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Pronounce Possible as P OW S S IY B L EH.

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Phonetic transcription for possible

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of possible: | poʊssɪblɛ |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of possible: | pɒssɪblɛ |

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Meanings for possible

able to be done or achieved


something that can be done

"politics is the art of the possible"


an applicant who might be suitable


capable of happening or existing

"a breakthrough may be possible next year"; "anything is possible"; "warned of possible consequences"

potential, possible(adj)

existing in possibility

"a potential problem"; "possible uses of nuclear power"

capable of being done or carried out

I think that building the entire set in two days is possible, albeit difficult

existing only as a possibility and not in fact

only one of several possible outcomes

Example Sentences of possible

I see no other possible explanation.

I have a possible explanation for that.

I found it impossible to do the job in a day.

I ran as fast as possible to catch up with him.

I found it impossible to get in contact with him.

Tom told me that it was possible to rent a bicycle.

I tried all possible means.

It is impossible for me to do so.

It is impossible for me to help you.

That job is impossible for me to do.

Possible in different languages

  • ممكنArabic
  • possible Catalan
  • možný Czech
  • mulig Danish
  • möglich German
  • πιθανός δυνατός εφικτός Greek
  • ebla Esperanto
  • posible Spanish
  • ممکن Persian
  • mahdollinen Finnish
  • rawaFiji
  • possible faisable French
  • posíbel, posibleGalician
  • אפשריHebrew
  • संभव मुमकिन Hindi
  • lehetséges Hungarian
  • հնարավոր Armenian
  • possibileInterlingua
  • mögulegur hægur Icelandic
  • possibile Italian
  • ありうる, 可能, 起こり得るJapanese
  • 가능Korean
  • maxime Latin
  • méiglechLuxembourgish
  • veicams iespējams Latvian
  • āheiMaori
  • mogelijkheid mogelijk mogelijke denkbaar overwogen doenlijk doenbaar te doen haalbaar Dutch
  • możliwy Polish
  • possível Portuguese
  • posibil Romanian
  • возможный подходящий Russian
  • ostvàrljiv, izvòdiv, izvòdljiv, mȍgūćSerbo
  • möjlig Swedish
  • เป็นไปได้Thai
  • mümkün olası Turkish
  • ممکنUrdu
  • mögikVolapuk
  • possibeWalloon

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