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Pronounce Desperate as D EH S P EH R AH T EH.

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Phonetic transcription for desperate

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of desperate: | dɛspɛrætɛ |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of desperate: | dɛspɛrætɛ |

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Meanings for desperate

a feeling of hopelessness in which someone is willing to try the impossible to solve a problem


a person who is frightened and in need of help

"they prey on the hopes of the desperate"

despairing, desperate(adj)

arising from or marked by despair or loss of hope

"a despairing view of the world situation"; "the last despairing plea of the condemned criminal"; "a desperate cry for help"; "helpless and desperate--as if at the end of his tether"; "her desperate screams"

desperate, do-or-die(a)(adj)

desperately determined

"do-or-die revolutionaries"; "a do-or-die conflict"


(of persons) dangerously reckless or violent as from urgency or despair

"a desperate criminal"; "taken hostage of desperate men"

desperate, heroic(adj)

showing extreme courage; especially of actions courageously undertaken in desperation as a last resort

"made a last desperate attempt to reach the climber"; "the desperate gallantry of our naval task forces marked the turning point in the Pacific war"- G.C.Marshall; "they took heroic measures to save his life"


showing extreme urgency or intensity especially because of great need or desire

"felt a desperate urge to confess"; "a desperate need for recognition"

desperate, dire(adj)

fraught with extreme danger; nearly hopeless

"a desperate illness"; "on all fronts the Allies were in a desperate situation due to lack of materiel"- G.C.Marshall; "a dire emergency"

feeling or showing no hope

desperate cancer patients who are vulnerable to the claims of unscrupulous quacks

Example Sentences of desperate

Do I look desperate to you?

He was desperate to escape.

Tom was desperate to escape.

He was desperate to get married.

Tom was desperate to lose weight.

Mary was desperate to get married.

Tom was desperate to sell his car.

Desperate needs lead to desperate deeds.

He was desperate to defend his reputation.

Tom was desperate to defend his reputation.

Antonyms for desperate

Desperate in different languages

  • отчаян безразсъден Bulgarian
  • desesperat Catalan
  • verzweifelt German
  • desesperado Spanish
  • epätoivoinen Finnish
  • désespéré French
  • מיואשHebrew
  • बेकरार Hindi
  • հուսահատ հանդուգն Armenian
  • disperato Italian
  • ជាខ្លាំង, ដែលសាហាវCambodian
  • 필사적 인Korean
  • очаен Macedonian
  • hopeloos wanhopig vertwijfeld radeloos desperaat Dutch
  • zdesperowany Polish
  • desesperado Portuguese
  • безрассудный отчаянный Russian
  • očajanSerbo
  • తీరనిTegulu
  • відчайдушнийUkrainian

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