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Pronounce Lodge as L OW D G EH.

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Phonetic transcription for lodge

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of lodge: | loʊdɡɛ |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of lodge: | lɒdɡɛ |

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Meanings for lodge

to firmly fix something in a place

Lodge, Sir Oliver Lodge, Sir Oliver Joseph Lodge(noun)

English physicist who studied electromagnetic radiation and was a pioneer of radiotelegraphy (1851-1940)

club, social club, society, guild, gild, lodge, order(noun)

a formal association of people with similar interests

"he joined a golf club"; "they formed a small lunch society"; "men from the fraternal order will staff the soup kitchen today"


small house at the entrance to the grounds of a country mansion; usually occupied by a gatekeeper or gardener

lodge, hunting lodge(noun)

a small (rustic) house used as a temporary shelter

lodge, indian lodge(noun)

any of various Native American dwellings

hostel, hostelry, inn, lodge, auberge(verb)

a hotel providing overnight lodging for travelers


be a lodger; stay temporarily

"Where are you lodging in Paris?"

lodge, wedge, stick, deposit(verb)

put, fix, force, or implant

"lodge a bullet in the table"; "stick your thumb in the crack"

charge, lodge, file(verb)

file a formal charge against

"The suspect was charged with murdering his wife"

lodge, accommodate(verb)

provide housing for

"We are lodging three foreign students this semester"

a place that provides rooms and usually a public dining room for overnight guests

when we go on our country vacation, we always stay at this little lodge in the middle of nowhere

an often small house for recreational or seasonal use

every summer we rent a small fishing lodge by the lake

the meeting place of an organization

the Masons meet at the lodge every Thursday evening

the shelter or resting place of a wild animal

the family of beavers built a lodge near the narrow point of the river

to provide with living quarters or shelter

the landlord can legally lodge up to 20 people in his apartment building at one time

to establish or place comfortably or snugly

our pet guinea pig lodged himself in the far corner of his cage and simply refused to come out

to set solidly in or as if in surrounding matter

the gunman had managed to lodge a bullet in my back, just inches from my spine

Example Sentences of lodge

I want to lodge a formal complaint.

I would lodge a complaint.

We stopped at the lodge overnight.

Synonyms for lodge

hostelry gild guild hostel indian lodge social club auberge order hunting lodge society inn club company night club parliamentary law decree clubhouse rules of order fellowship parliamentary procedure high society golf club bon ton monastic order fiat cabaret beau monde orderliness ball club purchase order rescript nightclub baseball club edict nine order of magnitude smart set ordination golf club nightspot ordering companionship youth hostel student lodging accommodate wedge charge stick deposit file stand by stupefy stick by baffle perplex cleave bond get mystify flummox cling bind beat bank stick around nonplus stick to force dumbfound vex cohere sting hold fast amaze squeeze stay put gravel stay posit bewilder situate pose fix puzzle adhere file away excite bear down consign blame register commove commit burden agitate appoint load point level rouse saddle shoot down accuse institutionalise bill institutionalize turn on buck charge up shoot tear send oblige adapt fit suit reconcile admit conciliate hold abide anticipate await bear bide confront continue dwell endure expect inhabit live remain reside rest sojourn stop tarry tolerate wait watch cottage cot small house den lair haunt association secret society collection group place put plant infix harbor quarter provide lodging for lay flat beat down STOP put up take lodgings have lodgings pavilion hut submit loge flag pavillon introduce caravansary caravanserai hospice hotel public house tavern bach cabin camp chalet burrow hole house bestow billet bivouac board bunk chamber domicile encamp roof room shelter take in ensconce install nestle perch roost settle bed embed imbed enroot entrench intrench impact implant ingrain engrain root

Antonyms for lodge

Lodge in different languages

  • غرزArabic
  • lóže lodge Czech
  • lodge Danish
  • loge hütte German
  • οίκημα Greek
  • loĝio Esperanto
  • cabaña barraca logia caseta madriguera presentar Spanish
  • لژ منزل Persian
  • mökki portinvartijan tupa ammattiosasto keko majoittaa laota laottaa maja loosi juuttua asua alivuokralainen talteen rekisteröidä jättää Finnish
  • maison du portier cabane loge loger demeurer French
  • loxaGalician
  • लॉज Hindi
  • elszállásol letétbe helyez bejelent megdönt megakad lakbért fizet benyújt letarol benyújtani Hungarian
  • mengajukan Indonesian
  • portineria loggia alloggiare casino guardiola casetta Italian
  • לִשְׁכָּהformer Hebrew
  • ロッジJapanese
  • 별장Korean
  • noxiae Latin
  • loge herbergen hut portierswoning Dutch
  • lodge Norwegian
  • portiernia wigwam Polish
  • loja acolher apresentar Portuguese
  • chayakamuyQuechua
  • cabină gheretă adăpost cabană lojă baracă colibă depune Romanian
  • до́мик сторожка ложа ха́тка домик будка подать Russian
  • stuga Swedish
  • லாட்ஜ் Tamil
  • గృహంTegulu
  • โรงแรมThai
  • loca Turkish
  • будиночокUkrainian
  • لاجUrdu
  • lều Vietnamese
  • לאָזשעYiddish
  • 小屋 Chinese

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