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Pronounce Rattle as R AH T T L EH.

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Phonetic transcription for rattle

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of rattle: | rættlɛ |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of rattle: | rættlɛ |

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Meanings for rattle

to shake or clatter

rattle, rattling, rale(noun)

a rapid series of short loud sounds (as might be heard with a stethoscope in some types of respiratory disorders)

"the death rattle"


a baby's toy that makes percussive noises when shaken


loosely connected horny sections at the end of a rattlesnake's tail


make short successive sounds


shake and cause to make a rattling noise

loud, confused, and usually inharmonious sound

I'd go nuts if I had to endure the rattle of that bottling plant every day

to make a series of short sharp noises

the children tromped through the kitchen, making the plates on the shelf rattle

to engage in casual or rambling conversation

busily rattling away about our vacation plans, we didn't listen to the announcements and missed our flight

to talk at length without sticking to a topic or getting to a point

she rattled on and on about all her European shopping trips, but I wasn't really listening

to throw into a state of self-conscious distress

don't let a little mistake rattle you while you're playing during the piano recital

Example Sentences of rattle

Tom took the rattle from the baby.

When the train goes through the station, the windows rattle noisily and the whole house shakes.

Rattle in different languages

  • дрънкулка Bulgarian
  • rasle rangle Danish
  • rassel klapper German
  • sonaja matraca inquietar sonajero enervar Spanish
  • helistin kolina räpättäjä jäkätys kolistella helistä kalistella kalista jäkättäjä korina läpättäjä ravistella säikäyttää läpätys kalina tyrmäys räpätys helinä kalistin kolista helistää Finnish
  • hochet French
  • axóuxereGalician
  • csörgő Hungarian
  • sonaglio Italian
  • pātētē, kākara, tātara, rarā, hue rarā, whakararā, tatetate, tatangiMaori
  • rammelaar Dutch
  • rasle rangle skrangle Norwegian
  • aghááłNavajo, Navaho
  • grzechotanie grzechotka Polish
  • chocalho Portuguese
  • греметь погремушка трещать прогрохотать потрещать стук грохотать треск прогреметь трещотка грохот дребезжать треснуть дребезжание Russian
  • klepet, klopot, klopotac, zvečka, hropac, čegrtaljka, ropacSerbo
  • skaka om rassla skaka skallra skramla rassel skrämma göra nervös Swedish
  • kayamba Swahili

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