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Meanings for write

to mark words or symbols down, especially on paper

write, compose, pen, indite(verb)

produce a literary work

"She composed a poem"; "He wrote four novels"


communicate or express by writing

"Please write to me every week"

publish, write(verb)

have (one's written work) issued for publication

"How many books did Georges Simenon write?"; "She published 25 books during her long career"

write, drop a line(verb)

communicate (with) in writing

"Write her soon, please!"


communicate by letter

"He wrote that he would be coming soon"

compose, write(verb)

write music

"Beethoven composed nine symphonies"


mark or trace on a surface

"The artist wrote Chinese characters on a big piece of white paper"; "Russian is written with the Cyrillic alphabet"

write, save(verb)

record data on a computer

"boot-up instructions are written on the hard disk"

spell, write(verb)

write or name the letters that comprise the conventionally accepted form of (a word or part of a word)

"He spelled the word wrong in this letter"


create code, write a computer program

"She writes code faster than anybody else"

to compose and set down on paper the words of

a staunch supporter of the old school, he prefers to write all of his letters by hand

to engage in an exchange of written messages

promise you'll write while you're away

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Example Sentences of write

Write me.

I write poems.

Did I write that?

Write me something.

I could write a book.

Tell Tom to write me.

I like to write poems.

Write me sometime, OK?

I want to write a book.

I have to write a paper.

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Write in different languages

  • аҩраAbkhazian
  • skryf Afrikaans
  • ጻፈ, ደረሰAmharic
  • escribir
  • َأَلَّف, كتب, كاتَبَArabic
  • хвазиKazakh
  • yazmaqAzerbaijani
  • пісаць, напісацьByelorussian
  • пиша Bulgarian
  • লেখাBengali
  • བྲིསTibetan
  • skrivañBreton
  • escriure Catalan
  • psát zapisovat napsat Czech
  • пьсатиserbian
  • ҫырBelarusian
  • llocio ysgrifennu Welch
  • skrive digte forfatte Danish
  • schreiben verfassen texten brennen dichten German
  • ŋlɔEstonian
  • γράφω Greek
  • verki skribi skribi al Esperanto
  • escribir anotar apuntar Spanish
  • kirjanik olema kirjutama literaat olema Estonian
  • idatziBasque
  • نوشتن Persian
  • kirjoittaa Finnish
  • rita, skrivaFaeroese
  • écrire enregistrer rédiger French
  • skriuweFrisian
  • scríobh scríobh chuig Irish
  • escribirGalician
  • כָּתַב, כתבHebrew
  • लिखना Hindi
  • kiír ír megír Hungarian
  • գրել Armenian
  • tulis catat Indonesian
  • skribarEsperanto
  • skrifa rithöfundur rita Icelandic
  • scrivere Italian
  • 書く, 示す, 書込むJapanese
  • წერა Georgian
  • жазуKazakh
  • សរសេរCambodian
  • ಬರೆ Kannada
  • 쓰다Korean
  • scryfagreek
  • жазууKirghiz
  • scribo Latin
  • ຂຽນLao
  • rašyti Lithuanian
  • rakstīt Latvian
  • пишува запишува заведува напишува Macedonian
  • എഴുത്ത് Malayalam
  • бичихMongolian
  • लिहिणेंMarathi
  • tulis Malay
  • tiktebMaltese
  • ရေးBurmese
  • schrijven Dutch
  • skrive Norwegian
  • akʼeńʼjiłchííhNavajo, Navaho
  • escriureOccitan
  • фыссынOssetian, Ossetic
  • ਲਿਖਣਾ Punjabi
  • pisać napisać Polish
  • escrever redigir Portuguese
  • scriver, screiverRomance
  • a scrie scrie Romanian
  • записать писать написать записывать Russian
  • लिख्Sanskrit
  • iscriere, iscriri, scriri, iscribere, iscrivereSardinian
  • писати, písati, napísatiSerbo
  • ලියනවාSinghalese
  • napísať písať Slovak
  • pisatiSlovenian
  • shkruan Albanian
  • ngolaSesotho
  • till skriva författa Swedish
  • kuandika Swahili
  • எழுத்து Tamil
  • навиштанTajik
  • เขียน, ขีดThai
  • ýazmakTurkmen
  • sumulat, isulatTagalog
  • yazmak Turkish
  • язаргаTatar
  • يازماقUigur
  • писати, написатиUkrainian
  • لکھناUrdu
  • yozmoqUzbek
  • viết ghi Vietnamese
  • scrireWalloon
  • שרײַבןYiddish
  • Chinese

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