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Pronounce Hour as HH OW UW R.

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Phonetic transcription for hour

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of hour: | hoʊur |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of hour: | hɒʊr |

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Meanings for hour

a period of time that equals 60 minutes

hour, hr, 60 minutes(noun)

a period of time equal to 1/24th of a day

"the job will take more than an hour"

hour, time of day(noun)

clock time

"the hour is getting late"


a special and memorable period

"it was their finest hour"

hour, minute(noun)

distance measured by the time taken to cover it

"we live an hour from the airport"; "its just 10 minutes away"

a time or state of affairs requiring prompt or decisive action

we're at the zero hour, so someone has to make a decision

the latest possible time

The killer's life was spared at the eleventh hour.

Example Sentences of hour

I got up an hour ago.

I play tennis an hour a day.

I closed the deal an hour ago.

I expected you home an hour ago.

I saw Tom less than an hour ago.

I always rest for an hour after dinner.

I study French at least an hour every day.

I finished cleaning my room a half hour ago.

I ate a large pizza with a friend an hour ago.

It took me an hour to learn the poem by heart.

Antonyms for hour

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Hour in different languages

  • асааҭAbkhazian
  • uur Afrikaans
  • وَقْت, ساعةArabic
  • сагӏатKazakh
  • saatAzerbaijani
  • сәғәтBashkir
  • гадзі́наByelorussian
  • час Bulgarian
  • ঘন্টাBengali
  • eurvezh, eur, eureierBreton
  • hora Catalan
  • сахьтserbian
  • oraCorsican
  • hodina Czech
  • сехетBelarusian
  • awr Welch
  • time Danish
  • stunde uhr zeit German
  • gaƒoƒoEstonian
  • ώρα Greek
  • horo Esperanto
  • hora Spanish
  • tund Estonian
  • oren, orduBasque
  • ساعت Persian
  • tunti Finnish
  • auaFiji
  • tímiFaeroese
  • heure French
  • uair Irish
  • uairScots Gaelic
  • horaGalician
  • ઘંટાGujarati
  • שעהHebrew
  • घंटा Hindi
  • óra Hungarian
  • ժամ Armenian
  • horaInterlingua
  • jam Indonesian
  • horoEsperanto
  • klukkustund klukkutími Icelandic
  • ora Italian
  • 時, 時間Japanese
  • საათი Georgian
  • сағатKazakh
  • ម៉ោងCambodian
  • ಘಂಟೆ ತಾಸು Kannada
  • 시, 時Korean
  • seet Kurdish
  • саатKirghiz
  • hora Latin
  • ຊົ່ວໂມງLao
  • valanda Lithuanian
  • stunda Latvian
  • hāoraMaori
  • саат час часот Macedonian
  • മണിക്കൂര് Malayalam
  • цагMongolian
  • jam Malay
  • siegħaMaltese
  • နာရီBurmese
  • घण्डटा Nepali
  • uur stonde Dutch
  • time Norwegian
  • óola, ahééʼílkidNavajo, Navaho
  • oraOccitan
  • diba'iganOjibwe, Ojibwa
  • ଘଣ୍ଟାOriya
  • ਘੰਟਾ Punjabi
  • godzina Polish
  • hora Portuguese
  • oura, uraRomance
  • ceas oră Romanian
  • час Russian
  • घण्टाSanskrit
  • час, čas, sat, сатSerbo
  • පැයSinghalese
  • hodina Slovak
  • úraSlovenian
  • saacadSomali
  • orë Albanian
  • timme Swedish
  • saa Swahili
  • மணித்தியாலம் மணி Tamil
  • గంటTegulu
  • соатTajik
  • ชั่วโมงThai
  • sagatTurkmen
  • orasTagalog
  • saat Turkish
  • сәгатьTatar
  • سائەتUigur
  • годи́наUkrainian
  • گھنٹا, گھنٹہUrdu
  • soatUzbek
  • giờ tiếng Vietnamese
  • düpVolapuk
  • שעהYiddish

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