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Meanings for complete

to finish; to conclude; to reach the end


having every necessary or normal part or component or step

"a complete meal"; "a complete wardrobe"; "a complete set of the Britannica"; "a complete set of china"; "a complete defeat"; "a complete accounting"

complete, consummate(adj)

perfect and complete in every respect; having all necessary qualities

"a complete gentleman"; "consummate happiness"; "a consummate performance"

accomplished, complete(adj)

highly skilled

"an accomplished pianist"; "a complete musician"

arrant(a), complete(a), consummate(a), double-dyed(a), everlasting(a), gross(a), perfect(a), pure(a), sodding(a), stark(a), staring(a), thoroughgoing(a), utter(a), unadulterated(adj)

without qualification; used informally as (often pejorative) intensifiers

"an arrant fool"; "a complete coward"; "a consummate fool"; "a double-dyed villain"; "gross negligence"; "a perfect idiot"; "pure folly"; "what a sodding mess"; "stark staring mad"; "a thoroughgoing villain"; "utter nonsense"; "the unadulterated truth"

complete, concluded, ended, over(p), all over, terminated(verb)

having come or been brought to a conclusion

"the harvesting was complete"; "the affair is over, ended, finished"; "the abruptly terminated interview"

complete, finish(verb)

come or bring to a finish or an end

"He finished the dishes"; "She completed the requirements for her Master's Degree"; "The fastest runner finished the race in just over 2 hours; others finished in over 4 hours"


bring to a whole, with all the necessary parts or elements

"A child would complete the family"

dispatch, discharge, complete(verb)

complete or carry out

"discharge one's duties"

complete, nail(verb)

complete a pass

complete, fill out, fill in, make out(verb)

write all the required information onto a form

"fill out this questionnaire, please!"; "make out a form"

not lacking any part or member that properly belongs to it

a complete deck of cards

brought or having come to an end

your education is never complete—there's always something more to learn

covering everything or all important points

will present complete coverage of the tennis tournament

having no exceptions or restrictions

he's a complete lunatic

trying all possibilities

a complete search of the computer file

having or showing exceptional knowledge, experience, or skill in a field of endeavor

a riding school that will teach you all skills required of the complete equestrian

to bring (something) to a state where nothing remains to be done

managed to complete the assignment with time to spare

to serve as a completing element to

the bird's beautiful song simply completes its appeal for pet owners

to bring (an event) to a natural or appropriate stopping point

the well-attended concert completed a great weekend of arts and entertainment events

to do what is required by the terms of

no payments will be made until the contract is completed

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Example Sentences of complete

I have complete faith in Tom.

I have complete faith in you.

I made a complete fool of myself.

I have complete confidence in Tom.

I have complete confidence in you.

I thought Tom was a complete idiot.

I want a complete list of your books.

I always thought Tom was a complete idiot.

I want a complete report on my desk by 2:30.

If you ask me, this is a complete waste of time.

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Synonyms for complete

ended pure(a) utter(a) unadulterated thoroughgoing(a) double dyed(a) consummate perfect(a) terminated gross(a) staring(a) arrant(a) all over stark(a) concluded consummate(a) everlasting(a) complete(a) accomplished sodding(a) over(p) virtuoso(a) masterful masterly established realized effected realised completed stop fill in wind up end finish up dispatch finish eat up polish off fill out terminate discharge cease nail make out land up fetch up end up unload empty despatch expel exhaust go off hit drop off release send off fire off slay exculpate assoil set down clear put down acquit murder drop exonerate free eject muster out bump off remove sweep through collar breeze through sail through peg ace pass with flying colors apprehend nail down pick up pinpoint nab boom arrest cop blast smash tell apart distinguish have intercourse get it on have a go at it fatten come spot love be intimate cut fat know get along write out make love flesh out fare have sex plump out plump sub grapple pick out eff eke out round deal do it manage contend pad round out do bonk bed stand in fatten out lie with discern substitute sleep together recognize jazz sleep with fatten up bang hump screw issue recognise have it away cope make do get by roll in the hay neck have it off get laid shade accomplish entire total achieve actualize bring about bring to pass carry out carry through commit effect execute fulfil perform perpetrate realize transact work out full perfect finished adequate exhaustive thorough clean not deficient whole undivided unbroken undiminished unimpaired integral consummated effectuate conclude bring to a close give the finishing touch to put the finishing hand to put the seal to come up to comprehensive complement completing finalize complements fill absolute fulfill integrity completes supplement finalise completion fully populate supplements completely kamel meet incomplete fully qualified compleat grand intact plenary done down over over with through up all embracing all in all inclusive broad gauge broad gauged compendious cover all cyclopedic embracive encyclopedic global in depth inclusive omnibus panoramic universal all out arrant blank blooming bodacious categorical categoric cotton picking crashing damn damned dead deadly definite downright dreadful fair flat flat out out and out outright plumb profound pure rank regular sheer simple stark stone straight out thoroughgoing unalloyed unconditional unmitigated unqualified utter very full scale adept crack crackerjack educated experienced expert good great master practiced practised professed proficient skilled skillful versed veteran virtuoso polish round (off or out) close close out wrap up answer comply (with) keep redeem satisfy

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Complete in different languages

  • كامل, انتهى, أكمل, اكتمالArabic
  • поўныByelorussian
  • завършен цял пълен Bulgarian
  • complet complir completa Catalan
  • plný dokončit úplný Czech
  • abgeschlossen fertigstellen vollständig fertigmachen beendet komplettieren komplett ganz beenden ergänzen German
  • ολοκληρώνω πλήρες πλήρης Greek
  • plenigi kompleta kompleti Esperanto
  • cumplir completo terminar completar Spanish
  • کمپلت کامل Persian
  • täydentää saada valmiiksi täydellinen tehdä loppuun valmis Finnish
  • accomplir terminer complète complet compléter French
  • foirfe líonmhar Irish
  • buileachScots Gaelic
  • completoGalician
  • סייםHebrew
  • पूरा Hindi
  • completeInterlingua
  • sempurna lengkap komplit Indonesian
  • kompletigarEsperanto
  • completo compiere completato completa completare riempire concluso Italian
  • 全うする, 完成, 終える, 完全, 終わる, 完了, 全いJapanese
  • аяқтау, бітіруKazakh
  • ته‌واو کردن ته‌واو Kurdish
  • pilnīgs Latvian
  • полн Macedonian
  • gjøre ferdig, fullføre
  • algeheel compleet voltooien aanvullen volledig Dutch
  • fullføre, gjere ferdig
  • fullstendig Norwegian
  • completOccitan
  • zupełna ukończyć kompletny uzupełnić dopełnić skompletować pełny zupełny Polish
  • íntegro totalizado inteirar completo completar concluído concluir terminar integral acabar terminado Portuguese
  • termina completa complet Romanian
  • полный закончить заканчивать совершенный целый укомплектовывать укомплектовать завершить комплектовать завершать Russian
  • pun, пунSerbo
  • plný Slovak
  • dokončati, dokončan, dopolniti, popoln, zaključitiSlovenian
  • färdig fullständig komplett färdigställa fullborda slutföra Swedish
  • సంపూర్ణమైన, పూర్తిచేయు, పూర్తి, ముగించుTegulu
  • tamamlamak tamam Turkish
  • повнийUkrainian
  • پوراUrdu
  • bam-bamYoruba

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