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Pronounce Soup as S OW UW P.

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Phonetic transcription for soup

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of soup: | soʊup |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of soup: | sɒʊp |

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Meanings for soup


liquid food especially of meat or fish or vegetable stock often containing pieces of solid food


any composition having a consistency suggestive of soup


an unfortunate situation

"we're in the soup now"


dope (a racehorse)

an atmospheric condition in which suspended particles in the air rob it of its transparency

in soup like this, amateur pilots can easily become disoriented

Example Sentences of soup

No one makes chicken soup like my mother.

I cook soup in a big pot.

He shared his soup with me.

A cup of hot soup relaxed me.

This soup is too thin for me.

I like my soup to be warm, not hot.

I think the soup needs a bit of salt.

My mother tasted the soup and added a little more salt.

Tom made enough soup to serve twenty people.

This soup is too salty to eat.

Antonyms for soup

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Soup in different languages

  • sop Afrikaans
  • ሾርባAmharic
  • sopa
  • سوب, شوربة, حساءArabic
  • şorbaAzerbaijani
  • ашBashkir
  • супByelorussian
  • чо́рба су́па Bulgarian
  • সুপBengali
  • ཐུག་པ་Tibetan
  • soubennBreton
  • sopa Catalan
  • чорпаserbian
  • polévka Czech
  • яшкаBelarusian
  • cawl Welch
  • suppe Danish
  • suppe German
  • σούπα Greek
  • supo Esperanto
  • sopa caldo Spanish
  • supp Estonian
  • zopaBasque
  • سوپ Persian
  • keitto Finnish
  • súpanFaeroese
  • panade velouté potage pétrin soupe French
  • anraith Irish
  • brotScots Gaelic
  • sopaGalician
  • સૂપGujarati
  • miyaHausa
  • מרקHebrew
  • सूप Hindi
  • leves Hungarian
  • ապուր սուպ Armenian
  • suppaInterlingua
  • sup Indonesian
  • supInterlingue
  • supoEsperanto
  • súpa Icelandic
  • minestra zuppa brodo Italian
  • 汁, スープJapanese
  • წვნიანი Georgian
  • көже, сорпаKazakh
  • qajoqGreenlandic
  • ស៊ុបCambodian
  • ಸಾರು Kannada
  • 탕, 국, 수프, 죽Korean
  • شۆربه‌ Kurdish
  • сорпоKirghiz
  • intrita Latin
  • ZoppLuxembourgish
  • ນ້ຳສຸບ, ແກງ, ສູປະ, ຊຸບLao
  • sriuba Lithuanian
  • zupa Latvian
  • hupaMaori
  • чорба супа Macedonian
  • സൂപ്പ് Malayalam
  • шөлMongolian
  • रस्साMarathi
  • sup Malay
  • soppaMaltese
  • စွပ်ပြုတ်Burmese
  • soep Dutch
  • sopaOccitan
  • ଝୋଳOriya
  • ਸੂਪ Punjabi
  • zupa Polish
  • ښورواPashto
  • sopa Portuguese
  • ciorbă supă Romanian
  • похлёбка суп Russian
  • чорба, čorba, јуха, супа, juha, supaSerbo
  • සුප්Singhalese
  • polievka Slovak
  • juhaSlovenian
  • maraqSomali
  • supë Albanian
  • sopoSesotho
  • soppa Swedish
  • சூப் Tamil
  • పులుసు, చారుTegulu
  • шӯрбоTajik
  • ซุปThai
  • çorbaTurkmen
  • sabawTagalog
  • çorba Turkish
  • шулпаTatar
  • شورپاUigur
  • супUkrainian
  • سوپUrdu
  • shoʻrvaUzbek
  • soup canh Vietnamese
  • supVolapuk
  • זופּYiddish

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