How to pronounce swim

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How to say swim


Pronounce Swim as S W IY M.

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Phonetic transcription for swim

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of swim: | swɪm |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of swim: | swɪm |

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Meanings for swim

to propel one’s body through water

swimming, swim(verb)

the act of swimming

"it was the swimming they enjoyed most": "they took a short swim in the pool"


travel through water

"We had to swim for 20 minutes to reach the shore"; "a big fish was swimming in the tank"

float, swim(verb)

be afloat either on or below a liquid surface and not sink to the bottom


be dizzy or giddy

"my brain is swimming after the bottle of champagne"

swim, drown(verb)

be covered with or submerged in a liquid

"the meat was swimming in a fatty gravy"


move as if gliding through water

"this snake swims through the soil where it lives"

to be in a confused state as if from being twirled around

his head was swimming after he was given so much information on his first day at the new job

to rest or move along the surface of a liquid or in the air

there appeared to be an oily film swimming on the water

a temporary state of unconsciousness

the merest glimpse of blood sends him into a swim

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Example Sentences of swim

I can swim fast.

I can swim well.

I swim every day.

Come swim with me.

I swim once a week.

I can swim very fast.

I swim in the summer.

When can I swim here?

I swim almost every day.

May I swim in this lake?

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Antonyms for swim

settle sink

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Swim in different languages

  • سبحة, يسبح, سبح, سباحةArabic
  • лъедезеKazakh
  • üzməkAzerbaijani
  • плыць, пла́вацьByelorussian
  • плуване плувам Bulgarian
  • সাঁতারBengali
  • neuial, neuiBreton
  • nedar Catalan
  • nutàCorsican
  • plavat plavání plout Czech
  • nofio Welch
  • svømmetur svømme Danish
  • schwimmen German
  • κολύμβηση κολυμπάω Greek
  • naĝi Esperanto
  • nadar Spanish
  • ujuma Estonian
  • igeri eginBasque
  • شناویدن شنا شنا کردن Persian
  • uida Finnish
  • svimjaFaeroese
  • natation nager French
  • swimmeFrisian
  • snámh Irish
  • snàmhScots Gaelic
  • nadarGalician
  • שחהHebrew
  • तैरना Hindi
  • úszik úszás Hungarian
  • լողալ Armenian
  • natarInterlingua
  • renang Indonesian
  • natarEsperanto
  • synda sund Icelandic
  • nuoto nuotata nuotare Italian
  • 水泳, 泳ぎ, 泳ぐJapanese
  • შეცურება Georgian
  • жүзуKazakh
  • ហែល, ហែលទឹកCambodian
  • 수영하다, 헤엄치다Korean
  • no natātiō nato Latin
  • ລອຍນ້ຳLao
  • plaukti Lithuanian
  • peldēt Latvian
  • kauMaori
  • плива Macedonian
  • നീന്തുക Malayalam
  • усанд сэлэхMongolian
  • ရေကူးBurmese
  • zwemmen Dutch
  • svømme bade Norwegian
  • naabéNavajo, Navaho
  • nadarOccitan
  • ленк кӕнынOssetian, Ossetic
  • pływać płynąć Polish
  • nadar nado Portuguese
  • wamp'uy, wayt'ayQuechua
  • nodar, senudar, nudar, nuderRomance
  • înota Romanian
  • пла́вать плыть Russian
  • nadare, anatare, natareSardinian
  • пли̏вати, plȉvatiSerbo
  • පිහිනනවාSinghalese
  • plávať plávanie Slovak
  • plavanje, plavatiSlovenian
  • notoj Albanian
  • simtur simma Swedish
  • kuogelea Swahili
  • ఈదు, ఈతTegulu
  • ว่าย, ว่ายน้ำThai
  • ýüzmekTurkmen
  • langoyTagalog
  • yüzme yüzmek Turkish
  • плисти́, пла́ватиUkrainian
  • تیرناUrdu
  • bơi tắm Vietnamese
  • svimönVolapuk
  • שווימעןYiddish

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