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Pronounce Soft as S OW F T.

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Phonetic transcription for soft

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of soft: | soʊft |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of soft: | sɒft |

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Meanings for soft

sympathetic, lenient, or forgiving in a way that is too much


yielding readily to pressure or weight


compassionate and kind; conciliatory

"he was soft on his children"


(of sound) relatively low in volume

"soft voices"; "soft music"

delicate, soft(adj)

easily hurt

"soft hands"; "a baby's delicate skin"

voiced, sonant, soft(adj)

produced with vibration of the vocal cords

"a frequently voiced opinion"; "voiced consonants such as `b' and `g' and `z'";


not protected against attack (especially by nuclear weapons)

"soft targets"

piano, soft(adj)

used chiefly as a direction or description in music

"the piano passages in the composition"

soft, diffuse, diffused(adj)

(of light) transmitted from a broad light source or reflected


(of speech sounds); produced with the back of the tongue raised toward the hard palate; characterized by a hissing or hushing sound (as `s' and `sh')


(of a commodity or market or currency) falling or likely to fall in value

"the market for computers is soft"


using evidence not readily amenable to experimental verification or refutation

"soft data"; "the soft sciences"

indulgent, lenient, soft(adj)

tolerant or lenient

"indulgent parents risk spoiling their children"; "too soft on the children"; "they are soft on crime"

gentle, soft(adj)

soft and mild; not harsh or stern or severe

"a gentle reprimand"; "a vein of gentle irony"; "poked gentle fun at him"

easy, gentle, soft(adj)

having little impact

"an easy pat on the shoulder"; "gentle rain"; "a gentle breeze"; "a soft (or light) tapping at the window"

soft, flabby, flaccid(adj)

out of condition; not strong or robust; incapable of exertion or endurance

"he was too soft for the army"; "flabby around the middle"; "flaccid cheeks"


willing to negotiate and compromise

cushy, soft, easygoing(adj)

not burdensome or demanding; borne or done easily and without hardship

"what a cushy job!"; "the easygoing life of a parttime consultant"; "a soft job"

balmy, mild, soft(adj)

mild and pleasant

"balmy days and nights"; "the climate was mild and conducive to life or growth"; "a soft breeze"

soft, subdued(adverb)

not brilliant or glaring

"the moon cast soft shadows"; "soft pastel colors"; "subdued lighting"

easy, soft(adverb)

in a relaxed manner; or without hardship

"just wanted to take it easy" (`soft' is nonstandard)

not loud in pitch or volume

soft music played in the background while we ate

smooth or delicate in appearance or feel

I like this sweater the best because it is so soft and comfortable

giving easily to the touch

soft mattresses make it very easy to fall asleep, but they have a tendency to get lumpy

involving minimal difficulty or effort

looking for a soft job in local government

lacking bodily strength

soft recruits who will get toughened up in the army

lacking strength of will or character

a soft person who tends to yield to stronger personalities

not harsh or stern especially in nature or effect

a soft breeze coming off the lake

providing physical comfort

a warm, soft bed to rest my weary bones

tolerant and kind in the judgment of and expectations for others

felt that his wife had been a little too soft on their son, and that more discipline was in order

marked by temperatures that are neither too high nor too low

it was a lovely soft spring evening

not having or showing an ability to absorb ideas readily

sometimes I wonder if you've gone soft in the head

Example Sentences of soft

I like to sleep on a soft bed.

I just want to sleep in a nice soft bed.

I feel sleepy when I listen to soft music.

I bought a Microsoft mouse.

This pillow is too soft for me.

My teacher has a very soft voice.

My grandmother can only eat soft food.

I have attached a Microsoft Excel file.

I have always had a soft spot in my heart for Mary.

It is soft to the touch.

Synonyms for soft

cushy indulgent mild piano balmy easy voiced delicate flabby subdued lenient diffuse flaccid gentle sonant easygoing diffused frail ticklish finespun touchy fragile aristocratical docile patrician blue blue blooded aristocratic sluttish wanton prosperous promiscuous well off leisurely well to do well fixed well situated comfortable well heeled light loose crackers round the bend bats nutty buggy modest wacky kooky daft fruity kookie nuts bonkers dotty cracked haywire meek loco batty loony barmy around the bend loopy whacky low key hushed dim quiet muted low keyed tardily easily slow slowly wimpy foolish stupid silly non abrasive fluffy affable bland genial pliable sweet tender tractable yielding pressible impressible smooth fine sleek glossy kind feeling flexible effeminate luxurious unmanly irresolute undecided not firm not hard plastic easily moulded not rugged not rough compliant submissive facile not harsh not severe simple weak mellifluous dulcet clear flowing hold stop not so fast lfwa limp non binding concessional gaseous fresh saggy carbonated software light touch non tangible intangible suave slack invading gelatin concessionary gooey indicative non technical floppy blur transferable dull low cottony downy satin satiny silken silklike silky velvetlike velvety mushy pulpy spongy squashy squishy squooshy cheap downhill effortless fluent fluid hands down painless ready royal snap asthenic debilitated down and out effete enervated enfeebled faint feeble infirm languid prostrate prostrated sapped slight softened unsubstantial wasted weakened wimpish characterless invertebrate limp wristed milk and water namby pamby nerveless spineless weak kneed weakling wet wishy washy benign mellow nonabrasive soothing comfy cozy snug charitable clement equable moderate temperate airheaded birdbrained bonehead boneheaded brain dead brainless bubbleheaded chuckleheaded dense dim witted doltish dopey dopy dorky dumb dunderheaded empty headed fatuous gormless half witted knuckleheaded lamebrain lamebrained lunkheaded mindless oafish obtuse opaque pinheaded senseless slow witted softheaded thick thick witted thickheaded unintelligent unsmart vacuous weak minded witless

Soft in different languages

  • ناعمArabic
  • йомшаҡBashkir
  • мяккіByelorussian
  • мек Bulgarian
  • suau dolç lleuger tou Catalan
  • měkký Czech
  • мѧкъкъserbian
  • tyner meddal Welch
  • sanft weich leise German
  • dolĉa mola Esperanto
  • blando muelle ligero suave tenue Spanish
  • نرم ملایم Persian
  • lempeä pehmeä vaimea hellä Finnish
  • molle mou douce doux French
  • bog Irish
  • sèimh, maoth, bog, tlàth, caomh, binn, mìnScots Gaelic
  • molGalician
  • कोमल नरम मुलायम Hindi
  • puha gyengéd lágy Hungarian
  • molaEsperanto
  • mjúkur Icelandic
  • morbido molle soffice morbida dolce Italian
  • 柔らかいJapanese
  • 부드럽다Korean
  • هێمن نه‌رم Kurdish
  • mollis Latin
  • mëll, siddeleg, weechLuxembourgish
  • mīksts Latvian
  • māeneeneMaori
  • мек Macedonian
  • week zacht stil Dutch
  • forsiktig bløt svak myk Norwegian
  • miękki Polish
  • macio macia suave mole Portuguese
  • apiQuechua
  • moale încet Romanian
  • мягкий слабый Russian
  • कोमल, मृदुSanskrit
  • blag, ме̏к, mȅkSerbo
  • mäkký Slovak
  • mêhekSlovenian
  • mjuk Swedish
  • మెత్తటిTegulu
  • นุ่มThai
  • yumuşak Turkish
  • м'якийUkrainian
  • نرم, کوملUrdu
  • mềm nhẹ nhàng khẽ nhẹ khẽ khàng Vietnamese
  • ווײךYiddish
  • 柔软的 Chinese

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