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Meanings for down

down, down feather(noun)

soft fine feathers


(American football) a complete play to advance the football

"you have four downs to gain ten yards"

Down, John L. H. Down(noun)

English physician who first described Down's syndrome (1828-1896)


(usually plural) a rolling treeless highland with little soil

down, pile(adj)

fine soft dense hair (as the fine short hair of cattle or deer or the wool of sheep or the undercoat of certain dogs)


being or moving lower in position or less in some value

"lay face down"; "the moon is down"; "our team is down by a run"; "down by a pawn"; "the stock market is down today"

down(a), downward(a)(adj)

extending or moving from a higher to a lower place

"the down staircase"; "the downward course of the stream"


becoming progressively lower

"the down trend in the real estate market"


being put out by a strikeout

"two down in the bottom of the ninth"

down, down pat(p), mastered(adj)

understood perfectly

"had his algebra problems down"

depressed, down(p)(adj)

lower than previously

"the market is depressed"; "prices are down"



"the shades were down"


not functioning (temporarily or permanently)

"we can't work because the computer is down"

gloomy, grim, blue, depressed, dispirited, down(p), downcast, downhearted, down in the mouth, low, low-spirited(verb)

filled with melancholy and despondency

"gloomy at the thought of what he had to face"; "gloomy predictions"; "a gloomy silence"; "took a grim view of the economy"; "the darkening mood"; "lonely and blue in a strange city"; "depressed by the loss of his job"; "a dispirited and resigned expression on her face"; "downcast after his defeat"; "feeling discouraged and downhearted"

toss off, pop, bolt down, belt down, pour down, down, drink down, kill(verb)

drink down entirely

"He downed three martinis before dinner"; "She killed a bottle of brandy that night"; "They popped a few beer after work"

devour, down, consume, go through(verb)

eat immoderately

"Some people can down a pound of meat in the course of one meal"


bring down or defeat (an opponent)

down, shoot down, land(verb)

shoot at and force to come down

"the enemy landed several of our aircraft"

down, knock down, cut down, push down, pull down(verb)

cause to come or go down

"The policeman downed the heavily armed suspect"; "The mugger knocked down the old lady after she refused to hand over her wallet"

polish, refine, fine-tune, down(adverb)

improve or perfect by pruning or polishing

"refine one's style of writing"

down, downwards, downward, downwardly(adverb)

spatially or metaphorically from a higher to a lower level or position

"don't fall down"; "rode the lift up and skied down"; "prices plunged downward"


away from a more central or a more northerly place

"was sent down to work at the regional office"; "worked down on the farm"; "came down for the wedding"; "flew down to Florida"


paid in cash at time of purchase

"put ten dollars down on the necklace"


from an earlier time

"the story was passed down from father to son"


to a lower intensity

"he slowly phased down the light until the stage was completely black"


in an inactive or inoperative state

"the factory went down during the strike"; "the computer went down again"

brought or having come to an end

eight down and two to go

directed down

a down escalator

feeling unhappiness

feeling a bit down

temporarily suffering from a disorder of the body

down with the flu

not being in working order

while my computer was down, I attended to some unfinished odds and ends lying about my cubicle

of the very best kind

a small jazz club that showcases some really down musicians

toward or in a lower position

the stairs went down to the basement

from this or that place

came down from New York for the weekend

a soft airy substance or covering

a comforter filled with goose down

something (as a situation or event) that is depressing

lately it's been one down after another in my life

a lingering ill will towards a person for a real or imagined wrong

I don't understand why she'd have such a down against me; we've never even spoken to each other!

a strong feeling of not liking or approving

for years after the war her grandfather had an unshakable down on the Germans

the act or process of going to a lower level or altitude

suffered with a psychological disorder in which she alternated between emotional ups and downs

a loss of status

experienced the ups and downs of a career in showbiz

a broad area of level or rolling treeless country

hold a festival on the downs

to strike (someone) so forcefully as to cause a fall

downed his opponent with one stunning blow

to take into the stomach through the mouth and throat

downing slices of pizza and guzzling bottles of soda

to reject by or as if by a vote

all attempts to ban indoor smoking had been downed by the town council

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Example Sentences of down

Sit down with me.

Can I walk down here?

I turned down the job.

He sat down by my side.

I fell down on the ice.

I fell down the stairs.

I sat down next to him.

I sat down next to Tom.

May I put it down here?

May I turn down the TV?

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Synonyms for down

down feather pile tidy sum mound peck mint nap plenty lot spile batch raft quite a little passel atomic reactor spate muckle big money chain reactor bundle good deal stack mountain sight atomic pile deal piling stilt big bucks voltaic pile galvanic pile megabucks wad flock hatful mickle slew heap great deal mess mass cumulus cumulation pot agglomerate down(a) mastered dispirited low spirited downhearted grim gloomy down in the mouth downward(a) downcast depressed down pat(p) down(p) low blue land start fling off vote down pull down pop up push down kill go through crop up dash off belt down drink down defeat shoot down cut down pop out scratch off obliterate toss off bug out stamp out pour down bolt down wipe out shovel in refine garbage down gobble up bulge bulge out pop knock off devour fine tune knock down protrude come out consume vote out polish take in eat up exhaust ware put through eat pass follow out take have waste use up see ingest go across run through follow up follow through squander guttle carry out raven experience work through pig implement deplete bring down set down buck put down bring tear charge shoot set ashore shore coldcock mow raze trim down slash tear down deck take down cut out dismantle cut trim back trim floor fell reduce level cut back strike down drop dump rase blast polish up round off elaborate rarify round complicate smoothen calibrate rectify shine brush up graduate tweak smooth downwardly downward downwards beat checkmate conquer crush discomfit humble master overcome overmaster overmatch overpower overthrow prevail over rout subdue subject subjugate surmount vanquish win worst prep. from the top to the bottom of along the course of in a descending course from a high to a low position on the ground the floor &c from a thin to a dense state into a denser consistence ned downstairs ashore bottom inactive idle descending below decline lower fallen complete completed concluded done ended finished over over with terminated through up bowed lowered bad brokenhearted cast down crestfallen dejected despondent disconsolate doleful droopy forlorn glum hangdog heartbroken heartsick heartsore heavyhearted inconsolable joyless melancholic melancholy miserable mournful sad saddened sorrowful sorry unhappy woebegone woeful wretched ailing ill indisposed peaked peaky poorly punk run down sick sickened unhealthy unsound unwell inoperable inoperative kaput kaputt malfunctioning nonfunctional nonfunctioning nonoperating A OK A1 awesome bang up banner beautiful blue chip blue ribbon boffo bonny bonnie boss brag brave bully bumper capital choice classic cool corking crackerjack cracking dandy divine dope dynamite excellent fab fabulous famous fantabulous fantastic fine first class first rate first string five star four star frontline gangbusters gangbuster gilt edged gilt edge gone grand great groovy heavenly high class hot hype immense jim dandy keen lovely marvelous marvellous mean neat nifty noble number one No. 1 numero uno out of sight par excellence peachy peachy keen phat prime primo prize prizewinning quality radical righteous sensational slick splendid stellar sterling superb superior superlative supernal swell terrific tip top top top notch top of the line top shelf topflight topping unsurpassed wizard wonderful away fro hence off out floss fluff fur fuzz lint bummer downer grievance grudge resentment score allergy averseness aversion disfavor disinclination dislike disliking disrelish mislike descent dip dive fall nosedive plunge comedown dégringolade demise downfall flameout Götterdämmerung campo champaign grassland heath lea ley llano moor pampa plain prairie savanna savannah steppe tundra veld veldt bowl (down or over) knock over mow (down) prostrate get down swallow blackball negative nix veto

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Down in different languages

  • تحتArabic
  • ўнізе, ўнізByelorussian
  • юг надолу долу мъх пух по Bulgarian
  • avall intent deprimit moix baix Catalan
  • ven dolů dole chmýří Czech
  • nede ned bane lade falde hælde ned højdedrag tabe sluge nedad nedadgående lav langt nede dun aftagende deprimeret hen ad ned ad Danish
  • runterkippen hügel herunter fallen lassen schlucken unten versenken runter drinken exen daune down German
  • κάτω λοφάκι πούπουλα κάτω σε Greek
  • trinkegi malurben malsupren suben suden suba lanugo malsupra sub -n Esperanto
  • abajo por Spanish
  • پایین میدان Persian
  • pussittaa alaspäin kaataa alas kumota untuva allapäin alakuloinen Finnish
  • raFiji
  • descends couché faire cul sec à bas descendez laisser tomber en bas sud duvet vers le bas French
  • delFrisian
  • suas síos thíos Irish
  • deas, a-nuas, a-mach, shìos, sìos, a-bhàn, a-bhuas, clòimh, clòimhteach, leScots Gaelic
  • penuxeGalician
  • מטהHebrew
  • नीचे Hindi
  • felhajt lehajt le pihe Hungarian
  • աղվամազ Armenian
  • giù abbasso piumino Italian
  • 下, 下り, 南, 綿毛, ダウンJapanese
  • qivioqGreenlandic
  • ចុះCambodian
  • 아래Korean
  • daketin daxistin dahatin dahanîn Kurdish
  • manbluvgreek
  • deorsum Latin
  • ລົງLao
  • lejā leju lejup Latvian
  • huneMaori
  • југ надолу долу ритче пие на екс потиштен тажен мов паперје намален Macedonian
  • teguk sedih murung Malay
  • baxx, isfelMaltese
  • neer laten baan kwart zuipen heuvel down atten af beneden droppen drinken uit vallen potten veld ronde laag dons depri depressief Dutch
  • ned nede dun Norwegian
  • na dół w dół na dole puch Polish
  • embaixo abaixo colina fora para baixo engolir juso penugem triste deprimido baixo através de por Portuguese
  • jos în jos spre-n jos la sud deprimat căzut Romanian
  • книзу урони́ть город холм сбить вниз юг внизу свали́ть ниже вы́пить залп безлесый пух снижающийся печальный подавленный пушок вдоль по Russian
  • dolu dole Slovak
  • spodaj, pogoltniti, južno, puh, dôlSlovenian
  • ned ner dun Swedish
  • chini Swahili
  • ต่ำ, ลงThai
  • вниз, донизу, внизуUkrainian
  • نیچےUrdu
  • daunVolapuk

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