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Pronounce Boat as B OW AH T.

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Phonetic transcription for boat

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of boat: | boʊæt |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of boat: | bɒæt |

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Meanings for boat


a small vessel for travel on water

gravy boat, gravy holder, sauceboat, boat(verb)

a dish (often boat-shaped) for serving gravy or sauce


ride in a boat on water

a small buoyant structure for travel on water

paddling the little boat across the lake is great exercise, but tiring

a large craft for travel by water

you'll have to take a passenger boat to get to the island

to travel on water in a vessel

boated to the picnic site on an island in the bay

Example Sentences of boat

I saw the boat sink.

I have a boat and a car.

I rented a boat by the hour.

I want a boat that will take me far away from here.

My boat ran aground on a sandbar.

The girl rowing the boat is my cousin.

I have a classmate who has a motorboat license.

I escaped from the sinking boat with difficulty.

I saw a fishing boat about a mile off the shore.

Tom tied his boat to the dock.

Antonyms for boat

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Boat in different languages

  • boot Afrikaans
  • ባርካ, መርከብAmharic
  • barca
  • زورق, قاربArabic
  • qayıqAzerbaijani
  • ҡайыҡBashkir
  • ло́дкаByelorussian
  • ло́дка Bulgarian
  • নৌকাBengali
  • bagBreton
  • vaixell Catalan
  • кемаserbian
  • loď člun Czech
  • кимӗBelarusian
  • bad cwch Welch
  • båd skib Danish
  • boot schiff German
  • ދޯނި, ބޯޓުDivehi
  • καΐκι βάρκα λέμβος Greek
  • boato Esperanto
  • bote barco barca Spanish
  • paat Estonian
  • txalupaBasque
  • کشتی لتکا قایق Persian
  • vene veneillä venemuoto täpö Finnish
  • báturFaeroese
  • bateau French
  • boatFrisian
  • bád Irish
  • bàtaScots Gaelic
  • barcoGalician
  • નાવGujarati
  • jirgiHausa
  • סירהHebrew
  • नाव कश्ती Hindi
  • csónak Hungarian
  • նավակ Armenian
  • barcaInterlingua
  • perahu Indonesian
  • boteInterlingue
  • bateloEsperanto
  • bátur flytja á báti fara á báti Icelandic
  • lancia nave scialuppa battello barca schifo Italian
  • 舟, ボートJapanese
  • ნავი Georgian
  • қайықKazakh
  • ទូកCambodian
  • ದೋಣಿ Kannada
  • Korean
  • پاپۆڕ Kurdish
  • кайыкKirghiz
  • navis Latin
  • SchëffLuxembourgish
  • ເຮືອLao
  • valtis Lithuanian
  • laiva Latvian
  • wakaMaori
  • чамец кајче Macedonian
  • വള്ളം വഞ്ചി Malayalam
  • завьMongolian
  • नौकाMarathi
  • perahu Malay
  • dgħajsaMaltese
  • လှေBurmese
  • डुङ्गा Nepali
  • schip boot Dutch
  • båt Norwegian
  • tsin naaʼeełNavajo, Navaho
  • batèlOccitan
  • ଡଙ୍ଗାOriya
  • ਨਾਉ Punjabi
  • łódź łódka Polish
  • barco Portuguese
  • bartgaRomance
  • luntre barcă vapor Romanian
  • бот ло́дка ладя шлю́пка Russian
  • प्लव, नौSanskrit
  • ٻيڙيSindhi
  • fanas
  • brodica, чамац, čamac, чун, бродица, čunSerbo
  • බෝට්‍ටුවSinghalese
  • čln Slovak
  • čoln, barkaSlovenian
  • tululaSamoan
  • doonSomali
  • varkë Albanian
  • seketswanaSesotho
  • båt Swedish
  • mtungi chombo Swahili
  • படகு நவாடா Tamil
  • పడవ, నావTegulu
  • заврақ, қаиқ, киштӣTajik
  • เรือThai
  • ሳምቡቕTigrinya
  • gaýykTurkmen
  • bangkaTagalog
  • sandal kayık Turkish
  • көймә, қайықTatar
  • قېيىقUigur
  • чо́вен, лодьUkrainian
  • کشتی, ناوUrdu
  • qayiqUzbek
  • thuyền 船 Vietnamese
  • botVolapuk
  • bateaWalloon
  • gaalWolof
  • isikhepheXhosa
  • שיף, שיפֿלYiddish
  • o̩kò̩Yoruba
  • isikebheZulu

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