How to pronounce confident


Pronounce Confident as K OW N F IY D EH N T.

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Phonetic transcription for confident

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of confident: | koʊnfɪdɛnt |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of confident: | cɒnfɪdɛnt |

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Meanings for confident


having or marked by confidence or assurance

"a confident speaker"; "a confident reply"; "his manner is more confident these days"; "confident of fulfillment"

convinced(p), positive(p), confident(p)(adj)

persuaded of; very sure

"were convinced that it would be to their advantage to join"; "I am positive he is lying"; "was confident he would win"

confident, surefooted, sure-footed(adj)

not liable to error in judgment or action

"most surefooted of the statesmen who dealt with the depression"- Walter Lippman; "demonstrates a surefooted storytelling talent"- Michiko Kakutani

having or showing great faith in oneself or one's abilities

you'll need to be confident—even in the face of rejection—if you want to pursue a career in show business

having or showing a mind free from doubt

we were confident that the directions we had been given were accurate

Example Sentences of confident

I feel more confident now.

I am confident he will keep his promise.

Tom started to feel more confident than before.

Tom is a confident young man.

He is confident that he will pass the examination.

He is confident of his ability.

Chris was confident that Beth would be delighted with his improvement.

We are confident of victory.

Confident in different languages

  • واثق, واثقةArabic
  • уверен сигурен Bulgarian
  • confiat Catalan
  • zuversichtlich sicher German
  • seguro Spanish
  • اعتماد به نفس Persian
  • luottavainen itsevarma Finnish
  • assuré sûr confiant French
  • urrúsach Irish
  • cinnteach, deimhinn, misneachailScots Gaelic
  • בטוח, בטוחהHebrew
  • bizakodó Hungarian
  • certigesoEsperanto
  • fiducioso sicuro Italian
  • 確信Japanese
  • დარწმუნებული Georgian
  • 자신감Korean
  • audentes Latin
  • zelfverzekerd Dutch
  • pewny Polish
  • confiante Portuguese
  • уверенный Russian
  • tyrgg självsäker Swedish
  • 信心 Chinese

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