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Pronounce Quarter as K UW AH R T EH R.

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Phonetic transcription for quarter

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of quarter: | kwuærtɛr |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of quarter: | qʊærtɛr |

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Meanings for quarter

one of four equal parts

one-fourth, fourth, one-quarter, quarter, fourth part, twenty-five percent, quartern(noun)

one of four equal parts

"a quarter of a pound"


a district of a city having some distinguishing character

"the Latin Quarter"


(football, professional basketball) one of four divisions into which some games are divided

"both teams scored in the first quarter"


a unit of time equal to 15 minutes or a quarter of an hour

"it's a quarter til 4"; "a quarter after 4 o'clock"


one of four periods into which the school year is divided

"the fall quarter ends at Christmas"


a fourth part of a year; three months

"unemployment fell during the last quarter"


one of the four major division of the compass

"the wind is coming from that quarter"


a quarter of a hundredweight (25 pounds)


a quarter of a hundredweight (28 pounds)


a United States or Canadian coin worth one fourth of a dollar

"he fed four quarters into the slot machine"


an unspecified person

"he dropped a word in the right quarter"

stern, after part, quarter, poop, tail(noun)

the rear part of a ship


piece of leather that comprises the part of a shoe or boot covering the heel and joining the vamp


clemency or mercy shown to a defeated opponent

"he surrendered but asked for quarter"

quarter, billet, canton(verb)

provide housing for (military personnel)

draw, quarter, draw and quarter(verb)

pull (a person) apart with four horses tied to his extremities, so as to execute him

"in the old days, people were drawn and quartered for certain crimes"


divide into quarters

"quarter an apple"


divide by four; divide into quarters

an area (as of a city) set apart for some purpose or having some special feature

lived on the edge of the central business quarter

kind, gentle, or compassionate treatment especially towards someone who is undeserving of it

the coach told the team to show their opponents no quarter during the championship game

the place where someone is assigned to stand or remain

call the crew to their quarters on deck to await further instruction

the place where one lives

maintained a level of cleanliness and neatness that was unusual for a bachelor's quarters

to provide with living quarters or shelter

the militia is being quartered just outside the city

Example Sentences of quarter

I ate a quarter of the cake.

I eat dinner at quarter past seven.

I have my supper at a quarter past seven.

Do you think you can get me to Union Station by a quarter after?

It is a little after a quarter to eleven.

The word downtown refers to the business quarter of any town.

The second quarter GNP growth was higher than predicted.

Corporate earnings in the first quarter improved sharply.

Corporate earnings for the first quarter were disappointing.

The third quarter GNP growth was 1% over the preceding quarter.

Antonyms for quarter

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Quarter in different languages

  • ربعArabic
  • чвэрцьByelorussian
  • quarter quart Catalan
  • čtvrťák čtvrť čtvrtletí kvartál čtvrtit rozčtvrtit Czech
  • fjerdedel kvarter kvartal kvart Danish
  • quartal viertel vierteldollar stadtteil vierteljahr kwartier vierteln quartieren einquartieren unterbringen German
  • τριμηνία τετράγωνο τέταρτο τρίμηνο τεταρτημόριο διαιρώ φιλοξενώ τεταρτιάζω Greek
  • kvarono Esperanto
  • cuartel trimestre cuarto cora cuartear Spanish
  • neljandik kvartal veerand Estonian
  • چارک سه‌ماهه فصل بیست و پنج سنتی محله Persian
  • neljännes neljännesvuosi kaupunginosa neljäsosa vuosineljännes neljännesdollari Finnish
  • ársfjórðingur, fjórðingurFaeroese
  • trimestre quartier quart French
  • ceathrú Irish
  • ràith, ceathramh, cairtealScots Gaelic
  • kerrooManx
  • רובע, רבעון, רבעHebrew
  • negyed Hungarian
  • քառորդ թաղամաս Armenian
  • quarto, trimestre, quarte parteInterlingua
  • perempat kuartal triwulan Indonesian
  • lojigarEsperanto
  • fjórðungur hverfi Icelandic
  • quartiere quarto trimestre Italian
  • 四半, 四半期, 四半分, 4半期, 四分の一Japanese
  • សង្កាត់Cambodian
  • 사분의 일, 분기Korean
  • چاره‌ک بیستوپێنج سه‌نت çarêk Kurdish
  • ketvirtis ketvirtadalis kvartalas Lithuanian
  • ceturtdaļa Latvian
  • hauwhāMaori
  • കാല്‍ Malayalam
  • ڤرامڤت perempat Malay
  • fjerdedel, firedel
  • wijk kwart stadsdeel kwartje vierdeel kwartaal trimester kwartier vierde kwartieren vierdelen inkwartieren onderbrengen vierendelen Dutch
  • firedel, fjerdedel
  • naaki yáálNavajo, Navaho
  • dzielnica kwartał ćwierć ćwierćdolarówka jedna czwarta Polish
  • trimestre moeda de vinte e cinci centavos quarto quarta parte quarteirão Portuguese
  • pătrime pătrar trimestru sfert Romanian
  • квартал четвертак четверть Russian
  • četvrtSerbo
  • štvrťrok Slovak
  • çerek Albanian
  • kvarts fjärdedel kvartal kvart Swedish
  • robo Swahili
  • பேட்டை கால் பகுதி Tamil
  • నాలుగో వంతు, త్రైమాసికం, పావు భాగంTegulu
  • çeyrek semt civar mahalle Turkish
  • سہ ماہیUrdu
  • harat, luharat, foldil, pöfanaharat, tedaharat, plödaharatVolapuk
  • קוואָדערYiddish
  • 四分之一 Chinese

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