How to pronounce diverse


Pronounce Diverse as D IY V EH R S EH.

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Phonetic transcription for diverse

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of diverse: | dɪvɛrsɛ |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of diverse: | dɪvɛrsɛ |

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Meanings for diverse

composed of different people or features

divers(a), diverse(adj)

many and different

"tourist offices of divers nationalities"; "a person of diverse talents"

diverse, various(adj)

distinctly dissimilar or unlike

"celebrities as diverse as Bob Hope and Bob Dylan"; "animals as various as the jaguar and the cavy and the sloth"

being not of the same kind

a movement supported by people with diverse interests but one common goal

Example Sentences of diverse

It is an ethnically diverse school.

Diverse in different languages

  • متنوعArabic
  • башҡа, төрлөBashkir
  • разнообразен различен Bulgarian
  • divers Catalan
  • rozmanitý Czech
  • unterschiedlich verschieden divers mannigfaltig German
  • diferente diverso Spanish
  • متنوع Persian
  • erilainen Finnish
  • divers différent French
  • ilchineálach ilghnéitheach éagsúil Irish
  • eugsamhailScots Gaelic
  • מגווןHebrew
  • diversaEsperanto
  • fjölbreyttur margvíslegur Icelandic
  • vario diverso Italian
  • さまざまJapanese
  • 다양하다Korean
  • divers Dutch
  • rozmaity odmienny różny różnorodny Polish
  • distinto diverso diferente Portuguese
  • различный разный отличный другой разнообразный Russian
  • diverse Swedish
  • విభిన్నమైన, విభిన్నTegulu
  • หลากหลายThai

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