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Pronounce Observe as OW B S EH R V EH.

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Phonetic transcription for observe

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of observe: | oʊbsɛrvɛ |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of observe: | ɒbsɛrvɛ |

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Meanings for observe

to watch cautiously and seriously

detect, observe, find, discover, notice(verb)

discover or determine the existence, presence, or fact of

"She detected high levels of lead in her drinking water"; "We found traces of lead in the paint"

note, observe, mention, remark(verb)

make mention of

"She observed that his presentation took up too much time"; "They noted that it was a fine day to go sailing"

note, take note, observe(verb)

observe with care or pay close attention to

"Take note of this chemical reaction"


watch attentively

"Please observe the reaction of these two chemicals"

respect, honor, honour, abide by, observe(verb)

show respect towards

"honor your parents!"

observe, celebrate, keep(verb)

behave as expected during of holidays or rites

"Keep the commandments"; "celebrate Christmas"; "Observe Yom Kippur"

watch, observe, follow, watch over, keep an eye on(verb)

follow with the eyes or the mind

"Keep an eye on the baby, please!"; "The world is watching Sarajevo"; "She followed the men with the binoculars"

observe, keep, maintain(verb)

stick to correctly or closely

"The pianist kept time with the metronome"; "keep count"; "I cannot keep track of all my employees"

observe, keep(verb)

conform one's action or practice to

"keep appointments"; "she never keeps her promises"; "We kept to the original conditions of the contract"

to act according to the commands of

you must observe all the rules of this school, not simply the ones that meet with your personal approval

to mark with an appropriate practice, rite, or ceremony

a time when few people in New England observed Christmas

to keep one's eyes on

happily spent many hours observing the birds at the backyard feeder

to make a statement of one's opinion

"I think you might be mistaken," he observed

to make note of (something) through the use of one's eyes

she observed that the weather had changed again

to take notice of and be guided by

generally observes the suggestions of the experts regarding baby care

Example Sentences of observe

I like to observe people.

Just observe your cat and you will get to know him.

Tom likes to observe birds.

All members need to observe these rules.

Tom likes to observe the people walking by.

The boy decided to observe and record bees in detail.

The best policy for us to observe is to mind our own business.

Observe your cat carefully.

This is a time of year when people get together with family and friends to observe Passover and to celebrate Easter.

We must observe the rules.

Synonyms for observe

line up detect recover chance upon follow strike let out find oneself get wind get get hold reveal keep an eye on attain let on find acknowledge retrieve get word fall upon rule notice disclose divulge chance abide by determine see find out keep key come up remark bring out celebrate watch over comment take note honor identify name encounter learn come upon happen watch receive happen upon feel describe point out chance on incur come across expose get a line distinguish witness honour mention pick up give away ascertain mark maintain unwrap break respect bump light upon regain obtain discover key out note hear cite bring up take down advert refer value comply esteem prize reward prise retain hold open hold back hold on continue stay fresh lionise go on proceed go along save prevent restrain lionize keep open keep on preserve keep back sustain hold fete conform to take in play along postdate come espouse travel along watch out fall out view adopt come after pursue look on be keep abreast stick with take after keep up survey look out stick to surveil succeed accompany catch trace check asseverate conserve exert wield assert defend uphold commemorate solemnize behold perceive keep heed eye take note of pay attention to fulfil obey comply with adhere to be faithful to regard take notice make a remark observing observation observer observed monitor out adhere abide observance observes adhere (to) comply (with) conform (to) goose step (to) mind allow editorialize opine reflect weigh in descry discern espy look (at) perceive sight spot spy listen (to)

Observe in different languages

  • لاحظ, راقبArabic
  • observar seguir Catalan
  • dodržovat pozorovat poznamenat podotknout Czech
  • betragte overholde iagttage følge observere bemærke Danish
  • beachten beobachten bemerken German
  • παρατηρώ τηρώ Greek
  • observi Esperanto
  • seguir tomar en cuenta observar Spanish
  • havainnoida observoida Finnish
  • respecter remarquer observer French
  • coinnigh Irish
  • comharraichScots Gaelic
  • निरीक्षण Hindi
  • obsève
  • észlel Hungarian
  • skoða Icelandic
  • osservare Italian
  • 観察, 守る, 認める, 従うJapanese
  • 관찰Korean
  • obsequor teneo observo considero sequor video persevero inspicio specio persequor inhaereo specto Latin
  • perhati tinjau Malay
  • in acht nemen respecteren observeren opmerken volgen Dutch
  • observere Norwegian
  • zauważyć przestrzegać obchodzić zaobserwować obserwować zachowywać spostrzec Polish
  • acompanhar seguir observar Portuguese
  • qhawayQuechua
  • observa Romanian
  • отметить соблюдать отмечать наблюдать соблюсти блюсти Russian
  • promatrati, promotriti, opservirati, slediti, slijeditiSerbo
  • iaktta observera Swedish
  • పరిశీలించుTegulu

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