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Pronounce Simple as S IY M P L EH.

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Phonetic transcription for simple

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of simple: | sɪmplɛ |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of simple: | sɪmplɛ |

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Meanings for simple

easy; effortless


any herbaceous plant having medicinal properties

simpleton, simple(adj)

a person lacking intelligence or common sense


having few parts; not complex or complicated or involved

"a simple problem"; "simple mechanisms"; "a simple design"; "a simple substance"

elementary, simple, uncomplicated, unproblematic(adj)

easy and not involved or complicated

"an elementary problem in statistics"; "elementary, my dear Watson"; "a simple game"; "found an uncomplicated solution to the problem"

bare(a), mere(a), simple(a)(adj)

apart from anything else; without additions or modifications

"only the bare facts"; "shocked by the mere idea"; "the simple passage of time was enough"; "the simple truth"

childlike, wide-eyed, round-eyed, dewy-eyed, simple(adj)

exhibiting childlike simplicity and credulity

"childlike trust"; "dewy-eyed innocence"; "listened in round-eyed wonder"

dim-witted, simple, simple-minded(adj)

lacking mental capacity and subtlety

simple, unsubdivided(adj)

(botany) of leaf shapes; of leaves having no divisions or subdivisions



"a simple country schoolhouse"; "her black dress--simple to austerity"

free from all additions or embellishment

a simple design, and one that never goes out of fashion

free from any intent to deceive or impress others

growing up in simple innocence

having no exceptions or restrictions

that's the simple truth

involving minimal difficulty or effort

I got all of the answers right because it was such a simple test

lacking in worldly wisdom or informed judgment

developers mistakenly thought that the local residents were simple people who would sell their land for practically nothing

lacking in education or the knowledge gained from books

the fact that he didn't go to college doesn't mean he's simple

not having or showing an ability to absorb ideas readily

don't be so quick to characterize people who have trouble with computers as simple

Example Sentences of simple

I live a simple life.

I want to ask you one simple question.

Let me ask you a simple question.

Could I just ask one simple question?

What seems simple to you seems complex to me.

I have a simple plan for getting Tom to agree.

As far as I am concerned, the problem is not a simple one.

There is no simple road to success.

All this is simple and easy to understand.

This should be pretty simple to understand.

Synonyms for simple

simpleton wide eyed dewy eyed simple minded dim witted elementary unproblematic simple(a) childlike round eyed mere(a) unsubdivided bare(a) uncomplicated elemental primary unsophisticated childly saucer eyed wide plain onefold aboveboard artless candid fair frank guileless honest impartial ingenuous innocent naive open sincere straightforward transparent truthful unbiased unprejudiced unreserved single incomplex uncompounded unblended isolated pure unmixed mere absolute unadorned unartificial undesigning single minded unaffected sickly weak humble homely lowly ultimate primal rudimentary uncombined bare not complex nothing else but not complicated unstudied unvarnished natural chaste neat unconstrained NAÏVE downright inartificial true simple hearted silly foolish not wise not sagacious medicinal plant easy simply simplicity ordinary merely simplistic just baseet sheer simplex single wide simplified straight forward user friendly minor briefly simpler basic bald naked plain vanilla undecorated unembellished unornamented genuine naïve real unpretending unpretentious all out arrant blank blooming bodacious categorical categoric clean complete consummate cotton picking crashing damn damned dead deadly definite dreadful flat flat out out and out outright perfect plumb profound rank regular stark stone straight out thorough thoroughgoing total unadulterated unalloyed unconditional unmitigated unqualified utter very cheap downhill effortless facile fluent fluid hands down light painless ready royal smooth snap soft aw shucks dewy green naïf naif primitive simpleminded uncritical unknowing unsuspecting unsuspicious unwary unworldly analphabetic benighted dark ignorant illiterate nonliterate rude uneducated uninstructed unlearned unlettered unread unschooled untaught untutored airheaded birdbrained bonehead boneheaded brain dead brainless bubbleheaded chuckleheaded dense dim doltish dopey dopy dorky dull dumb dunderheaded empty headed fatuous gormless half witted knuckleheaded lamebrain lamebrained lunkheaded mindless oafish obtuse opaque pinheaded senseless slow slow witted softheaded stupid thick thick witted thickheaded unintelligent unsmart vacuous weak minded witless

Simple in different languages

  • eenvoudig Afrikaans
  • simple
  • سهل, بسيطArabic
  • sadə, bəsitAzerbaijani
  • ябайBashkir
  • лёгкі, про́стыByelorussian
  • малоумен прост ле́сен Bulgarian
  • সহজBengali
  • senzill simple Catalan
  • lehký jednoduchý prostý Czech
  • einfach simpel German
  • απλός Greek
  • simpla Esperanto
  • sencillo simple Spanish
  • lihtne Estonian
  • ساده Persian
  • yksinkertainen simppeli Finnish
  • simple French
  • ienfâldichFrisian
  • saonta macánta gan chealg simplí Irish
  • baoth, sìmplidhScots Gaelic
  • simple, sinxeloGalician
  • neuchreeney, meecheeallagh, oney, neuchialgagh, macaintagh, giare-cheeayllaghManx
  • פשוטHebrew
  • आसान सरल Hindi
  • senp
  • egyszerű Hungarian
  • հասարակ միամիտ պարզ պարզամիտ Armenian
  • mudah sederhana Indonesian
  • simplaEsperanto
  • einfaldur Icelandic
  • semplice mero Italian
  • 簡単, 易い, 単純Japanese
  • მარტივი უბრალო სადა Georgian
  • қарапайым, жеңілKazakh
  • មិនពិបាកCambodian
  • 간단하다, 간단한, 簡單, 한Korean
  • ئاسان ساکار Kurdish
  • жөнөкөй, жеңилKirghiz
  • simplex Latin
  • ງ່າຍLao
  • paprastas Lithuanian
  • prasts vienkāršs Latvian
  • прост едно́ставен ле́сен Macedonian
  • энгийнMongolian
  • भोळा, सरळMarathi
  • mudah Malay
  • sempliċiMaltese
  • ရိုးBurmese
  • simpel achterlijk eenvoudig Dutch
  • simple Norwegian
  • simpleOccitan
  • ସରଳOriya
  • prosty prostak lekki łatwy Polish
  • simples Portuguese
  • simpel, sempelRomance
  • simplu necomplicat Romanian
  • простодушный простой лёгкий Russian
  • лак, prostodušan, је̏дноста̄ван, простодушан, lak, jȅdnostāvanSerbo
  • ľahký prostý jednoduchý Slovak
  • enostaven, lahek, preprostSlovenian
  • thjeshtë Albanian
  • enkel simpel Swedish
  • எளிய எளிது எளிமையான Tamil
  • సరళమైనTegulu
  • содаTajik
  • ง่ายThai
  • ýönekeý, sadaTurkmen
  • basit sade Turkish
  • беркатлы, гадиTatar
  • ле́гкий, про́стийUkrainian
  • آسانUrdu
  • sodda, osonUzbek
  • giản dị mộc mạc Vietnamese

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