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Pronounce Representative as R EH P R EH S EH N T AH T IY V EH.

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Phonetic transcription for representative

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of representative: | rɛprɛsɛntætɪvɛ |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of representative: | rɛprɛsɛntætɪvɛ |

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Meanings for representative

a delegate or agent that is chosen or appointed to act or speak for another or others


a person who represents others

spokesperson, interpreter, representative, voice(noun)

an advocate who represents someone else's policy or purpose

"the meeting was attended by spokespersons for all the major organs of government"

congressman, congresswoman, representative(noun)

a member of the United States House of Representatives

example, illustration, instance, representative(adj)

an item of information that is typical of a class or group

"this patient provides a typical example of the syndrome"; "there is an example on page 10"


serving to represent or typify

"representative moviegoers"; "a representative modern play"


standing for something else

"the bald eagle is representative of the United States"


being or characteristic of government by representation in which citizens exercise power through elected officers and representatives

"representative government as defined by Abraham Lincoln is government of the people, by the people, for the people"

having or showing the qualities associated with the members of a particular group or kind

a representative example of what that talented chef can do with even simple ingredients

having the function or meaning of an object or figure that stands for something else

a red cross on this map is representative of a hospital or other medical facility

a person who acts or does business for another

a representative from the car dealership called to ask how we were enjoying the new car

a person sent on a mission to represent another

I speak on this matter as a representative of the people of the U.S.

one of a group or collection that shows what the whole is like

this song is a fairly good representative of the other songs on the album

Example Sentences of representative

Tom has always favored representative government.

Who is the current representative from France?

You elect your representative by voting.

Representative in different languages

  • ممثلArabic
  • poslanec zástupce Czech
  • cynrychiolydd Welch
  • repräsentativ repräsentant German
  • βουλευτής πλασιέ Greek
  • representante representativo Spanish
  • نماینده Persian
  • edustaja edustava Finnish
  • représentant député représentatif délégué mandataire typique French
  • uiríollaí Irish
  • neach-ionaid, riochdaireScots Gaelic
  • נציג, נציגה, מייצג, מייצגתHebrew
  • képviselő Hungarian
  • rappresentativo rappresentante Italian
  • 代表者Japanese
  • 대표Korean
  • repraesentātīvus repraesentātīva Latin
  • māngaiMaori
  • representatief vertegenwoordiger Dutch
  • reprezentatywny reprezentant Polish
  • representativo representante Portuguese
  • reprezentativ Romanian
  • типичный представительница показательный член палата характерный представитель делегат уполномоченный Russian
  • poslanikSerbo
  • representant Swedish
  • wajumbe Swahili
  • ప్రతినిధిTegulu
  • tiêu biểu Vietnamese

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