture maker was known to be a most careful worker, so his output was small

Example Sentences of careful

Be careful with my luggage.

I was very careful on the phone.

I hope Tom is more careful next time.

I was careful to not leave any evidence.

I was careful not to say anything to make him angry.

I have to be careful from now on.

I gave careful consideration to the problem.

I wish he had been more careful when he spoke.

I have made a careful examination of the situation.

He promised me that he would be more careful in future.

Careful in different languages

  • грижлив акуратен внимателен старателен Bulgarian
  • সতর্ক, সাবধানBengali
  • curós cautelós Catalan
  • pečlivý opatrný Czech
  • sorgfältig behutsam vorsichtig German
  • επιμελής προσεκτικός Greek
  • zorga Esperanto
  • cuidadoso cauto Spanish
  • ettevaatlik tähelepanelik Estonian
  • huolellinen varovainen Finnish
  • prudent soigneuse soigneux prudente French
  • curamach Irish
  • cùramachScots Gaelic
  • સાવધાનGujarati
  • זהיר, זהירהHebrew
  • सतर्क सावधान Hindi
  • cauto prudente accurato Italian
  • 思慮深い, 注意深いJapanese
  • ყურადღებიანი Georgian
  • curiosus cautus meticulosus Latin
  • uzmanīgs rūpīgs Latvian
  • सावधMarathi
  • zorgvuldig prudent omzichtig behoedzaam voorzichtig doortastend grondig Dutch
  • ostrożna ostrożny ostrożne Polish
  • cauteloso meticulosa prudente cuidadosa meticuloso cuidadoso cautelosa Portuguese
  • prudent precaut Romanian
  • аккуратный внимательный старательный тщательный осторожный Russian
  • सावधान, सतर्कSanskrit
  • брѝжљив, о̏пре̄зан, brȉžan, brìžljiv, ȍprēzan, pòmnjiv, по̀мњив, бри̏жанSerbo
  • försiktig Swedish
  • سترک, ساودھانUrdu

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