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Pronounce Transfer as T R AH N S F EH R.

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Phonetic transcription for transfer

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of transfer: | trænsfɛr |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of transfer: | trænsfɛr |

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Meanings for transfer

to move or relocate something

transportation, transport, transfer, transferral, conveyance(noun)

the act of moving something from one location to another

transfer, transferee(noun)

someone who transfers or is transferred from one position to another

"the best student was a transfer from LSU"

transfer, transference(noun)

the act of transfering something from one form to another

"the transfer of the music from record to tape suppressed much of the background noise"


a ticket that allows a passenger to change conveyances

transfer, transfer of training, carry-over(noun)

application of a skill learned in one situation to a different but similar situation

transfer, transference(verb)

transferring ownership

transfer, reassign(verb)

transfer somebody to a different position or location of work


move from one place to another

"transfer the data"; "transmit the news"; "transfer the patient to another hospital"

transplant, transfer(verb)

lift and reset in another soil or situation

"Transplant the young rice plants"

transfer, shift(verb)

move around

"transfer the packet from his trouser pockets to a pocket in his jacket"


cause to change ownership

"I transferred my stock holdings to my children"

transfer, change(verb)

change from one vehicle or transportation line to another

"She changed in Chicago on her way to the East coast"

transmit, transfer, transport, channel, channelize, channelise(verb)

send from one person or place to another

"transmit a message"

remove, transfer(verb)

shift the position or location of, as for business, legal, educational, or military purposes

"He removed his children to the countryside"; "Remove the troops to the forest surrounding the city"; "remove a case to another court"

transfer, transpose, transplant(verb)

transfer from one place or period to another

"The ancient Greek story was transplanted into Modern America"

to give over the legal possession or ownership of

Claire's grandfather agreed to transfer certain stocks to her when she turned 18

to cause (something) to pass from one to another

they used Morse Code to transfer the message from one ship to another

to cause to go or be taken from one place to another

will have to transfer you from our San Francisco office to our New York headquarters

to change the place or position of

transferred the car keys from my pocket to my purse

to put (something) into the possession or safekeeping of another

before she left the country, she transferred all her record books and important papers to her mother

to shift possession of (something) from one person to another

transferred the ball to the running back

Example Sentences of transfer

I have to transfer schools.

I will transfer the money.

Please transfer 450

Where do I have to transfer to get to Shinjuku?

The transfer student in the other class is a super good looking guy.

Synonyms for transfer

exaltation fare carry over transference imparting tape transport transport impartation rapture transportation transit deportation shipping exile ecstasy tape drive transfer of training transportation system conveying transferee conveyancing conveyance of title transferral conveyance raptus expatriation carry forward transmit change shift channelize channel transplant remove channelise transpose reassign graft agitate budge careen stir reposition tilt wobble pitch lurch switch change over dislodge alter interchange vary modify commute exchange convert deepen ship canalise beam delight ravish impart enthrall head guide maneuver point enthral canalize enrapture steer carry manoeuver manoeuvre direct communicate broadcast convey conduct air send enchant bump off take away withdraw slay dispatch absent polish off get rid of move out off murder hit take take out permute counterchange transferal carry over onpass move copy give sell assign remand make over alienate translate forward TRANSLATE abalienate demise consign devolve deliver over alienation abalienation transferrence transfers transferring transferred assignment handover transmission devolution relocation redeployment mutation transfert transhipment shipment transshipment divestiture referral transferability redeploy flow through trans shipment relocate pass through movement surrender passthrough moving transposition conversion hand over transition forwarding assignments cession alien cede deed spread transfuse pack (off) shoot dislocate displace disturb commend commit confide delegate deliver entrust intrust give over hand hand over leave pass recommend repose trust turn over vest buck reach

Antonyms for transfer

Transfer in different languages

  • انتقال, حولArabic
  • převézt převod přenos přepsat přenést Czech
  • forflyttelse overdrage overflytning flytning transport stige om overføre skifte forflytte overførsel Danish
  • versetzung übertragen Überweisung Übertragung German
  • μεταφέρομαι μετατίθομαι μετακινώ μεταποτύπωση μεταβίβαση μετακινούμαι μεταφέρω χαλκομανία μεταβιβάζομαι μεταθέτω μεταφορά μεταβιβάζω Greek
  • delokigo Esperanto
  • calco calcar transferir impreso transferencia imprimir Spanish
  • ترافرست ترانسفر Persian
  • siirtää siirto siirtokuva siirtyä Finnish
  • transfert transférer French
  • thoir thairisScots Gaelic
  • traslado, trasladarGalician
  • áthurcolkodik átszállít átmegy átmásol átköltözik áttesz áthelyez átnyom átvisz átruház Hungarian
  • trasferirsi trasferimento passare trasferire trasferimento bancario decalcare bonifico ricalcare conferire Italian
  • 移す, 転勤, 運ぶ, 乗り換える, 移動Japanese
  • 옮기다Korean
  • trānsmoveō translatio Latin
  • whakawhitiMaori
  • സ്ഥലംമാറ്റം Malayalam
  • verplaatsen overplaatsen Dutch
  • transferir transferência Portuguese
  • transfera Romanian
  • трансферт переносить переход перенести перевод Russian
  • överföra Swedish
  • బదిలీTegulu
  • แปลThai
  • transfer transfer etmek Turkish

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