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Pronounce Probably as P R OW B AH B L Y.

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Phonetic transcription for probably

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of probably: | proʊbæblj |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of probably: | prɒbæblʌ |

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Meanings for probably

probably, likely, in all likelihood, in all probability, belike(adverb)

with considerable certainty; without much doubt

"He is probably out of the country"; "in all likelihood we are headed for war"

credibly, believably, plausibly, probably(adverb)

easy to believe on the basis of available evidence

"he talked plausibly before the committee"; "he will probably win the election"

by reasonable assumption

we would probably win that bet

Example Sentences of probably

I probably sat on it.

I should probably go.

I should probably get home.

I should probably help Tom.

I should probably get going.

I should probably take that.

I think I probably should go.

I think I should probably go.

I figured Tom probably did it.

I thought Tom probably did it.

Antonyms for probably

Probably in different languages

  • من المحتمل, ربماArabic
  • напэўна, верагоднаByelorussian
  • вероятно Bulgarian
  • probablement Catalan
  • spíš spíše pravděpodobně asi Czech
  • antageligvis Danish
  • wahrscheinlich German
  • πιθανώς μάλλον Greek
  • kredeble verŝajne Esperanto
  • probablemente Spanish
  • luultavasti todennäköisesti Finnish
  • probablement sans doute sûrement French
  • כנראהHebrew
  • valószínűleg Hungarian
  • probabilementeInterlingua
  • mungkin Indonesian
  • líklega sennilega Icelandic
  • probabilmente Italian
  • 多分, 恐らくJapanese
  • ალბათ Georgian
  • 아마Korean
  • له‌وانه‌یه‌ Kurdish
  • fortassis Latin
  • droši vien Latvian
  • веројатно Macedonian
  • waarschijnlijk Dutch
  • antakeligvis trolig antagelig Norwegian
  • prawdopodobnie Polish
  • provavelmente Portuguese
  • probabil Romanian
  • наверно вероятно Russian
  • вјеројатно, vjerojatno, verojatno, verovatno, vjerovatno, вјероватно, веројатно, вероватноSerbo
  • pravdepodobne Slovak
  • verjetnoSlovenian
  • nog förmodligen troligen antagligen sannolikt troligtvis Swedish
  • బహుTegulu
  • ท่าจะThai
  • her halde muhtemelen Turkish
  • ймовірно, певно, імовірноUkrainian
  • có lẽ có thể Vietnamese
  • luveratikoVolapuk
  • azår, dandjreus, probåbeWalloon
  • 大概 Chinese

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