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Pronounce Eternal as EH T EH R N AH L.

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Phonetic transcription for eternal

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of eternal: | ɛtɛrnæl |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of eternal: | ɛtɛrnæl |

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Meanings for eternal

never ending; lasting forever

ageless, aeonian, eonian, eternal, everlasting, perpetual, unending, unceasing(adj)

continuing forever or indefinitely

"the ageless themes of love and revenge"; "eternal truths"; "life everlasting"; "hell's perpetual fires"; "the unending bliss of heaven"

endless, eternal, interminable(adj)

tiresomely long; seemingly without end

"endless debates"; "an endless conversation"; "the wait seemed eternal"; "eternal quarreling"; "an interminable sermon"

having an existence or validity that does not change or diminish

a charming fable that presents some eternal truths in a fresh way

lasting forever

the quest for some magic potion that promises eternal youth

the being worshipped as the creator and ruler of the universe

spent much time pondering the nature of the Eternal

Example Sentences of eternal

All that is not eternal is eternally out of date.

Some people believe in eternal life after death.

Eternal in different languages

  • أبديArabic
  • мәңгеBashkir
  • вечен Bulgarian
  • অমর, অনন্তBengali
  • eternal etern Catalan
  • věčný Czech
  • ewig German
  • αιώνιος Greek
  • eternal eterno Spanish
  • ابدی Persian
  • päättymätön ikuinen Finnish
  • éternel French
  • sìorraidh, maireannachScots Gaelic
  • נצחHebrew
  • सनातन Hindi
  • örök Hungarian
  • անմեռական անմեռ հավերժական Armenian
  • kekal Indonesian
  • eilífur Icelandic
  • eterno Italian
  • נִצחִיformer Hebrew
  • 永久, 永遠, 永遠のJapanese
  • គ្មានទីបំផុតCambodian
  • 영원히, 영원한Korean
  • ebedî bêdawî hetahetayî herherî Kurdish
  • aeternus eternal Latin
  • mutungakoreMaori
  • eindeloos eeuwig Dutch
  • evig endeløs evinnelig Norwegian
  • wieczysty wieczny Polish
  • eterno Portuguese
  • etern Romanian
  • вечный Russian
  • सनातनSanskrit
  • vekotrajan, večan, vekovečanSerbo
  • večenSlovenian
  • evig Swedish
  • sonsuz Turkish
  • אייביקYiddish

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