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Meanings for cloud


any collection of particles (e.g., smoke or dust) or gases that is visible


a visible mass of water or ice particles suspended at a considerable altitude


out of touch with reality

"his head was in the clouds"


a cause of worry or gloom or trouble

"the only cloud on the horizon was the possibility of dissent by the French"


suspicion affecting your reputation

"after that mistake he was under a cloud"

swarm, cloud(verb)

a group of many things in the air or on the ground

"a swarm of insects obscured the light"; "clouds of blossoms"; "it discharged a cloud of spores"

overcast, cloud(verb)

make overcast or cloudy

"Fall weather often overcasts our beaches"

obscure, befog, becloud, obnubilate, haze over, fog, cloud, mist(verb)

make less visible or unclear

"The stars are obscured by the clouds"; "the big elm tree obscures our view of the valley"


billow up in the form of a cloud

"The smoke clouded above the houses"


make gloomy or depressed

"Their faces were clouded with sadness"

defile, sully, corrupt, taint, cloud(verb)

place under suspicion or cast doubt upon

"sully someone's reputation"


make less clear

"the stroke clouded memories of her youth"

mottle, dapple, cloud(verb)

colour with streaks or blotches of different shades


make milky or dull

"The chemical clouded the liquid to which it was added"

an overspreading element that produces an atmosphere of gloom

all day we were under a cloud until we heard the good news

to make dark, dim, or indistinct

the diner's dark interior, clouded with smoke and grease

to make (something) unclear to the understanding

cloud the issue with obscure statistics

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Example Sentences of cloud

I let my emotions cloud my judgment.

That cloud looks like a rabbit to me.

I saw a white cloud sailing across the sky.

Not a cloud was to be seen.

Look at the cloud over there.

A cloud floated across the sky.

The car raised a cloud of dust.

There was not a cloud in the sky.

The car left a cloud of dust behind it.

Not a single cloud could be seen in the sky.

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Antonyms for cloud

brighten illuminate illumine light (up) lighten clarify clear (up) illuminate

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Cloud in different languages

  • аԥсҭцəаAbkhazian
  • wolk Afrikaans
  • ደመናAmharic
  • boira
  • سحابة, غيمةArabic
  • বাদলAssamese
  • накӏкӏKazakh
  • qinayaAymara
  • buludAzerbaijani
  • болотBashkir
  • во́блака, хмараByelorussian
  • облак Bulgarian
  • মেঘ, বাদলBengali
  • སྤྲིན་པTibetan
  • koumoulBreton
  • núvol Catalan
  • мархаserbian
  • nivuluCorsican
  • mrak oblak zatemnit Czech
  • пӗлӗтBelarusian
  • cymylau cwmwl Welch
  • sky Danish
  • wolke schleier verschleiern gewölk German
  • ވިލާDivehi
  • alĩlikpo, fúfu, adzudzɔEstonian
  • σκιάζω συννεφιάζω βουρκώνω σύννεφο θολώνω νέφος Greek
  • nubo Esperanto
  • nube nublar Spanish
  • vidu udu pilvinema parv pilv ähmastama varjutama Estonian
  • hodeiBasque
  • ابر میغ توده مزنه Persian
  • pilvi utu sumentua huurtua sumentaa hämärtää sumu samentua parvi Finnish
  • skýggjFaeroese
  • nuage s'obscurcir French
  • wolkFrisian
  • néal scamall Irish
  • sgòth, falaich, neul, toit, neulaichScots Gaelic
  • nubeGalician
  • વાદળુંGujarati
  • neuheelysManx
  • मेघ अभ्र बादल Hindi
  • felleg raj tömeg felhő sereg Hungarian
  • քուլա ամպ Armenian
  • nubeInterlingua
  • awan Indonesian
  • nubeInterlingue
  • urukpu
  • nuboEsperanto
  • ský Icelandic
  • nembo nebbia annuvolarsi oscurare nube nuvola annebbiare Italian
  • ᓄᕗᔭᖅInuktitut
  • 煙, 雲, 濁り, 群れ, クラウド, 埃, 曇り, 蒸気, 湯気, 大群Japanese
  • mega
  • ღრუბელი Georgian
  • бұлтKazakh
  • nuiaqGreenlandic
  • ពពកCambodian
  • ಮೇಘ ಮೋಡ Kannada
  • 구름Korean
  • ewr hewr Kurdish
  • булутKirghiz
  • nūbēs Latin
  • WollekLuxembourgish
  • ເມກ, ເຝື້ອLao
  • debesis Lithuanian
  • mākonis Latvian
  • rahona
  • kapuaMaori
  • облак Macedonian
  • മേഘം Malayalam
  • үүлMongolian
  • ढग, मेघ, क्लाउडMarathi
  • merawan awan mega Malay
  • sħabaMaltese
  • တိမ်Burmese
  • sky, støvsky, cloud
  • बादल Nepali
  • wolk Dutch
  • sky, støvsky
  • overskye formørke fordunkle skye sky Norwegian
  • kʼosNavajo, Navaho
  • nívolOccitan
  • ମେଘOriya
  • мигъOssetian, Ossetic
  • ਬੱਦਲ Punjabi
  • chmura Polish
  • ورېځPashto
  • nuvem Portuguese
  • ayphayayQuechua
  • neivel, nüvla, nivel, nibel, nebla, neablaRomance
  • igicuKirundi
  • nor înnegura întuneca negură înnora Romanian
  • облако туча рой Russian
  • ibigicuKinyarwanda
  • मेघ, वारिद, अभ्रSanskrit
  • nughe, nue, nuiSardinian
  • ȍblāk, о̏бла̄кSerbo
  • වලාකුළSinghalese
  • mrak oblak Slovak
  • oblakSlovenian
  • caadSomali
  • re Albanian
  • moln sky Swedish
  • wingu Swahili
  • மேகம் Tamil
  • పొగమేఘము, మసక, మేఘము, మంచుతెర, మబ్బుకమ్ముటTegulu
  • абрTajik
  • เมฆThai
  • bulutTurkmen
  • ulapTagalog
  • bulut Turkish
  • болыт, bolıtTatar
  • بۇلۇتUigur
  • хмараUkrainian
  • میگھ, ابر, بادلUrdu
  • bulutUzbek
  • mây Vietnamese
  • lefog, lefogemVolapuk
  • nûlêyeWalloon
  • ilifuXhosa
  • וואָלקןס, וואָלקןYiddish
  • Chinese
  • ifu, iyeziZulu

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