How to pronounce fence

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How to say fence


Pronounce Fence as F EH N K EH.

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Phonetic transcription for fence

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of fence: | fɛnkɛ |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of fence: | fɛncɛ |

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Meanings for fence

someone who hides or buys and resell the stolen goods for profit

fence, fencing(noun)

a barrier that serves to enclose an area


a dealer in stolen property

fence, fence in(verb)

enclose with a fence

"we fenced in our yard"


receive stolen goods


fight with fencing swords

wall, palisade, fence, fence in, surround(verb)

surround with a wall in order to fortify

argue, contend, debate, fence(verb)

have an argument about something

a physical object that blocks the way

the only way to prevent motorists from trying to use that unsafe bridge is to put a fence across the road leading to it

to drive danger or attack away from

had worked as a bodyguard, fencing a number of pop stars at big events

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Example Sentences of fence

I painted the fence green.

The fence was painted by my father.

My father put a fence around the garden.

She came to my defence when I was accused of plagiarism.

Tom made a frantic attempt to finish painting the fence before dark.

Tom wanted to paint the fence white.

He attempted to climb the fence to no avail.

They want to build a fence around their home.

The fence was not high enough to keep the wolves out.

Farmers are still sitting on the fence over which candidate to back.

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Antonyms for fence

assail assault attack

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Fence in different languages

  • سور, سياجArabic
  • плот, агароджа, парканByelorussian
  • ограждам фехтувам се ограда Bulgarian
  • tanca Catalan
  • ohrada oplocení oplotit šermovat plot Czech
  • hag fence einfriedigen einhegen umfrieden umfriedigen einhagen zaun fenz mittelsmann befrieden einfrieden einzäunen umzäunen fenzen zäunen German
  • ξιφομαχώ περίφραξη μάντρα περιφράσσω φράζω φράχτης κλεπταποδόχος Greek
  • skermi Esperanto
  • barda cercar perista reducidor cerca cerramiento valla seto Spanish
  • aita välittää miekkailla Finnish
  • clôturer clôture receleur/euse French
  • callaidScots Gaelic
  • cleigh, kionneyder griuManx
  • גדר, גידרHebrew
  • kerítés orgazda Hungarian
  • ցանկապատ չափար Armenian
  • pagar perantara Indonesian
  • fencagarEsperanto
  • girðing Icelandic
  • steccato siepe ricettatore recinto palizzata cinta barriera riparo Italian
  • 塀, 垣根, 垣, 囲いJapanese
  • ღობე გალავანი Georgian
  • 울타리, 담Korean
  • saepēs Latin
  • tvora Lithuanian
  • taiepa, taiapa, tautāteteMaori
  • се мечува ограда оградува мечува Macedonian
  • pagar Malay
  • gjerde
  • hek omheining Dutch
  • gjerde
  • paser ogradzać płot ogrodzenie Polish
  • cerca cercar esgrimir Portuguese
  • gard scrima Romanian
  • ограда ограждение огора́живать барыга забор изгородь скупщик краденого огороди́ть фехтовать Russian
  • плот, ograda, ограда, plotSerbo
  • plot oplotenie ohrada Slovak
  • ograjaSlovenian
  • staket hälare Swedish
  • ua Swahili
  • வேலி Tamil
  • รั้วThai
  • огорожа, тин, парканUkrainian
  • hàng rào Vietnamese

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