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Meanings for green

green, greenness, viridity(noun)

green color or pigment; resembling the color of growing grass

park, commons, common, green(noun)

a piece of open land for recreational use in an urban area

"they went for a walk in the park"

Green, William Green(noun)

United States labor leader who was president of the American Federation of Labor from 1924 to 1952 and who led the struggle with the Congress of Industrial Organizations (1873-1952)


an environmentalist who belongs to the Green Party

Green, Green River(noun)

a river that rises in western Wyoming and flows southward through Utah to become a tributary of the Colorado River

green, putting green, putting surface(noun)

an area of closely cropped grass surrounding the hole on a golf course

"the ball rolled across the green and into the bunker"

greens, green, leafy vegetable(noun)

any of various leafy plants or their leaves and stems eaten as vegetables

K, jet, super acid, special K, honey oil, green, cat valium, super C(adj)

street names for ketamine

green, greenish, light-green, dark-green(adj)

of the color between blue and yellow in the color spectrum; similar to the color of fresh grass

"a green tree"; "green fields"; "green paint"


concerned with or supporting or in conformity with the political principles of the Green Party

green, unripe, unripened, immature(adj)

not fully developed or mature; not ripe

"unripe fruit"; "fried green tomatoes"; "green wood"


looking pale and unhealthy

"you're looking green"; "green around the gills"

fleeceable, green, gullible(verb)

naive and easily deceived or tricked

"at that early age she had been gullible and in love"


turn or become green

"The trees are greening"

covered with a thick, healthy natural growth

fields green with meadow grass

lacking in adult experience or maturity

a new pitcher who's pretty green, even by rookie standards

lacking in worldly wisdom or informed judgment

in spite of her age, she's still green enough to be hoodwinked by fast-talking scammers

green leaves or plants

the lonely soldier dreamt of the fields of green that he had wandered in as a youth

something (as pieces of stamped metal or printed paper) customarily and legally used as a medium of exchange, a measure of value, or a means of payment

I need to save up some green before I can afford that cruise

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Example Sentences of green

I like green tea.

I want a green one.

I have a green shirt.

I love green peppers.

I never liked green peppers.

I have always fed my dog the dog food that comes in the big green bag.

Give me the green book.

I have one green shirt.

Green is my favorite color.

Miss Green taught me English.

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Synonyms for green

greenness putting surface greens commons leafy vegetable honey oil jet common super acid cat valium super C special K putting green park verdancy viridity verdure parkland third estate ballpark commonality car park commonalty parking area common land parking lot chiliad kibibyte potassium thousand kilobyte blue jet kelvin kB yard grand spurt atomic number 19 thou jet propelled plane spirt reverse lightning jet plane fountain squirt one thousand light green gullible unripened greenish unripe dark green immature fleeceable unfledged young tart raw unsmoked unprocessed veg engreen treehugger environmentalist greenie greenbody bowling green verdant flourishing blooming fresh undecayed new recent not fully grown inexperienced unskilful inexpert ignorant unseasoned not dry blue and yellow lawn grass plot grassy plain verde verts ecological verte lakhdar vert greening groene grüne akhdar groen environmentally friendly al akhdar tsing verdi environmental zielona greene al khadra greenery verdean al khader ecologist grünen archer pan green eco friendly afforestation grown leafy lush luxuriant overgrown adolescent callow juvenile puerile unformed aw shucks dewy dewy eyed ingenuous innocent naïf naif naive naïve primitive simple simpleminded uncritical unknowing unsophisticated unsuspecting unsuspicious unwary unworldly wide eyed flora foliage herbage leafage vegetation bread bucks cabbage cash change chips coin currency dough gold jack kale legal tender lolly long green loot lucre money moola moolah needful pelf scratch shekels sheqels tender wampum

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Antonyms for green

barren leafless adult experienced grown up mature ripe cosmopolitan experienced knowing sophisticated worldly worldly wise

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Green in different languages

  • أخArabic
  • zelená Czech
  • grøn Danish
  • grün German
  • πράσινος Greek
  • verde Spanish
  • سبز Persian
  • vihreä Finnish
  • vert French
  • हरा Hindi
  • z Hungarian
  • hijau Indonesian
  • verde Italian
  • ירוקformer Hebrew
  • グリーンJapanese
  • ಹಸಿರು Kannada
  • 녹색Korean
  • green Latin
  • groen Dutch
  • grønn Norwegian
  • zielony Polish
  • verde Portuguese
  • verde Romanian
  • зеленый Russian
  • gr Swedish
  • பச்சை Tamil
  • ఆకుపచ్చTegulu
  • สีเขียวThai
  • yeşil Turkish
  • ЗеленийUkrainian
  • سبزUrdu
  • màu xanh lá Vietnamese
  • greenYiddish
  • 绿色 Chinese

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