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Meanings for settle

to reach a decision or agreement

settle, settee(verb)

a long wooden bench with a back

settle, settle down(verb)

settle into a position, usually on a surface or ground

"dust settled on the roofs"

decide, settle, resolve, adjudicate(verb)

bring to an end; settle conclusively

"The case was decided"; "The judge decided the case in favor of the plaintiff"; "The father adjudicated when the sons were quarreling over their inheritance"

settle, square off, square up, determine(verb)

settle conclusively; come to terms

"We finally settled the argument"

settle, locate(verb)

take up residence and become established

"The immigrants settled in the Midwest"

reconcile, patch up, make up, conciliate, settle(verb)

come to terms

"After some discussion we finally made up"

sink, settle, go down, go under(verb)

go under, "The raft sank and its occupants drowned"

settle, root, take root, steady down, settle down(verb)

become settled or established and stable in one's residence or life style

"He finally settled down"


become resolved, fixed, established, or quiet

"The roar settled to a thunder"; "The wind settled in the West"; "it is settling to rain"; "A cough settled in her chest"; "Her mood settled into lethargy"


establish or develop as a residence

"He settled the farm 200 years ago"; "This land was settled by Germans"


come to rest


arrange or fix in the desired order

"She settled the teacart"


accept despite lack of complete satisfaction

"We settled for a lower price"


end a legal dispute by arriving at a settlement

"The two parties finally settled"


dispose of; make a financial settlement


become clear by the sinking of particles

"the liquid gradually settled"


cause to become clear by forming a sediment (of liquids)

subside, settle(verb)

sink down or precipitate

"the mud subsides when the waters become calm"

ensconce, settle(verb)

fix firmly

"He ensconced himself in the chair"

settle, get back(verb)

get one's revenge for a wrong or an injury

"I finally settled with my old enemy"

finalize, finalise, settle, nail down(verb)

make final; put the last touches on; put into final form

"let's finalize the proposal"


form a community

"The Swedes settled in Minnesota"

fall, descend, settle(verb)

come as if by falling

"Night fell"; "Silence fell"

to cause to come to rest at the bottom (as of a liquid) the light rain will settle the dust in the air

careful handling will settle the lees in the bottom of the wine bottle

to supply with inhabitants

the region was originally settled by farmers

to give an opinion about (something at issue or in dispute)

settled the lawsuit in favor of the defendant

to come to an agreement or decision concerning the details of

settled their wedding plans without any major disagreements

to come to rest after descending from the air

birds settling on the branches of the maple tree

to establish or place comfortably or snugly

settled the sleeping baby into her crib

to free from distress or disturbance

a hot meal settled the children down

to gain emotional or mental control of

settled himself only with visible effort after the angry outburst

to give what is owed for

settle a debt

to make final, definite, or beyond dispute

this information should settle the question of who is right

to stop the noise or speech of

settled the class with a firm "quiet!"

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Example Sentences of settle

I want to settle down.

I wish we could settle this like adults.

I know how to settle this.

I have a score to settle with him.

I thought I could settle it by phone.

I still have a score to settle with him.

I am considering how to settle the matter.

Tom refused to settle down.

Tom had a score to settle with Mary.

Tom is ready to settle down and start a family.

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Synonyms for settle

settee conciliate square off square up adjudicate ensconce go down get back cool it go under locate take root chill out cool off determine subside finalize resolve sink root finalise descend nail down simmer down settle down calm steady down make up fall patch up reconcile calm down decide judge answer solve purpose conclude dissolve break up try shape find square regulate see find out specify watch define even up set influence limit ascertain learn fix jog mold check place situate site turn up accommodate even off appease placate compensate mollify gentle resign even out fabricate gruntle make pay be patch correct invent counterbalance catch up with manufacture harmonise represent assuage cook up pacify comprise harmonize lenify constitute pay off submit dip drop down decline lapse slide down come down crash wane pass bury drop fall off go by slump rout rootle lessen win back get even narrow nail peg pin down peg down narrow down fall down deign decrease return flow precipitate strike devolve shine accrue diminish derive hang come condescend light establish arrange compose adjust assure confirm corroborate prove ratify sanction strengthen substantiate sustain uphold quiet allay still milk lower acquiesce abate agree institute ordain appoint make permanent make clear free from doubt compress make close or compact colonize people plant found liquidate discharge close up ordain as pastor clarify free from dregs or impurities tranquillize rest repose be quiet be tranquil be composed dwell abide inhabit reside get a footing get established be stationary account reckon pay the bill square accounts strike a balance quit scores satisfy all demands PAY UP address settlement resolving settling decant lay sediment populate adjudge arbitrate referee rule (on) umpire agree (on) alight land perch roost touch down install lodge nestle becalm lull lullaby quieten salve soothe tranquilize collect contain control re collect ante (up) balance clear foot meet pay up pony up quit recompense spring (for) stand clinch dumb extinguish hush mute quell shush shut up silence squelch

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Antonyms for settle

raise depopulate unpeople blast off take off agitate discompose disquiet disturb key (up) perturb upset vex repudiate

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Settle in different languages

  • استوطن, استعمر, تستقرArabic
  • urovnat Czech
  • siedeln German
  • enloĝiĝi Esperanto
  • resolver Spanish
  • واریز Persian
  • s'habituer s'installer coloniser French
  • הסכים, הגיע לעמק השווהHebrew
  • 居着く, 落ち着くJapanese
  • sedeo Latin
  • селиться заселять колонизировать Russian

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