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Pronounce Responsibility as R EH S P OW N S IY B IY L IY T Y.

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Phonetic transcription for responsibility

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of responsibility: | rɛspoʊnsɪbɪlɪtj |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of responsibility: | rɛspɒnsɪbɪlɪtʌ |

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Meanings for responsibility

the condition of being accountable for something

duty, responsibility, obligation(noun)

the social force that binds you to the courses of action demanded by that force

"we must instill a sense of duty in our children"; "every right implies a responsibility; every opportunity, an obligation; every possession, a duty"- John D.Rockefeller Jr

province, responsibility(noun)

the proper sphere or extent of your activities

"it was his province to take care of himself"

responsibility, responsibleness(noun)

a form of trustworthiness; the trait of being answerable to someone for something or being responsible for one's conduct

"he holds a position of great responsibility"

the state of being held as the cause of something that needs to be set right

responsibility for the accident lies with the driver who was speeding

something one must do because of prior agreement

I had the responsibility of closing up the shop at night

worthiness as the recipient of another's trust or confidence

the newspaper publisher should hire kids of greater responsibility to deliver its papers

Example Sentences of responsibility

I take full responsibility for this.

I will accept full responsibility for this.

I used to think it was my responsibility to help Tom.

I take full responsibility for the action.

My responsibility is to keep the company solvent.

Why is it always my responsibility to pay the bills?

You have a responsibility to explain that behavior to me.

We have a moral responsibility to act.

That responsibility is a burden to him.

Tom needs to take responsibility for his actions.

Antonyms for responsibility

Responsibility in different languages

  • مسؤولية, المسئوليةArabic
  • яуаплылыҡBashkir
  • абавя́закByelorussian
  • responsabilitat Catalan
  • odpovědnost zodpovědnost Czech
  • ansvar Danish
  • verantwortlichkeit verantwortung German
  • ευθύνη Greek
  • respondeco Esperanto
  • responsabilidad Spanish
  • erantzukizunBasque
  • vastuu velvollisuus Finnish
  • ábyrgdFaeroese
  • responsabilité French
  • freagracht Irish
  • responsabilidadeGalician
  • ज़िम्मेदारी Hindi
  • felelősség Hungarian
  • պատասխանատվություն Armenian
  • responsabilitateInterlingua
  • responsabilità Italian
  • אַחֲרָיוּתformer Hebrew
  • 責任Japanese
  • 책임, 責任Korean
  • بارکێشان Kurdish
  • responsibility Latin
  • ഉത്തരവാദിത്വം Malayalam
  • tanggungjawab Malay
  • verantwoordelijkheid Dutch
  • ansvar Norwegian
  • responsabilidade Portuguese
  • responsabilitate Romanian
  • ответственность Russian
  • ansvar Swedish
  • daraka madaraka majukumu jukumu Swahili
  • బాధ్యతTegulu
  • ความรับผิดชอบThai
  • sorumluluk mesuliyet Turkish
  • відповідальністьUkrainian
  • ذِمّیداریUrdu
  • 责任 Chinese

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