How to pronounce avalanche


Pronounce Avalanche as AH V AH L AH N K HH EH.

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Phonetic transcription for avalanche

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of avalanche: | ævælænkhɛ |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of avalanche: | ævælænchɛ |

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Meanings for avalanche

an unexpected accumulation


a slide of large masses of snow and ice and mud down a mountain


a sudden appearance of an overwhelming number of things

"the program brought an avalanche of mail"

avalanche, roll down(verb)

gather into a huge mass and roll down a mountain, of snow

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Example Sentences of avalanche

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Antonyms for avalanche

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Avalanche in different languages

  • lurte lit
  • свлачище лавина Bulgarian
  • allau Catalan
  • lavina Czech
  • eirlithrad Welch
  • lavine sneskred Danish
  • lawine German
  • χιονοστιβάδα κατολίσθηση Greek
  • lavango lavangi Esperanto
  • avalancha alud Spanish
  • laviin Estonian
  • elurrolde, elur-jausiaBasque
  • vyöryä maanvyöry lumivyöry vyöry Finnish
  • skalvalopFaeroese
  • avalanche French
  • maoim-sneachdaScots Gaelic
  • avalanchaGalician
  • lavina Hungarian
  • ձնահյուս Armenian
  • avalanchoEsperanto
  • snjóflóð Icelandic
  • slavina valanga Italian
  • 山崩れ, 雪崩Japanese
  • 눈사태, 沙汰Korean
  • aşît Kurdish
  • LawinLuxembourgish
  • lavīna Latvian
  • horonga, horonga hukaMaori
  • salji runtuh Malay
  • lawine Dutch
  • ras lavine skred snøras snøskred Norwegian
  • avalancaOccitan
  • lawina Polish
  • deslize avalanche deslizamento Portuguese
  • copleși alunecare de teren avalanșă alunecare ebulment Romanian
  • лавина обвал Russian
  • лавина, lavina, усов, usov, сњежна лавина, snježna lavinaSerbo
  • lavína Slovak
  • plazSlovenian
  • falla ras lavin skred snöskred jordskred rasa ner Swedish
  • çığ Turkish

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