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Pronounce Decay as D EH K AH Y.

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Phonetic transcription for decay

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of decay: | dɛkæj |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of decay: | dɛcæʌ |

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Meanings for decay

to rot or break down


the process of gradually becoming inferior

decay, decline(noun)

a gradual decrease; as of stored charge or current

decay, decomposition(noun)

the organic phenomenon of rotting


an inferior state resulting from the process of decaying

"the corpse was in an advanced state of decay"; "the house had fallen into a serious state of decay and disrepair"

decay, radioactive decay, disintegration(verb)

the spontaneous disintegration of a radioactive substance along with the emission of ionizing radiation

disintegrate, decay, decompose(verb)

lose a stored charge, magnetic flux, or current

"the particles disintegrated during the nuclear fission process"

decay, crumble, dilapidate(verb)

fall into decay or ruin

"The unoccupied house started to decay"


undergo decay or decomposition

"The body started to decay and needed to be cremated"

a gradual sinking and wasting away of mind or body

middle-aged people who fervently hope that daily exercise will arrest the physical decay that usually accompanies advancing age

the process by which dead organic matter separates into simpler substances

the cycle by which the decay of dead plants on the forest floor provides soil and nutrients for the next generation of plants

to go through decomposition the logs decayed on the rain forest floor

the atom of plutonium decayed in the test chamber

to become worse or of less value

the restaurant's standards for food and service had decayed over the years

to lose bodily strength or vigor

having reached her 80s, the woman could sense that her body was decaying

Example Sentences of decay

Some soft drinks have very high sugar content and can cause obesity and tooth decay if consumed to excess.

Decay in different languages

  • تضعضع, تحلل, اضمحلArabic
  • влошаване гния загнивам разлагам се развалям се разлагане Bulgarian
  • rozklad rozkládat se hniloba hnít Czech
  • verwesung verfallen verfaulen verrotten verderben verwesen verfall faulen abklingen zerfallen vermodern German
  • deteriorar pudrir Spanish
  • lahoaminen rapautuminen heikentyä rapautua maatua mädäntyä laho heikkeneminen rappeutua heiketä pilaantua lahota Finnish
  • décrépitude pourrir French
  • meathlaigh meath meathlú Irish
  • crìonadh, mùthadhScots Gaelic
  • התקלקלHebrew
  • क्षय Hindi
  • szuvasodik elmállik romlás elpusztul tönkremegy hanyatlás pusztulás korhad rothad Hungarian
  • փտել փչանալ Armenian
  • dekadoEsperanto
  • imputridire Italian
  • 減衰Japanese
  • ლპობა ხრწნა გაფუჭება Georgian
  • 썩다Korean
  • pūt Latvian
  • taimate, hanehaneMaori
  • nedbryting
  • in verval raken verloederen slecht worden vervallen verrotten Dutch
  • gnić rozkład Polish
  • putrefação decompor-se apodrecer estragar deterioração apodrecimento decomposição deteriorar putrefazer Portuguese
  • гнить разложение гниение упадок портиться ухудшаться разлагаться распад спад Russian
  • sönderfall sönderfalla förfalla ruttna förfall förruttnelse mattas försämras sönderdelas tackla av Swedish
  • çürümek fenalaşmak Turkish
  • 衰變 Chinese

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