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Meanings for whole

the entire thing


all of something including all its component elements or parts

"Europe considered as a whole"; "the whole of American literature"

whole, unit(adj)

an assemblage of parts that is regarded as a single entity

"how big is that part compared to the whole?"; "the team is a unit"


including all components without exception; being one unit or constituting the full amount or extent or duration; complete

"gave his whole attention"; "a whole wardrobe for the tropics"; "the whole hog"; "a whole week"; "the baby cried the whole trip home"; "a whole loaf of bread"


(of siblings) having the same parents

"whole brothers and sisters"

unharmed, unhurt, unscathed, whole(adj)

not injured

hale, whole(adj)

exhibiting or restored to vigorous good health

"hale and hearty"; "whole in mind and body"; "a whole person again"

solid, unanimous, whole(adverb)

acting together as a single undiversified whole

"a solid voting bloc"

wholly, entirely, completely, totally, all, altogether, whole(adverb)

to a complete degree or to the full or entire extent (`whole' is often used informally for `wholly')

"he was wholly convinced"; "entirely satisfied with the meal"; "it was completely different from what we expected"; "was completely at fault"; "a totally new situation"; "the directions were all wrong"; "it was not altogether her fault"; "an altogether new approach"; "a whole new idea"

not divided or scattered among several areas of interest or concern

you'll need to put your whole effort into this project

enjoying health and vigor

whole and happy again after months of recuperation

not lacking any part or member that properly belongs to it

the puzzle isn't quite whole, but close enough

a complete amount of something

the landlord eventually refunded the whole of our deposit

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Example Sentences of whole

I saw the whole thing.

My whole body is sore.

I know the whole story.

I like you a whole lot.

Tell me the whole story.

I was busy the whole day.

I have the whole day free.

I have a whole lot of ideas.

I ate a whole lot of cookies.

I was nervous the whole time.

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Antonyms for whole

diffuse divided scattered ailing diseased ill sick unfit unhealthy unsound unwell imperfect incomplete partial

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Whole in different languages

  • كامل, كلArabic
  • цэлы, поўныByelorussian
  • цял цяла цяло Bulgarian
  • tot totalitat Catalan
  • celek úplný celý Czech
  • цѣлъserbian
  • holl cyfan Welch
  • hel hele helhed Danish
  • ganz ganze German
  • πλήρης όλο Greek
  • tuta Esperanto
  • entero totalidad todo Spanish
  • osoBasque
  • تمام Persian
  • täysin kokonaan kokonainen koko Finnish
  • totalité entier ensemble French
  • hielFrisian
  • go léir iomlán Irish
  • सारा Hindi
  • egész Hungarian
  • ամբողջությամբ ամբողջություն սաղ ողջ ամբողջ Armenian
  • totaEsperanto
  • heild heill Icelandic
  • tutto intero Italian
  • כולוformer Hebrew
  • 全体, 全体をJapanese
  • 全體, 전체Korean
  • tōtus integer totum Latin
  • visuminis Lithuanian
  • vesels veselais viss veselums Latvian
  • цел Macedonian
  • heel Dutch
  • hel helhet helt Norwegian
  • entièrOccitan
  • cały całkowicie całość Polish
  • inteiro todo integral Portuguese
  • entirRomance
  • întreg total tot totalitate Romanian
  • целиком полный целое целый полностью Russian
  • interuSardinian
  • ceo, цеоSerbo
  • úplný celý Slovak
  • celota, celSlovenian
  • helt helhet hel Swedish
  • మొత్తంTegulu
  • тамомTajik
  • цілий, повнийUkrainian
  • ساراUrdu
  • toàn bộ toàn thể 全部 全體 Vietnamese

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