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Pronounce Hair as HH AH IY R.

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Phonetic transcription for hair

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of hair: | hæɪr |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of hair: | hæɪr |

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Meanings for hair


a covering for the body (or parts of it) consisting of a dense growth of threadlike structures (as on the human head); helps to prevent heat loss

"he combed his hair"; "each hair consists of layers of dead keratinized cells"

hair's-breadth, hairsbreadth, hair, whisker(noun)

a very small distance or space

"they escaped by a hair's-breadth"; "they lost the election by a whisker"

hair, fuzz, tomentum(noun)

filamentous hairlike growth on a plant

"peach fuzz"

hair, pilus(noun)

any of the cylindrical filaments characteristically growing from the epidermis of a mammal

"there is a hair in my soup"

haircloth, hair(noun)

cloth woven from horsehair or camelhair; used for upholstery or stiffening in garments


a filamentous projection or process on an organism

a very small distance or degree

a race that was won by a hair

a thin, flexible structure that resembles a hair

discovered hairs on the plant's stem

the hairy covering of a mammal especially when fine, soft, and thick has no hair, but wears a wig

a coat made of camel's hair

Example Sentences of hair

I got my hair cut.

I dyed my hair red.

I like your hair that way.

I like your new hair color.

My hair has grown too long.

Can I borrow your hair drier?

This chair is too low for me.

I would like to have my hair cut.

Please bring me a chair from the next room.

I stood on a chair so I could reach the top shelf.

Antonyms for hair

Hair in different languages

  • ахәыAbkhazian
  • haar Afrikaans
  • ፀጉርAmharic
  • شَعرArabic
  • saçAzerbaijani
  • йөн, ҡыл, сәсBashkir
  • во́лас, [[волас#BelarusianByelorussian
  • коса Bulgarian
  • kunsi, siCroatian
  • চুল, পশমBengali
  • blevBreton
  • pèl cabell Catalan
  • месашserbian
  • vlas srst vlasy ochlupení chlup Czech
  • gwallt Welch
  • hår Danish
  • haar haaresbreite German
  • fũ, ɖaEstonian
  • κόμη τρίχα μαλλιά Greek
  • hararo haro Esperanto
  • pelo cabello Spanish
  • juuksed Estonian
  • ileBasque
  • مو Persian
  • hius jouhi karva tukka karvoitus hiukset Finnish
  • hárFaeroese
  • poil cheveux cheveu poils chevelure French
  • hierFrisian
  • gruaig Irish
  • falt, ribe, fionnadh, fuiltean, gruagScots Gaelic
  • pelo, cabeloGalician
  • שערה, שיערHebrew
  • बाल केश Hindi
  • haj szőr Hungarian
  • մազ մազեր Armenian
  • capillo, piloInterlingua
  • rambut bulu Indonesian
  • hár Icelandic
  • peli capello pelo capelli Italian
  • שיערformer Hebrew
  • 髪の毛, 毛, 頭髪, 髪, ヘアJapanese
  • rambut, rikma
  • თმა Georgian
  • jwere
  • шашKazakh
  • nujaqGreenlandic
  • សក់, រោមCambodian
  • ಕೇಶ Kannada
  • 머리칼, 머리카락Korean
  • قژ تووک Kurdish
  • чачKirghiz
  • pilus capillus coma pilorum Latin
  • Hoer, BuuschtenLuxembourgish
  • ຜົມLao
  • plaukas gaurai plaukai šeriai vilnos Lithuanian
  • mats spalva vilna mati Latvian
  • коса влакна прамен влакно Macedonian
  • үсMongolian
  • केसMarathi
  • bulu rambut Malay
  • xagħar, sufMaltese
  • ဆံပင်, အမွေးBurmese
  • hår
  • haar haar- Dutch
  • hår
  • hår Norwegian
  • atsiighaʼNavajo, Navaho
  • cabel, pelOccitan
  • rifeensaOromo
  • ଲୋମ, କେଶOriya
  • włos włosy Polish
  • ویښتانPashto
  • pelo cabelo Portuguese
  • chavel, cavegl, tgavel, peil, pel, pail, chavels, chavèRomance
  • fir de păr păr blană Romanian
  • волос волосинка волосы волосина Russian
  • केशSanskrit
  • piu, piluSardinian
  • dlaka, крзно, дла̏ка, длака, vlas, kòsa, ко̀са, влас, dlake, krzno, длакеSerbo
  • කොඳSinghalese
  • srsť vlas vlasy Slovak
  • dlaka, las, lasjeSlovenian
  • siShona
  • qime Albanian
  • moririSesotho
  • hår hårstrå Swedish
  • nywele Swahili
  • முடி Tamil
  • రోమాలు, వెంట్రుకలు, జుట్టుTegulu
  • мӯ‍Tajik
  • ผมThai
  • saçTurkmen
  • buhokTagalog
  • kıl tüy saç Turkish
  • чәчTatar
  • چاچUigur
  • волосся, волосина, волоси, волосUkrainian
  • بال, کیشUrdu
  • sochUzbek
  • lông tóc Vietnamese
  • hel, herem, herVolapuk
  • tchveaWalloon
  • האָרYiddish
  • 头发 Chinese
  • uboya, unwele, izinweleZulu

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