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Meanings for chain

chain, concatenation(noun)

a series of things depending on each other as if linked together

"the chain of command"; "a complicated concatenation of circumstances"

chain, chemical chain(noun)

(chemistry) a series of linked atoms (generally in an organic molecule)


a series of (usually metal) rings or links fitted into one another to make a flexible ligament


(business) a number of similar establishments (stores or restaurants or banks or hotels or theaters) under one ownership


anything that acts as a restraint


a unit of length

Chain, Ernst Boris Chain, Sir Ernst Boris Chain(noun)

British biochemist (born in Germany) who isolated and purified penicillin, which had been discovered in 1928 by Sir Alexander Fleming (1906-1979)

range, mountain range, range of mountains, chain, mountain chain, chain of mountains(noun)

a series of hills or mountains

"the valley was between two ranges of hills"; "the plains lay just beyond the mountain range"


a linked or connected series of objects

"a chain of daisies"

chain, string, strand(verb)

a necklace made by a stringing objects together

"a string of beads"; "a strand of pearls";


connect or arrange into a chain by linking


fasten or secure with chains

"Chain the chairs together"

a series of things linked together

the chain of events that led the American colonies to seek independence from Great Britain

something that makes movement or progress difficult

this community will grow and prosper only after it has thrown off the chains of ignorance and prejudice

something that physically prevents free movement

chains on the prisoner's ankles

to confine or restrain with or as if with chains

chaining up the dog in the backyard

to put or bring together so as to form a new and longer whole

the prosecutor meticulously and brilliantly chained all the evidence together in his closing argument

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Example Sentences of chain

Do you have a chain saw I could borrow?

A chain of events led to the outbreak of the war.

Tom pulled the chain on the closet light.

George put a chain on the dog.

If you pull too hard, the chain will break.

The military has a very strict chain of command.

It started a chain reaction.

A chain is made up of many links.

A chain is no stronger than its weakest link.

A link can join two pieces of chain together.

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Antonyms for chain

unbind unfetter unshackle disconnect disjoin disjoint dissever disunite separate unchain uncouple unhitch unlink unyoke

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Chain in different languages

  • huidige Afrikaans
  • سلسلةArabic
  • zəncir, cariAzerbaijani
  • ланцугByelorussian
  • верига поредица Bulgarian
  • শৃঙ্খলBengali
  • chadennBreton
  • cadena Catalan
  • řetěz řetězec zřetězení Czech
  • cadwyn Welch
  • kæde Danish
  • kette ketten German
  • αλυσίδα σειρά άλυσος δεσμά αλυσοδένω Greek
  • ĉeno Esperanto
  • cadena Spanish
  • ahel kett Estonian
  • زنجیر Persian
  • ketju kauppaketju kettinki ketjulla ketjuttaa sulkea ketjuttua kahlita Finnish
  • chaîne enchaîner chaîner French
  • slabhra Irish
  • cuibhreachScots Gaelic
  • cadea, cadenaGalician
  • שרשרת, רשת, לשרשרHebrew
  • श्रृंखला सिलसिला ज़ंजीर Hindi
  • lánc sor sorozat láncolat Hungarian
  • շղթա ցանց Armenian
  • rantai Indonesian
  • katenoEsperanto
  • keðja Icelandic
  • catena concatenare Italian
  • 連続, 連鎖, 鎖, チェーンJapanese
  • ჯაჭვი Georgian
  • тізбек, шынжырKazakh
  • ច្រវាក់Cambodian
  • 사슬, 체인Korean
  • زنجیر Kurdish
  • чынжырKirghiz
  • catena Latin
  • ໂສ້Lao
  • grandinė Lithuanian
  • ķēde virkne Latvian
  • mekamekaMaori
  • ланец lanec оковува Macedonian
  • гинжMongolian
  • rentetan rantai membelenggu merantai Malay
  • ကြိုး, သံကြိုးBurmese
  • keten opeenvolging ketting aaneenrijging aaneenschakeling Dutch
  • kjede kjetting rekke lenke Norwegian
  • cadenaOccitan
  • łańcuch sieć Polish
  • cadeia corrente Portuguese
  • cadeina, cadagna, chadagna, chadainaRomance
  • lanț Romanian
  • цепь сеть цепочка ланцуг последовательность серия Russian
  • ланац, veruga, veriga, верига, вериге, lanac, веруга, verigeSerbo
  • ඇකිල්ලSinghalese
  • reťaz Slovak
  • verigaSlovenian
  • zinxhir Albanian
  • kedja kedja fast Swedish
  • ushanga bangili mikufu Swahili
  • గొలుసుTegulu
  • занҷирTajik
  • โซ่Thai
  • zynjyrTurkmen
  • kadenaTagalog
  • zincir Turkish
  • чылбырTatar
  • ланцюг, ланцюжокUkrainian
  • سلسلہ, زنجیرUrdu
  • zanjir, tizmaUzbek
  • dây xích Vietnamese
  • tchinneWalloon
  • קייטYiddish

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