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Pronounce Never as N EH V EH R.

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Phonetic transcription for never

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of never: | nɛvɛr |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of never: | nɛvɛr |

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Meanings for never

never, ne'er(adverb)

not ever; at no time in the past or future

"I have never been to China"; "I shall never forget this day"; "had never seen a circus"; "never on Sunday"; "I will never marry you!"


not at all; certainly not; not in any circumstances

"never fear"; "bringing up children is never easy"; "that will never do"; "what is morally wrong can never be politically right"

at no time

I have never been out of the country

not in any degree, way, or under any condition

even though my proposal was turned down, I will never be convinced that my idea isn't a good one

Example Sentences of never

I never bet.

I never win.

I never drink.

I never worry.

I never do that.

I never give up.

I never hit Tom.

I never met Tom.

I never noticed.

I never said no.

Never in different languages

  • nooit Afrikaans
  • nunca
  • أبدًا, أبداArabic
  • ніко́ліByelorussian
  • ни́вга така и ни́кога Bulgarian
  • རྩ་བ་ནསTibetan
  • biken, nepred, biskoazh, morse, jamesBreton
  • mai Catalan
  • nikdy Czech
  • byth Welch
  • aldrig Danish
  • nie nimmer niemals German
  • gbeɖeEstonian
  • ποτέ Greek
  • neniam Esperanto
  • nunca jamás Spanish
  • eales iial Estonian
  • inoiz ezBasque
  • هرگز هیچ وقت Persian
  • ikinä ei milloinkaan koskaan Finnish
  • aldri, ongantíðFaeroese
  • jamais French
  • neaFrisian
  • riamh go deo Irish
  • a-chaoidh, gu bràth, riamhScots Gaelic
  • xamaisGalician
  • לעולם לא, אף פעםHebrew
  • कभी नहीं कभी नहीँ Hindi
  • sohasem soha Hungarian
  • բնավ երբեք Armenian
  • tidak pernah tidak akan Indonesian
  • nultempeEsperanto
  • aldrei Icelandic
  • giammai mai Italian
  • לעולם לאformer Hebrew
  • 決して, 万々, 曾て, 何時でもJapanese
  • არასოდეს ვერასდროს არასდროს ვერასოდეს Georgian
  • មិនដែលCambodian
  • 결코, 절대로Korean
  • numquam Latin
  • niekada Lithuanian
  • nekad Latvian
  • nōhea, kāhore kauMaori
  • никогаш Macedonian
  • хэзээ ч үгүйMongolian
  • tidak akan tidak pernah تيدق اکن تيدق ڤرنه Malay
  • nooit Dutch
  • aldri Norwegian
  • tsʼídá háadi daNavajo, Navaho
  • nigdy Polish
  • jamais nunca Portuguese
  • nicicând niciodată Romanian
  • никогда́ Russian
  • न सदा, न कदापि, न कदाचित्, न कर्हिचितSanskrit
  • maiSardinian
  • никад, nikada, nikad, никадаSerbo
  • nikdy Slovak
  • níkdar, nikóliSlovenian
  • asnjëherë kurrë Albanian
  • aldrig Swedish
  • ஒருபோதும் Tamil
  • ఎప్పుడూTegulu
  • ไม่เคยThai
  • asla Turkish
  • ніко́лиUkrainian
  • کبھی نہیںUrdu
  • không bao giờ Vietnamese
  • 从来没有 Chinese

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