How to pronounce though


Pronounce Though as T HH OW UW G HH.

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Phonetic transcription for though

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of though: | thoʊuɡh |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of though: | thɒʊɡh |

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Meanings for though


(postpositive) however

"it might be unpleasant, though"

in spite of that

I know we didn't win—I was happy with how we played, though

in spite of the fact that

though it has no well-known actors in it, the movie has become the sleeper hit of the summer

Example Sentences of though

He came even though I told him not to.

Tom opened the door, even though I asked him not to.

Even though there were many cookies on the dish, I only ate three.

Even though I know a little French, I think we should speak in English.

Although it is snowing, I must go.

Though I was tired, I did my best.

Although I was tired, I did my best.

Although it was raining, I went out.

I went out even though it was raining.

Although I was tired, I did my very best.

Antonyms for though

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Though in different languages

  • رغم أنArabic
  • ačkoli nicméně Czech
  • dog selvom Danish
  • doch obwohl allerdings trotzdem German
  • μολονότι ωστόσο αν και έστω και αν παρά ταύτα εν τούτοις καίτοι Greek
  • a pesar de no obstante sin embargo aunque Spanish
  • گرچه Persian
  • vaikkakaan kuitenkin vaikka Finnish
  • néanmoins bien que malgré cependant French
  • cé go Irish
  • ge-tàScots Gaelic
  • हालांकि Hindi
  • bár Hungarian
  • non obstante, malgrado, benqueInterlingua
  • bagaimanapun juga meski walau meskipun Indonesian
  • þótt þó Icelandic
  • comunque in ogni caso anche se nonostante ad ogni modo anche se Italian
  • אם כיformer Hebrew
  • だけど, だけれども, それでも, だが, にもかかわらず, しかしJapanese
  • მიუხედავად იმისა რომ მაინც Georgian
  • ಆದರೂ Kannada
  • 그래도Korean
  • dîsa jî her wiha Kurdish
  • quamquam Latin
  • walau walau bagaimana Malay
  • echter hoewel Dutch
  • selv om dog Norwegian
  • ndiNavajo, Navaho
  • jednak choć chociaż Polish
  • apesar não obstante Portuguese
  • desi parca Romanian
  • несмотря на то что хоть и хотя однако всё-таки тем не менее хоть Russian
  • hoci Slovak
  • dock även om fastän Swedish
  • hata hivyo ijapokuwa Swahili
  • என்றாலும் Tamil
  • అయితేTegulu
  • แม้Thai
  • gerçi Turkish
  • тим не менш, хочаUkrainian
  • اگرچہUrdu
  • tuy nhiên Vietnamese
  • portantWalloon
  • כאָטשYiddish

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