How to pronounce parenthesis


Pronounce Parenthesis as P AH R EH N T HH EH S IY S.

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Phonetic transcription for parenthesis

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of parenthesis: | pærɛnthɛsɪs |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of parenthesis: | pærɛnthɛsɪs |

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Meanings for parenthesis


either of two punctuation marks (or) used to enclose textual material

digression, aside, excursus, divagation, parenthesis(noun)

a message that departs from the main subject

a break in continuity

there was a parenthesis of silence when the microphone momentarily lost power

Example Sentences of parenthesis

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Antonyms for parenthesis

Parenthesis in different languages

  • أقواس, قوسArabic
  • parèntesi Catalan
  • závorka vsuvka Czech
  • cromfach Welch
  • παρένθεση παρενθέσεις Greek
  • paréntesis Spanish
  • پرانتز Persian
  • parenteesi sulkeet sulkumerkki Finnish
  • parenthèse French
  • camagScots Gaelic
  • zárójel Hungarian
  • փակագծեր միջանկյալ բառ փակագիծ միջանկյալ նախադասություն Armenian
  • svigi Icelandic
  • 括弧Japanese
  • KlamerLuxembourgish
  • skliaustai skliausteliai Lithuanian
  • taiepaMaori
  • tanda kurung Malay
  • parenthese haakjes Dutch
  • nawias Polish
  • parênteses parêntese Portuguese
  • скобка скобки отклонение отступление вводное слово круглая скобка Russian
  • zȃgrada, за̑градаSerbo
  • parentes Swedish
  • panaklongTagalog

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