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Pronounce Persimmon as P EH R S IY M M OW N.

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Phonetic transcription for persimmon

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of persimmon: | pɛrsɪmmoʊn |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of persimmon: | pɛrsɪmmɒn |

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Meanings for persimmon

a reddish-orange sweet fruit that is similar to a plum

persimmon, persimmon tree(noun)

any of several tropical trees of the genus Diospyros


orange fruit resembling a plum; edible when fully ripe

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Example Sentences of persimmon

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Synonyms for persimmon

Antonyms for persimmon

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Persimmon in different languages

  • برسيمون, كاكاArabic
  • xurmaAzerbaijani
  • хурма́Byelorussian
  • caquier banús persimó Catalan
  • tomel Czech
  • kaki Danish
  • kaki persimonenbaum persimone German
  • λωτός Greek
  • persimono Esperanto
  • caqui Spanish
  • hurmaa kakiploom kaki Estonian
  • kaki, kakiondoBasque
  • خرمالو Persian
  • persimoni sharon kaki Finnish
  • kaki caïman French
  • אפרסמוןHebrew
  • ख़ुरमा Hindi
  • datolyaszilva Hungarian
  • խուրմա արքայանարինջ Armenian
  • kesemek Indonesian
  • persimónía döðluplóma Icelandic
  • diospiro caco cachi Italian
  • 柿, かき, 柿の木Japanese
  • ხურმა კარალიოკი Georgian
  • 감, 감나무Korean
  • ໝາກກາກີLao
  • hurma Latvian
  • ра́јско ја́болко ја́понска јабо́лкница ја́понско ја́болко ра́јска јабо́лкница Macedonian
  • хашMongolian
  • pisang kaki kesemek Malay
  • တည်သီးBurmese
  • kaki persimon kakiplomme kakifrukt Norwegian
  • persymona hurma Polish
  • caquizeiro diospireiro dióspiro caqui Portuguese
  • хурма́ Russian
  • персимон, kaki, каки, persimonSerbo
  • tomel Slovak
  • kakiSlovenian
  • hurmë Albanian
  • พลับ, ลูกพลับThai
  • kamagong, maboloTagalog
  • japon hurması trabzon hurması hurma Turkish
  • хурма́Ukrainian
  • hồng quả hồng vàng Vietnamese
  • plakminepafluk, plakminepVolapuk
  • 柿子 Chinese

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