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Pronounce Jam as JH AH M.

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Phonetic transcription for jam

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of jam: | dʒæm |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of jam: | jæm |

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Meanings for jam


preserve of crushed fruit

fix, hole, jam, mess, muddle, pickle, kettle of fish(noun)

informal terms for a difficult situation

"he got into a terrible fix"; "he made a muddle of his marriage"

crush, jam, press(noun)

a dense crowd of people

jamming, electronic jamming, jam(verb)

deliberate radiation or reflection of electromagnetic energy for the purpose of disrupting enemy use of electronic devices or systems

throng, mob, pack, pile, jam(verb)

press tightly together or cram

"The crowd packed the auditorium"


push down forcibly

"The driver jammed the brake pedal to the floor"

jam, crush(verb)

crush or bruise

"jam a toe"

jam, block(verb)

interfere with or prevent the reception of signals

"Jam the Voice of America"; "block the signals emitted by this station"


get stuck and immobilized

"the mechanism jammed"

jam, jampack, ram, chock up, cram, wad(verb)

crowd or pack to capacity

"the theater was jampacked"

obstruct, obturate, impede, occlude, jam, block, close up(verb)

block passage through

"obstruct the path"

a crowded mass (as of cars) that impedes or blocks movement

thousands of cars trying to leave the stadium's parking lot at the same time are sure to create a jam

a difficult, puzzling, or embarrassing situation from which there is no easy escape

the heavy rain puts us in a real jam: all of the preparations are for a garden wedding

to fit (people or things) into a tight space

jammed his clothes into the already bulging hamper

to prevent passage through by filling with something

firefighters found the nightclub's doorways jammed with trapped patrons

to put into (something) as much as can be held or contained

the inn will jam a guest's picnic basket with an array of tempting foods

to force one's way

several more people jammed into the bus even though there was hardly room to stand

Example Sentences of jam

The traffic jam caused me to be late for the meeting.

I got caught in a traffic jam on the Autobahn.

A rush-hour traffic jam delayed my arrival by two hours.

The handyman was supposed to arrive at twelve noon, but got stuck in a traffic jam for a few hours.

Tom spread some strawberry jam on a slice of bread.

Tom was stuck in a traffic jam for what seemed like hours.

Apparently, Tom was late because there was a traffic jam on Rt.

Tom spread some strawberry jam on his toast.

She made jam from the apples.

There is a traffic jam on the highway.

Synonyms for jam

muddle press jamming hole electronic jamming kettle of fish crush pickle fix mess tidy sum smother peck mint plenty lot location locating localisation raft quite a little passel pile muckle fixture mend golf hole good deal maw fixing mending sight gob trap deal flock stack fuddle wad messiness hatful mickle hollow heap great deal repair clutter mess hall mass batch yap mountain welter spate mussiness slew localization jumble cakehole muss reparation pot pressing insistency puppy love military press closet calf love imperativeness infatuation public press mechanical press wardrobe pressure compaction insistence printing press crunch crushed leather mob ram backpack jampack pack obstruct take tamp block occlude load down impede tamp down bundle chock up throng carry obturate cram close up compact vanquish squelch oppress demolish beat smash mash break down squeeze trounce suppress squash beat out shell immobilize block up lug halt block off blank out freeze deflect parry stop embarrass kibosh draw a blank hinder forget stuff stymy blockade immobilise bar barricade choke up stymie crash get up swot bone force drive swot up grind away ram down mug up bone up pound drum close button up fold shut up clam up be quiet dummy up keep mum shut down belt up close down jelly conserve preserve concourse crowd host multitude squeeze tight thick preserve crowding mass of people improvisation bottling logjam suffocation crowdedness backup bottleneck jam up snarl tailback tie up bind box catch 22 corner dilemma impasse jackpot mire predicament quagmire rabbit hole rattrap spot sticky wicket swamp sandwich shoehorn wedge choke clog clot congest dam gum (up) plug (up) stop (up) brim charge fill jam pack load bore bull bulldoze elbow jostle muscle push shoulder

Jam in different languages

  • jam konfyt Afrikaans
  • شَوشَ, مربىArabic
  • esmaixada Catalan
  • džem marmeláda zácpa jam Czech
  • jam tagfa Welch
  • knibe syltetøj marmelade Danish
  • spontan musizieren blockieren stau konfitüre marmelade einklemmen jammen German
  • μαρμελάδα μποτιλιάρισμα Greek
  • atasco mermelada Spanish
  • ریچار مربا Persian
  • jamit häiritä iskeä tukkia jammailla donkkaus tunkea hillo juuttua ruuhka pinne pula tukos jammata Finnish
  • fourrer confiture jam embouteiller bœuf embouteillage brouiller enfoncer enrayer coincer French
  • subh Irish
  • פקק, ריבהHebrew
  • dzsem gyümölcsíz lekvár íz Hungarian
  • selai Indonesian
  • konfitajoEsperanto
  • sulta Icelandic
  • ingorgo confettura guaio marmellata improvvisazione pasticcio Italian
  • ジャムJapanese
  • მურაბა Georgian
  • Korean
  • GebeessLuxembourgish
  • susigrūdimas spūstis uogienė Lithuanian
  • ievārījums Latvian
  • jem selai jelai Malay
  • syltetøy
  • jam confituur opstopping Dutch
  • syltety, syltetøy
  • trengsel knipe trøbbel vanskelighet Norwegian
  • dżem Polish
  • compota geléia Portuguese
  • bruia marmeladă gem Romanian
  • заглушить варенье джем-сейшен зажать втолкнуть втискать прищемить вталкивать прищемлять зажимать загромождать впихивать втискивать глушить джем давка загромоздить затор втиснуть впихнуть загромождение переплёт Russian
  • пѐкмез, џе̏м, pèkmez, džȅmSerbo
  • džem Slovak
  • bllokim Albanian
  • jamma trubbel stockning knipa sylt propp jam Swedish
  • jemu msongamano Swahili
  • แยมThai
  • diyamTagalog
  • reçel Turkish
  • mứt Vietnamese
  • 果酱 Chinese

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