How to pronounce establish

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How to say establish


Pronounce Establish as EH S T AH B L IY S HH.

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Phonetic transcription for establish

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of establish: | ɛstæblɪsh |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of establish: | ɛstæblɪsh |

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Meanings for establish

to create or form

establish, set up, found, launch(verb)

set up or found

"She set up a literacy program"

establish, found, plant, constitute, institute(verb)

set up or lay the groundwork for

"establish a new department"

prove, demonstrate, establish, show, shew(verb)

establish the validity of something, as by an example, explanation or experiment

"The experiment demonstrated the instability of the compound"; "The mathematician showed the validity of the conjecture"

lay down, establish, make(verb)

institute, enact, or establish

"make laws"

establish, give(verb)

bring about

"The trompe l'oeil-illusion establishes depth"

install, instal, set up, establish(verb)


"Her manager had set her up at the Ritz"

build, establish(verb)

build or establish something abstract

"build a reputation"

establish, base, ground, found(verb)

use as a basis for; found on

"base a claim on some observation"

to gain full recognition or acceptance of

a first novel that established him as one of the most promising writers of his generation

to show the existence or truth of by evidence

the developers haven't established that there's a need for another shopping center in town

to be responsible for the creation and early operation or use of

established the first school for the education of Native Americans

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Example Sentences of establish

I will establish myself as a lawyer.

I am going to establish a new world record for swimming.

Our ultimate goal is to establish world peace.

We should do our utmost to establish world peace.

To be successful, you have to establish a good plan.

The police could not establish the identity of the man.

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Synonyms for establish

tack together put together set in motion lay down found prepare institute instal piece tack show fix put in base gear up put up frame entrap make arrange ground plant give order erect ensnare raise lay out launch pitch prove plunge shew ready set up demonstrate put effect effectuate install rear assemble constitute set rig build engraft name implant be appoint imbed comprise represent form embed make up bring nominate attest express rise leaven demo try exhibit testify depict test evidence try out present read point examine indicate record picture register certify usher designate essay render evince turn out manifest show up turn up march bear witness wee wee take hit bring in construct draw cook have piddle piss do stool earn make believe get to hold shit defecate stimulate progress to create crap take a shit pretend make water gain realize attain pull in induce pee wee ca ca get micturate reach throw pass water arrive at pee pee relieve oneself spend a penny take in puddle take a crap clear produce take a leak score cause urinate work realise seduce hand commit chip in dedicate cave in collapse impart pass on return fall in pay gift kick in feed ease up apply grant open founder move over devote pass sacrifice yield turn over leave give way consecrate break generate contribute afford progress ramp up build up work up strand free base run aground undercoat prime anchor assure confirm corroborate ratify sanction settle strengthen substantiate sustain uphold fir organize approve verify make good establishing establishment determine develop creating established define setting introduce creation identify determining forge building ascertain establishes implement provide lay compile document validate begin inaugurate initiate innovate pioneer start

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Antonyms for establish

disprove disprove rebut refute close (down) phase out shut (up)

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Establish in different languages

  • затвърждавам утвърждавам основавам установявам Bulgarian
  • establir Catalan
  • gründen eröffnen etablieren festsetzen feststellen niederlassen herstellen festlegen einsetzen begründen German
  • καθιερώνω Greek
  • establi Esperanto
  • establecer nombrar Spanish
  • تاسيس كردن Persian
  • vahvistaa nimittää perustaa osoittaa vakiinnuttaa Finnish
  • établir French
  • stèidhichScots Gaelic
  • establecerGalician
  • հաստատել նշանակել հիմնադրել հիմնավորել Armenian
  • دامه‌زراندن پێکهێنان Kurdish
  • parākiri, whakaūMaori
  • oprichten bevestigen vaststellen stichten Dutch
  • fastslå etablere Norwegian
  • ustalić ustanowić wyznaczyć założyć Polish
  • estabelecer firmar fundar nomear Portuguese
  • stabili Romanian
  • основывать установить учредить учреждать основать устанавливать Russian
  • etablera grunda motivera grundläga Swedish
  • yerleştirmek tespit etmek saptamak yapmak Turkish

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