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Pronounce Song as S OW N G.

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Phonetic transcription for song

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of song: | soʊnɡ |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of song: | sɒnɡ |

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Meanings for song

song, vocal(noun)

a short musical composition with words

"a successful musical must have at least three good songs"


a distinctive or characteristic sound

"the song of bullets was in the air"; "the song of the wind"; "the wheels sang their song as the train rocketed ahead"

song, strain(noun)

the act of singing

"with a shout and a song they marched up to the gates"

birdcall, call, birdsong, song(noun)

the characteristic sound produced by a bird

"a bird will not learn its song unless it hears it at an early age"


a very small sum

"he bought it for a song"

Sung, Sung dynasty, Song, Song dynasty(noun)

the imperial dynasty of China from 960 to 1279; noted for art and literature and philosophy

a short musical composition for the human voice often with instrumental accompaniment

she sang a little-known song for the talent show

a composition using rhythm and often rhyme to create a lyrical effect

the songs of Shakespeare

a rhythmic series of musical tones arranged to give a pleasing effect

whistle a song as accompaniment to your work

a very small sum of money

developers bought the land for a song

writing that uses rhythm, vivid language, and often rhyme to provoke an emotional response

a hero honored in song and story

Example Sentences of song

Sing a song with me.

I wrote a song for you.

I heard the song sung in French.

I want to dedicate this song to Tom.

I have heard that song sung in French.

I could be persuaded to sing a song or two.

Just listening to that song makes me think of you.

As I entered the bar, I heard a sad song playing on the jukebox.

I heard that song before.

I wrote the song for her.

Song in different languages

  • ашәаAbkhazian
  • liedjie lied Afrikaans
  • أغنيةArabic
  • ifa, mahnıAzerbaijani
  • йырBashkir
  • пе́сняByelorussian
  • пе́сен Bulgarian
  • গানBengali
  • cançó Catalan
  • písnička píseň Czech
  • юрӑBelarusian
  • cân Welch
  • slik vise sang Danish
  • song lied gesang German
  • ωδή τραγούδι άσμα Greek
  • kanto kanzono Esperanto
  • canción Spanish
  • laul Estonian
  • abestiBasque
  • آهنگ ترانه Persian
  • laulu Finnish
  • songur, sangurFaeroese
  • chanson French
  • sang, lietFrisian
  • ceol amhrán Irish
  • òran, luinneag, amhranScots Gaelic
  • canciónGalician
  • ગીતGujarati
  • arraneManx
  • שיר, שירהHebrew
  • गाना गीत Hindi
  • chante
  • dal ének Hungarian
  • երգ Armenian
  • cantoInterlingua
  • lagu Indonesian
  • arie, canzon, canteInterlingue
  • kansonoEsperanto
  • lag söngur Icelandic
  • canzone Italian
  • 歌, 歌曲Japanese
  • სიმღერა Georgian
  • ән, өлең, жырKazakh
  • ចំរៀង, ចម្រៀងCambodian
  • ಗೀತೆ Kannada
  • 가곡, 가요, 歌曲, 歌謠, 노래Korean
  • stiran گۆرانی Kurdish
  • ырKirghiz
  • carmen Latin
  • ເພງ, ເພັງLao
  • daina Lithuanian
  • dziesma Latvian
  • пе́сна Macedonian
  • പാട്ട് ഗാനം Malayalam
  • дууMongolian
  • गाणMarathi
  • gita lagu Malay
  • သီချင်းBurmese
  • lied nummer een appel en een ei prikkie zang liedje Dutch
  • song
  • sang Norwegian
  • sinNavajo, Navaho
  • cançonOccitan
  • nagamowinOjibwe, Ojibwa
  • зарӕгOssetian, Ossetic
  • ਗਾਣਾ Punjabi
  • śpiew piosenka Polish
  • سرودPashto
  • canção Portuguese
  • canzùn, chanzun, canzungRomance
  • cântare cântec Romanian
  • песнь пе́сенка пе́сня Russian
  • गीतSanskrit
  • lávlla
  • pesmica, пјесмица, песмица, pjesmica, песма, pjesma, pesma, пјесмаSerbo
  • ගීතයSinghalese
  • pesnička pieseň Slovak
  • pesemSlovenian
  • këngë Albanian
  • pinaSesotho
  • spottstyver sång visa Swedish
  • wimbo Swahili
  • பாட்டு பாடல் Tamil
  • చవక, పాటTegulu
  • суруд, таронаTajik
  • เพลงThai
  • aýdymTurkmen
  • kanta, awitTagalog
  • şarkı Turkish
  • җырTatar
  • ناخشاUigur
  • пі́сняUkrainian
  • گیت, گاناUrdu
  • qoʻshiqUzbek
  • ca hát bài hát Vietnamese
  • kanit, lidVolapuk
  • tchansonWalloon
  • פּיעסניע, לידYiddish
  • 歌曲 Chinese

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