How to pronounce ginger


Pronounce Ginger as G IY N G EH R.

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Phonetic transcription for ginger

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of ginger: | ɡɪnɡɛr |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of ginger: | ɡɪnɡɛr |

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Meanings for ginger


perennial plants having thick branching aromatic rhizomes and leafy reedlike stems

ginger, powdered ginger(noun)

dried ground gingerroot

ginger, gingerroot(noun)

pungent rhizome of the common ginger plant; used fresh as a seasoning especially in Asian cookery

pep, peppiness, ginger(adj)

liveliness and energy

"this tonic is guaranteed to give you more pep"

ginger, gingery(verb)

(used especially of hair or fur) having a bright orange-brown color

"a man with gingery hair and bright blue eyes"; "a ginger kitten"


add ginger to in order to add flavor

"ginger the soup"

active strength of body or mind

a 60-year-old with the ginger to consider skydiving lessons

Example Sentences of ginger

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Ginger in different languages

  • gemmer gember Afrikaans
  • زَنْجَبِيل, زنجبيلArabic
  • zəncəfilAzerbaijani
  • джинджифил Bulgarian
  • আদাBengali
  • gingebre pèl-roig Catalan
  • zrzavý zázvor zázvorový Czech
  • sinsir Welch
  • ingefær Danish
  • ingwer German
  • πυρρόν πυρρόξανθο πυρρόξανθος τζίντζερ ξανθοκόκκινος ξανθοκόκκινο πιπερόριζα Greek
  • zingibro Esperanto
  • jengibre Spanish
  • jengibreaBasque
  • زنجبیل Persian
  • inkivääri Finnish
  • ingiferFaeroese
  • gingembre rouquin roux rousse French
  • sinséar Irish
  • xenxibreGalician
  • આદુંGujarati
  • ג׳ינג׳י, ג׳ינג׳ית, זנגבילHebrew
  • अदरक Hindi
  • gyömbér Hungarian
  • հրապույր Armenian
  • jahe Indonesian
  • engifer Icelandic
  • zenzero Italian
  • ג'ינג'רformer Hebrew
  • 赤毛, 生姜Japanese
  • jahe
  • ខ្ញីCambodian
  • 생강, 生薑Korean
  • ຂີງLao
  • ingvers Latvian
  • tinitiaMaori
  • лисест ѓумбир ѓумбиров лисеста Macedonian
  • ഇഞ്ചി Malayalam
  • halia Malay
  • ros rosse gember Dutch
  • ingefær Norwegian
  • imbir rudzielec imbirowy Polish
  • ruivo gengibre Portuguese
  • ghimber Romanian
  • имбирь рыжий Russian
  • ryšavá ryšavý hrdzavá hrdzavý zázvor Slovak
  • rdečkasta (barva), ingverSlovenian
  • xhenxhefil Albanian
  • ingefära rödtott Swedish
  • இஞ்சி Tamil
  • అల్లంTegulu
  • ขิงThai
  • luyaTagalog
  • zencefil kızıl Turkish
  • ادرکUrdu
  • zanjabilUzbek
  • gừng Vietnamese
  • zingibVolapuk
  • ינגבערYiddish

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