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Pronounce Throw as T HH R OW W.

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Phonetic transcription for throw

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of throw: | throʊw |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of throw: | thrɒw |

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Meanings for throw

to toss or heave


the act of throwing (propelling something with a rapid movement of the arm and wrist)

"the catcher made a good throw to second base"


a single chance or instance

"he couldn't afford $50 a throw"

throw, stroke, cam stroke(noun)

the maximum movement available to a pivoted or reciprocating piece by a cam


bedclothes consisting of a lightweight cloth covering (an afghan or bedspread) that is casually thrown over something


casting an object in order to determine an outcome randomly

"he risked his fortune on a throw of the dice"


propel through the air

"throw a frisbee"


move violently, energetically, or carelessly

"She threw herself forwards"

shed, cast, cast off, shake off, throw, throw off, throw away, drop(verb)

get rid of

"he shed his image as a pushy boss"; "shed your clothes"

throw, thrust(verb)

place or put with great energy

"She threw the blanket around the child"; "thrust the money in the hands of the beggar"

give, throw(verb)

convey or communicate; of a smile, a look, a physical gesture

"Throw a glance"; "She gave me a dirty look"

throw, flip, switch(verb)

cause to go on or to be engaged or set in operation

"switch on the light"; "throw the lever"

project, cast, contrive, throw(verb)

put or send forth

"She threw the flashlight beam into the corner"; "The setting sun threw long shadows"; "cast a spell"; "cast a warm light"


to put into a state or activity hastily, suddenly, or carelessly

"Jane threw dinner together"; "throw the car into reverse"

bewilder, bemuse, discombobulate, throw(verb)

cause to be confused emotionally

hurl, throw(verb)

utter with force; utter vehemently

"hurl insults"; "throw accusations at someone"

hold, throw, have, make, give(verb)

organize or be responsible for

"hold a reception"; "have, throw, or make a party"; "give a course"


make on a potter's wheel

"she threw a beautiful teapot"


cause to fall off

"The horse threw its inexperienced rider"


throw (a die) out onto a flat surface

"Throw a six"

confuse, throw, fox, befuddle, fuddle, bedevil, confound, discombobulate(verb)

be confusing or perplexing to; cause to be unable to think clearly

"These questions confuse even the experts"; "This question completely threw me"; "This question befuddled even the teacher"

a risky undertaking

a desperate throw, that could jump-start his presidential campaign or end it right there

to send through the air especially with a quick forward motion of the arm

threw a life preserver to the drowning man

to cause to fall intentionally or unintentionally

the attacker threw his victim to the ground

Example Sentences of throw

Throw it to me.

I feel like I might throw up.

Do you want me to throw that away?

He asked me to throw the ball back.

I had to throw most of my things away.

My wife told me to throw this old hat away.

Throw the ball back to me.

I love to throw curveballs.

It makes me want to throw up.

You make me want to throw up!

Synonyms for throw

cam stroke stroke slash fortuity apoplexy shot separatrix virgule diagonal accident cerebrovascular accident chance event stroking solidus discombobulate flip cast off bewilder shed confound bedevil give cast thrust drop have project switch hold throw away confuse contrive throw off befuddle shake off bemuse hurl fox make fuddle roam overleap spue redact strike down drift put down draw send away fling slough mold deteriorate rove put roll pour forth spend omit frame moult dangle vomit up chuck out mould toss throw up expend retch purge tramp toss away drip disgorge cat cut down dribble overlook stray devolve leave out miss shake exuviate cast away sink chuck pretermit range molt vagabond swan unload drop off set down fell knock off toss out flatten ramble spill neglect cast aside regurgitate wander vomit throw out hurtle put away escape from spew honk dismiss dispose cast out regorge drop down discharge upchuck send packing be sick swing discard barf sick couch degenerate puke stuff push up shove lunge squeeze force pierce commit chip in dedicate cave in collapse impart pass on move over return establish reach present fall in pay gift kick in feed break ease up apply grant open founder devote pass render sacrifice yield turn over leave give way consecrate generate contribute afford hand twitch flick exchange swap flip flop shift change alternate tack leaf pitch trade sky riffle riff swop thumb change over flip over flip out switch over interchange visualise image protrude jut externalize stick out propose fancy devise design excogitate see visualize picture plan formulate forge send off jut out externalise envision invent figure stupefy baffle stick perplex get mystify flummox beat nonplus dumbfound amaze gravel vex puzzle pose realize hold in restrain experience get to name accommodate defy produce maintain earn progress to entertain make up work take confine take a crap feature create contain deliver shit possess pass water hit book cook arrive at cause wee wee do consume spend a penny stool moderate give birth build construct induce birth concur pee keep guard bind wee hold back constitute lay down check piddle pull in pee pee keep back go for form ingest receive prepare attain own crap support accept pretend harbor realise bring in obtain take for have got hold up agree concord make believe declare ca ca adjudge piss nurse let withstand score urinate oblige bear puddle admit defend arrest harbour deem take a shit ready defecate micturate make water fix take in view as clear retain reserve halt carry obligate suffer stimulate sustain take a leak seduce gain relieve oneself prevail control nominate take hold curb dun mix up booze frustrate blur jumble fob crucify flim flam obscure flurry torment drink put off trick pull a fast one on play a joke on play tricks play a trick on rag disconcert obnubilate dart delegate depute despatch drive emit forward impel lance launch propel send sling transmit SHY jaculate let fly spread overturn prostrate throw down lay flat jigger lay spear dump lays adventure chance crapshoot enterprise flier flyer flutter gamble speculation venture catapult dash fire heave lob loft peg pelt depress lower

Antonyms for throw

Throw in different languages

  • صب, رمى, اندفعArabic
  • atmaqAzerbaijani
  • кіда́ць, кі́нуцьByelorussian
  • хвъ́рлям Bulgarian
  • llançar tirar Catalan
  • vrhnout vrhat Czech
  • kaste Danish
  • werfen German
  • ρίχνω ρίψη Greek
  • ĵeto Esperanto
  • arrojar lanzar tirar lanzamiento Spanish
  • انداختن Persian
  • nakata heitellä nakella viskaista heittää viskata viskoa viskellä paiskoa paiskata paiskaista kääntää dreijata peite päällinen kappale heitto peitto Finnish
  • blaka, kastaFaeroese
  • déplacer bouger jeter lancer lancement jet French
  • tilgScots Gaelic
  • lanzar, tirarGalician
  • זרק, העיף, זריקהHebrew
  • फेंकना Hindi
  • dob Hungarian
  • նետել գցել Armenian
  • varpa verpa kasta fleygja henda Icelandic
  • gettare lanciare tirare Italian
  • 投じる, 投げる, 手を抜く, 投げJapanese
  • გადაგდება Georgian
  • лақтыруKazakh
  • បោះ, ចោលCambodian
  • 던지다Korean
  • هاوێشتن فڕێدان Kurdish
  • таштооKirghiz
  • iacto iacio Latin
  • geheienLuxembourgish
  • ຖິ້ມ, ຂວ້າງLao
  • sviest mest Latvian
  • фрла Macedonian
  • хаяхMongolian
  • ပစ်Burmese
  • werpen afwerpen omgooien gooien smijten kleien worp verplaatsing gooi Dutch
  • kaste hive kast teppe Norwegian
  • lançarOccitan
  • rzucać rzucić Polish
  • atirar arremessar lançar entregar lançamento arremesso Portuguese
  • chanqay, chuqay, wikch'uy, chamqayQuechua
  • bittar, lantscharRomance
  • arunca a deplasa Romanian
  • кида́ть метну́ть ски́дывать швыря́ть ски́нуть сбра́сывать переключи́ть лепи́ть броса́ть бро́сить ки́нуть мета́ть сбро́сить швырну́ть переключа́ть слепи́ть бросо́к покрыва́ло Russian
  • baciti, бацитиSerbo
  • ගසනවාSinghalese
  • hodiť vrhnúť Slovak
  • vreči, metSlovenian
  • kasta dreja tippa välta kast överkast Swedish
  • kutupa Swahili
  • андохтанTajik
  • ขว้าง, โยน, ปาThai
  • atmakTurkmen
  • atmak Turkish
  • кида́тиUkrainian
  • پھینکناUrdu
  • otmoqUzbek
  • ném Vietnamese
  • Chinese

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