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Pronounce Dwarf as D W AH R F.

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Phonetic transcription for dwarf

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of dwarf: | dwærf |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of dwarf: | dwærf |

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Meanings for dwarf

a mythical creature that is short in stature

dwarf, midget, nanus(noun)

a person who is markedly small

gnome, dwarf(noun)

a legendary creature resembling a tiny old man; lives in the depths of the earth and guards buried treasure


a plant or animal that is atypically small

shadow, overshadow, dwarf(verb)

make appear small by comparison

"This year's debt dwarfs that of last year"


check the growth of

"the lack of sunlight dwarfed these pines"

a living thing much smaller than others of its kind

Shetland ponies are the dwarfs of the horse world

an imaginary being usually having a small human form and magical powers

Snow White and the seven dwarfs

a person of no importance or influence

it would be ridiculous to compare the two sculptors—one's a giant of the art world and the other's a dwarf

to hold back the normal growth of

shrubs dwarfed by the lack of water

Example Sentences of dwarf

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Dwarf in different languages

  • قَزَمArabic
  • ка́рлік, гномByelorussian
  • джу́дже гном джудже мъниче дребен Bulgarian
  • korrigan, korrBreton
  • nan nano nana Catalan
  • trpaslík skřítek pidimužík permoník Czech
  • pegor Welch
  • dværg Danish
  • zwerg- zwergenhaft zwerg zwergin schrumpfen zwergstern German
  • νάνος Greek
  • plietiĝi malgrandiĝi nano nanino Esperanto
  • enano Spanish
  • کوتوله Persian
  • jättää kääpiö varjo Finnish
  • rapetisser nain naine nanifier écraser se nanifier naniser éclipser French
  • abhac Irish
  • fo-phlanaid, luspardan, troichScots Gaelic
  • anano, ananaGalician
  • נַנָּס, גַמָּדִיHebrew
  • बौना आदमी Hindi
  • törpe Hungarian
  • թզուկ Armenian
  • kerdil Indonesian
  • dvergur Icelandic
  • nano nana Italian
  • 矮人, チビ, 小人, 侏儒, ドワーフJapanese
  • ჯუჯა Georgian
  • ಕುಬ್ಜ Kannada
  • 난쟁이Korean
  • باڵابسته‌ Kurdish
  • nānus pumilio pumilo nana Latin
  • ZwakLuxembourgish
  • punduris pundurzvaigzne rūķis Latvian
  • pūwhenuaMaori
  • кепец џуџе фрла во сенка џуџест џу́џе Macedonian
  • одой хүнMongolian
  • verschrompelen dwerg dwergster Dutch
  • dverg
  • dverg dverg- Norwegian
  • karzeł krasnoludek krasnolud karłowaty Polish
  • nanico anão anã sobrepujar Portuguese
  • minimiza pitic prichindel minuscul Romanian
  • карликовый ка́рлица гном лилипу́т ка́рлик Russian
  • patuljak, патуљакSerbo
  • trpaslík Slovak
  • škrat, palčica, pritlikavec, pritlikavka, pritlikav, škratica, palčekSlovenian
  • krympa reducera dvärg förminska Swedish
  • kijeba Swahili
  • குள்ள Tamil
  • మరగుజ్జుTegulu
  • แคระThai
  • cüce Turkish
  • гном, ка́рликUkrainian
  • بوناUrdu
  • người lùn Vietnamese
  • קאַרליקYiddish
  • 矮人 Chinese

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