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Meanings for give

to donate or hand over

give, spring, springiness(verb)

the elasticity of something that can be stretched and returns to its original length


cause to have, in the abstract sense or physical sense

"She gave him a black eye"; "The draft gave me a cold"

yield, give, afford(verb)

be the cause or source of

"He gave me a lot of trouble"; "Our meeting afforded much interesting information"


transfer possession of something concrete or abstract to somebody

"I gave her my money"; "can you give me lessons?"; "She gave the children lots of love and tender loving care"


convey or reveal information

"Give one's name"

give, pay(verb)

convey, as of a compliment, regards, attention, etc.; bestow

"Don't pay him any mind"; "give the orders"; "Give him my best regards"; "pay attention"

hold, throw, have, make, give(verb)

organize or be responsible for

"hold a reception"; "have, throw, or make a party"; "give a course"

give, throw(verb)

convey or communicate; of a smile, a look, a physical gesture

"Throw a glance"; "She gave me a dirty look"

give, gift, present(verb)

give as a present; make a gift of

"What will you give her for her birthday?"

give, yield(verb)

cause to happen or be responsible for

"His two singles gave the team the victory"

give, pay, devote(verb)


"give thought to"; "give priority to"; "pay attention to"

render, yield, return, give, generate(verb)

give or supply

"The cow brings in 5 liters of milk"; "This year's crop yielded 1,000 bushels of corn"; "The estate renders some revenue for the family"

impart, leave, give, pass on(verb)

transmit (knowledge or skills)

"give a secret to the Russians"; "leave your name and address here"; "impart a new skill to the students"

establish, give(verb)

bring about

"The trompe l'oeil-illusion establishes depth"


leave with; give temporarily

"Can I give you my keys while I go in the pool?"; "Can I give you the children for the weekend?"


emit or utter

"Give a gulp"; "give a yelp"

sacrifice, give(verb)

endure the loss of

"He gave his life for his children"; "I gave two sons to the war"

pass, hand, reach, pass on, turn over, give(verb)

place into the hands or custody of

"hand me the spoon, please"; "Turn the files over to me, please"; "He turned over the prisoner to his lawyers"

give, dedicate, consecrate, commit, devote(verb)

give entirely to a specific person, activity, or cause

"She committed herself to the work of God"; "give one's talents to a good cause"; "consecrate your life to the church"


give (as medicine)

"I gave him the drug"

give, apply(verb)

give or convey physically

"She gave him First Aid"; "I gave him a punch in the nose"

give, render(verb)


"give homage"; "render thanks"

grant, give(verb)

bestow, especially officially

"grant a degree"; "give a divorce"; "This bill grants us new rights"

move over, give way, give, ease up, yield(verb)

move in order to make room for someone for something

"The park gave way to a supermarket"; "`Move over,' he told the crowd"

feed, give(verb)

give food to

"Feed the starving children in India"; "don't give the child this tough meat"

contribute, give, chip in, kick in(verb)

contribute to some cause

"I gave at the office"

collapse, fall in, cave in, give, give way, break, founder(verb)

break down, literally or metaphorically

"The wall collapsed"; "The business collapsed"; "The dam broke"; "The roof collapsed"; "The wall gave in"; "The roof finally gave under the weight of the ice"


estimate the duration or outcome of something

"He gave the patient three months to live"; "I gave him a very good chance at success"


execute and deliver

"Give bond"


deliver in exchange or recompense

"I'll give you three books for four CDs"

afford, open, give(verb)

afford access to

"the door opens to the patio"; "The French doors give onto a terrace"


present to view

"He gave the sign to start"


perform for an audience

"Pollini is giving another concert in New York"

give, yield(verb)

be flexible under stress of physical force

"This material doesn't give"



"He gave the first of many toasts at the birthday party"


accord by verdict

"give a decision for the plaintiff"


manifest or show

"This student gives promise of real creativity"; "The office gave evidence of tampering"


offer in good faith

"He gave her his word"


submit for consideration, judgment, or use

"give one's opinion"; "give an excuse"


guide or direct, as by behavior of persuasion

"You gave me to think that you agreed with me"


allow to have or take

"I give you two minutes to respond"


inflict as a punishment

"She gave the boy a good spanking"; "The judge gave me 10 years"



"what gives?"


consent to engage in sexual intercourse with a man

"She gave herself to many men"


proffer (a body part)

"She gave her hand to her little sister"

to make a present of

thanked all the tutors who generously gave their time to help students after school

to put (something) into the possession or safekeeping of another

gave my camera to my father to hold while I went swimming

to bring before the public in performance or exhibition

the author will give a reading from her latest work at 7:00 p.m.

to fall down or in as a result of physical pressure

they loaded the shopping cart with so much food it gave under all the weight

to hand over or use up in payment

I wouldn't give a nickel for such a run-down car

to make known (as an idea, emotion, or opinion)

she gave her opinion on the matter very firmly and unmistakably

to occupy (oneself) diligently or with close attention

totally gave himself to his studies in the hopes of winning a scholarship for next year

to produce as revenue

a company that consistently gives $30 million in profits to the owner

to put (something) into the possession of someone for use or consumption

gave him my e-mail address

to put before another for acceptance or consideration

she gave the committee her grant proposal

to cause (something) to pass from one to another

she gave her cold to me, and now I'm so sick that I can barely get out of bed

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Example Sentences of give

I give up.

Forgive me.

Give me half.

Give me that.

Give me time.

Give it to me!

Give it to me.

Give me a day.

Give me a few.

Give me a gun.

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Synonyms for give

natural spring bound outpouring bounce saltation spring springtime leaping springiness fountain outflow leap commit chip in dedicate cave in collapse impart pass on move over return establish reach present have fall in make pay throw gift kick in feed break ease up apply grant open founder devote hold pass render sacrifice yield turn over leave give way consecrate generate contribute afford hand succumb relent concede give in cede knuckle under buckle under soften bear make up compensate ante up pay up pay off realize cast hold in restrain experience get to name confuse accommodate defy shake off produce maintain earn progress to entertain work take confine take a crap feature drop create contain deliver shit possess pass water hit book cook arrive at cause wee wee do consume spend a penny shed thrust stool moderate give birth build construct induce birth concur pee keep guard bind wee hold back constitute bedevil lay down check piddle draw pull in pee pee hurl project throw off keep back go for fuddle form ingest receive prepare attain own crap support accept pretend harbor realise bring in contrive obtain take for fox have got confound hold up agree concord cast off make believe declare ca ca adjudge piss nurse let withstand get score bemuse urinate oblige puddle admit defend arrest harbour deem befuddle take a shit switch ready defecate micturate make water fix take in view as flip clear retain reserve halt carry obligate discombobulate suffer stimulate sustain take a leak seduce gain relieve oneself bewilder prevail control nominate throw away take hold curb empower demo exhibit endue confront acquaint stage show lay out portray invest introduce salute represent endow indue demonstrate award pose face submit interpret riposte recall supply try sire engender picture bring forth regress reelect come back fork up fork over hand over retrovert mother father furnish beget repay rejoin devolve bring back refund hark back retort depict fork out turn in fall turn back provide take back revert translate give back progress bequeath lead put across will lend leave alone go away add go forth result circulate get out relegate entrust channel transmit go out bring march on go on move on forget advance communicate convey allow bestow depart distribute pass around exit pull up stakes pass along leave behind conduct allow for found institute instal base ground set up plant launch prove shew install run perish elapse dig go past make pass top roll go by flip over evanesce bowl over moot occur die debate go contact spend slide by fade consider legislate happen egest tip over authorise exceed fleet pass away slip away drop dead overstep knock over delve transcend make it authorize strive extend to kick the bucket get through accomplish fall out hap slip by tump over sink eliminate croak lapse pass off give up the ghost strain blow over take place get hold of expire overhaul go through come about choke pop off go across cut into overtake travel by glide by turn deliberate extend reach out decease pass by conk excrete buy the farm achieve upset snuff it touch go along surpass guide overturn institutionalize place put perpetrate vow charge sanctify ordinate institutionalise ordain intrust hallow practice send confide bless trust pull order enforce lend oneself utilize put on employ use utilise implement allot deed over accord flag fail go bad conk out slacken off break down give out ease off let up course eat fertilise flow feast feed in fertilize prey conduce set in put up kick down crack break away unwrap split up part transgress weaken crumple bump discover snap off demote break out separate split crack up damp smash fracture bring out violate reveal divulge pause let on get around interrupt wear out break dance stop break up breach develop fall flat better offend break off disclose bust erupt give away recrudesce tumble break dance go against dampen break in let out ruin fall apart kick downstairs burst infract come apart bankrupt crumble fall through join expose crock up discontinue intermit flop get together wear spread spread out unfold open up bend predict estimate guess donate move flex transfer confer surrender CONFER spare accommodate with exchange permit vouchsafe deign GRANT utter pronounce show as a product occasion addict give up ge offer gives giving donner dar provides express be assign attach enable volunteer commend consign delegate give over recommend repose vest mount buckle cave (in) implode disburse expend fork (over out or up) outlay shell out air expound look raise sound state vent ventilate voice address proffer tender trot out transfuse

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Antonyms for give

hold keep retain stifle suppress hold (back) keep (back) reserve retain withhold

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Give in different languages

  • gee Afrikaans
  • መስጠትAmharic
  • منح, يعطي, وهب, أعطى, يعطىArabic
  • verməkAzerbaijani
  • падарыць, даць, дарыць, давацьByelorussian
  • дам давам Bulgarian
  • দেওয়াBengali
  • reiñBreton
  • donar Catalan
  • Corsican
  • darovat dávat dát Czech
  • датиserbian
  • rhoi Welch
  • give efter give Danish
  • geben nachgeben abgeben German
  • δίνω υποχωρώ Greek
  • doni Esperanto
  • entregar donar dar Spanish
  • andma Estonian
  • emanBasque
  • دادن Persian
  • antaa antaa periksi Finnish
  • donner French
  • jaanFrisian
  • tabhair Irish
  • thoir, tabhairScots Gaelic
  • darGalician
  • me'ẽGuarani
  • נתןHebrew
  • देना Hindi
  • bay
  • ad Hungarian
  • տալ Armenian
  • darInterlingua
  • beri Indonesian
  • donarEsperanto
  • gefa Icelandic
  • dare Italian
  • 差し上げる, あげる, くれる, 下さるJapanese
  • ჩუქება მიცემა Georgian
  • беруKazakh
  • ឲ្យ, អោយCambodian
  • 주다, 드리다Korean
  • dan دان Kurdish
  • берүүKirghiz
  • dare do Latin
  • ໃຫ້, ມອບLao
  • duoti Lithuanian
  • dot Latvian
  • попушта дава Macedonian
  • өгөхMongolian
  • beri Malay
  • taMaltese
  • ပေးBurmese
  • overhandigen geven Dutch
  • skjenke overrekke gi gi etter overlate Norwegian
  • yítłeeh, yíłjooł, yíjááh, yíłteeh, yílé, yíʼááh, yítįįh, yíłtsóós, yínííł, yíkaah, yíyeehNavajo, Navaho
  • donarOccitan
  • dać przekazać dawać Polish
  • dar Portuguese
  • quy, churayQuechua
  • darRomance
  • da Romanian
  • пода́ться дари́ть дава́ть подари́ть дать Russian
  • ڏِئَڻُSindhi
  • дати, dati, davati, даватиSerbo
  • දෙනවාSinghalese
  • dávať dať Slovak
  • dati, podaritiSlovenian
  • jep Albanian
  • ge ge efter Swedish
  • kupa Swahili
  • доданTajik
  • ให้Thai
  • bermekTurkmen
  • bigayTagalog
  • vermek Turkish
  • бирергәTatar
  • дарувати, давати, подарувати, датиUkrainian
  • دیناUrdu
  • bermoqUzbek
  • cho Vietnamese
  • bayî, dinerWalloon
  • געבןYiddish

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